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NaNo Q&A

Posted by: Lindsey Grant on 11/30/2009

Today's Guest: Shoshana Kessock, Queen of the Write-a-thon

Q: Shoshana, you wrote 11,952 words at this year's Night of Writing Dangerously Write-a-thon. Are you equal parts fast and dangerous when it comes to noveling? What else can you do really quickly?
A: I would say that I lived both fast and dangerous at the Night of Writing Dangerously. Going

Breaking News

Posted by: Chris Baty on 12/11/2009

Please share your NaNo thoughts!

We've put together a post-event survey for all NaNoWriMo 2009 participants, and would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill it out. There are no essay questions this year, we promise, and your feedback will help us make NaNo even better next year. Your short, refreshing survey awaits!



Posted by: Chris Baty on 12/07/2009

CreateSpace and Scrivener Codes for NaNo Winners!

How winners collect their codes from the I Wrote A Novel, Now What? page.

I Wrote a Novel, Now What?

Because it's sometimes hard to know what to do with ourselves when NaNoWriMo ends, we've put together our annual collection of special Winner goodies and tips on revisions and life after NaNo.


No Plot? No Problem! is the official, rollicking guide to NaNo. Pick up a signed copy in the OLL Store, or get it from Amazon, or your local shop.

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