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Welcome to the world Of the Arts and Craft Community. I am Lois Taylor and have been in business for over 30 years. In those 30 plus years I thought I had seen it all. I haven’t, new technology keeps changing everything in the arts and craft community. You are in for a great adventure. We hope to fill you in on lots of good information to help you along. Let us know what you are looking for and take advantage of it. Don’t be shy leave us a note with your thoughts and questions.

The Arts and Craft community is dedicated to help everyone that wants to express their talent. Arts and crafts can be a profitable home based business. Many people start as a hobby and find they have a talent that others will appreciate pay for. 
From Jewelry to wooden items and elaborate water fountains to the seasonal items. Many artists and crafters come into this business because they can work around their families. While making arts and craft items is fun and can be very profitable you will need some business experience to be successful.  To be successful in the arts and crafts community you will need to know what you want, have it written down and focus on it. Like any other business once you have a customer base you are on your way. My list of craft shows

Here Are a Few Ideas


  • Open a business checking account and credit card account if you can and use it only for business. It is much easier at the end of the year for taxes. Try to get a 0% credit card and pay it off every month.
  • Learn and maintain good record-keeping techniques
  • Obtain credit card processing through your bank or credit union. I would not do this right away, it can be very costly especialy if you don’t know what kind of sales you will be making.
  • I let crafters use my machine at my shows maybe you can ask your promoter if they will do the same.

Business name

  • Make it something that people will remember or check for popularity. Check domain name availability ASAP even if you aren’t thinking of getting a website right away. Someone wanted to sell me my business name for over $500. He finally gave up the domain after many years. I was able to buy it for $8.95 Check for your domain here I would buy and do several versions of domains especially if someone might spell it differently or if you can add another letter to it. Example domain or domains.


  • Contact your agents for additional home insurance coverage especially if anyone is going to your home to pick up their orders. Everyone is sue happy these days. It is always better to mail their order or have them pick it up at a craft show.


  • Develop a promotional plan and budget for needed materials
  • Develop  flyers & business cards to promote your home business
  • Get an email address and telephone number and do not change it (changing it is like moving your business address) how is your customer going to find you if they need to order unless you actually have a physical address.

Rules & Regulations


  • Learn applicable zoning regulations (In some areas this is very important) do it before rather than later. 
  • Obtain required city licenses and permits
  • Register the name of your business, if needed


  • Get a reseller’s license, (sometimes called a sales tax number) if needed
  • Know what is considered a home business and what you can take for business deductions
  • Computer, printer with fax
  • Digital camera to upload pictures of your items to your Web site or for a binder catalog for craft or trade shows
  • Business cards
  • When you sell one of your items get testimonials from your customers… I have to say I’m guilty of this, I hardly ever do this and when I do, I don’t put them together.  
  • Samples (always take pictures of what you have made!)
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