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Instant Highlighter: Save and Share `parts` of web-pages

Automatically makes a MICRO-BOOKMARK (tinyurl that goes directly to the highlights), e-mail it to ANYONE, post it to ANY SOCIAL NETWORK, and much more

Makes Your Web-Site/Blog VERY Viral!

Puts a horizontal/vertical highlighter pen: anyone can make highlights on any part of your web page and automatically post them to any Social site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. (Auto includes a Short URL to your highlighted page.)

  1. No Signup needed by anyone.
  2. No Download needed by anyone.
  3. Absolutely FREE (and fast!)

Highlight as you surf => Directly posts highlights to your website. Ever blogged about something you read online? Shared a webpage? Or linked to another webpage? Now automatically embed/quote a part of any web-page (and your comments) within your own page without ever leaving the page you are on - nothing to "join", no cost, NO FINE PRINT :)

Look and feel is totally customizable. Very, very COOL

To Try it:

  1. On this page itself, or on any other webpage type before the URL address (e.g. and your mouse cursor instantly changes into a highlighter pen. We recommend you get a button so you don't have to type each time.
  2. Select any text, it gets highlighted in color.
    • Mouse over the highlight to post it to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any social network - along with a customizable auto-generated tinyURL - for others to see the same page still highlighted. (Yes, it works instantly for everyone! Just try it, you got nothing to lose!!)
    • You can even make Comments, add Tags, keep it Private etc...

Download Version 6.8.3

Last Updated: 2011-11-14 Downloads: 12,764

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