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Instant Highlighter: virally MicroShare/MicroBookmark your posting across ALL Social Networks

Author: The RoohIt Team

Ever used a yellow highlighter? It's the most natural publishing tool that was missing on the Web until now.

To Try it:

  1. Upon clicking the highlighter button e.g.on this page itself, or on any other webpage type before the URL address (e.g. and your mouse cursor instantly changes into a highlighter pen. We recommend you get a button so you don't have to type each time.
  2. Select any text, it gets highlighted in color.

    • Optionally move your mouse over the highlight to make Comments, add Tags, keep it Private etc...
  3. Enables your users to quickly/easily share "highlighted pages" with their friends - bringing more of them back to your site.

    • On any social network such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, delicious, digg, and many more (all!)
  4. All highlights are automatically saved/collected. View your own collection

Makes Your Site VERY Viral:

  1. Visitors promote your site.
    • "Look at my highlights" (just like 'look at my video')
    • They can share highlights with their friends and family using
      • Social Networks,
      • Social Bookmarks,
      • Instant Messenger,
      • Forums / Message Boards / Discussion Groups,
      • E-Mail,
      • Blogs,
      • Comments, or............. any medium!
    • Bringing more people back to your site.
  2. Automatically/instantly creates and shares a short url link to your site across all Social Networks

Embed it, and

  1. Provide this cool/valuable tool to your site visitors
  2. Business Intelligence: learn not just which pages, but which parts of each page are of interest to your visitors
  3. No Registration: neither you nor your visitors need to "join" our service
  4. Private and Secure: given that there no registration mechanism, even we don't have any personally identifiable information
  5. No Installation: they don't need to install anything - it works instantly for everyone
  6. FREE


  • MicroBookmarks: automatically makes a short url that goes directly to the highlights on your page
  • Restores & Remembers Highlights: Everything a reader highlights is automatically restored & remembered (without asking anyone to signup)
  • Combine: select any subset of highlights and see them as one page with highlights & context intact.
  • Auto Publish to own Blog, Web-Site...: enables readers to automatically post - anything they highlight on your page - to their blog, and to all Social Networks using a trusted peer-to-peer mechanism. Get the WordPress plugin that does this
  • Post to Any other website : Easy Share links to your site, in 1-click, on all community, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks,& Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, delicious, digg, hi5, Technorati, Google, Yahoo, Bebo, BlackPlanet... over a 100+ such websites.
  • Email Highlighted Page: with embedded highlights or just a MicroBookmark url, to anyone!
  • Contact list: is seamlessly imported, maintained, autoCompleted and autoPopulated.
  • Web Based: Anyone can see shared highlights (no special software needed, no download, no installation)
  • My Collection: See all highlights together. Categorize/tag them, rate them, share with others, annotate & much more.
  • Intelligent AJAX: does all this, without visitors ever leaving your page
  • FREE & No SignUp: Don't have to 'join' another service, and it's all free!


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