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solidarites jeunesses - volontariat international
Solidarités Jeunesses

Elephant conservation

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Indonésie Environnement 01.02.2013 01.10.2013 DJMTV-1322

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    Solidarités Jeunesses
    10, rue du 8 Mai 1945
    75010 Paris
Partenaire : 
Age : 
de 18 à 99 ans
Participants : 
3 volontaires
Frais de participation : 
400 €
Action : 
Volontariat Moyen Terme
Description : 

Way Kambas National park is located in Sumatra Island. It is in Lampung Province. Thisprovince is located on the bottom south of Sumatra Island. It takes 30 minutes by flight from Jakarta.Way Kambas is an conservation area with 125.000 hectars. This area is consists of tropical jungle whichis divided into some conservation place. The famous one is Elephant Conservation. There are about 300elephants are spread out in Way Kambas National Park. It has been long time issue about conflict humanand elephant. This issue is due to the farming, plantation and furniture factories. They open the forest toplat palm trees for producing oil. Sumatera is the main oil production in Indonesia. Somehow, theelephant space has becoming smaller. Often case happen, that group of elephant come to the localpeople plantation and destroys their plantation. In this case, Way Kambas National Park works inpreventing this animal from human attack. Beside that they also do Elephant patrol around the forest inorder to rescue un well wild elephant. Nowadays, there are 60 elephants in Elephant ConservationCentre. They are taken care in this center until they are ready to be back at the jungle.Beside Elephant conservation, they have Rhino conservation. At the moment, they host 5 rhinos in 100hectar. Due to its sensitivity, rhino need very careful and intensive treatment. It is restrictedconservation where it is only specific visitor or researchers can visit.


The volunteer will help Mahout in taking care the elephant in the center. The volunteer will assistmahout in bathing, feeding, grassing, giving nutrition, as well as health checking. One local Mahout willbe accompanied by 2 volunteers. They will also conduct English lesson for Mahout. Besides involving inMahout daily activities, the volunteer will also work in the school around the village. The national parkofficers wish that present of volunteer can help them in giving awareness for protecting the elephant.

Study theme: 

The volunteer could enjoy the beauty landscape around the project site.

Leisure time: 

During the free time, the volunteers may have possibility to explore some tourism spot inLampung or wider in Sumatera.


Depend on the number of volunteer. If the participants are 2 volunteers then will beaccommodated in local people house. They are Mahout or officer from National Park Way Kambas. Then4 volunteers will be accommodate in Elephant Conservation Center/kind of dormitory (basic condition,sleeping bag, and mat needed). Food will be provided by either catering service or host family.


Location of project will take place in Lampung, Sumatera.

Special Requirement: 


Participant fee: 

400 Euros or 5.200.000 IDR


- Volunteers will be supported by the local project responsible, a mentor (usually a Dejavato volunteer who is not involved in the project activities) and Dejavato office. Regular meetingbetween the volunteer and the mentor will be organized and facilitated by the Foundation. Thevolunteers will have at their disposal an emergency number active 24/24 – 7/7 in case of major problem.- Projects start at the beginning and finishes at the end of the indicated months (please check the MLTV project list you find below).Each project can involve a maximum number of two volunteer at the same time.- Upon arrival volunteers will be involved in our orientation workshop, in Dejavato office. Theorientation will be dedicated to the project, Indonesia, Indonesian language, intercultural learningand communication.Most volunteers will be hosted in local Indonesian families and receive three meals per day (ricewith side vegetables and dishes). The accommodation will be simple and Indonesian style: no hotwater, traditional Indonesian bath/shower, no washing machine and traditional Indonesian toilet.Volunteers may be required to share the bedroom with another family member and to adapt to thedaily rhythm of the family (Indonesians usually gets up very early, between 4 and 6 o’ clock).- Volunteers are required to work at least 6 hours a day, 5 days a week and to help the family with the daily chores. - Dejavato advises volunteers to require visa to the closest Indonesian embassy. They should ask for a social culture visit two months visa as this will allow them to extend their stay for additional twomonths. Dejavato will provide an invitation letter and all the needed information uponconfirmation of the placement. If the volunteer wants to stay over 6 months to 12 months, thepossible visa will be needed by approval of the immigration office in Indonesia.

Costs Include: 

An airport pick up on the arrival at Semarang Airport or Semarang Railway StationCorrespondence through email or by post before your arrivalOrientation before the projectTransportation to/from the meeting point to project siteAll accommodations and meals during the programActivities as stated in the programAn evaluation meetingA local project coordinatorAn Indonesian volunteer as your contact person who will visit you regularly (once in a week at least)during your stay and an emergency mobile number at all times for support and adviceAn experience certificate at the end of the program term formally attesting your participation

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