New France passed from French control to English control to be later called Lower Canada.
The Montreal Company consolidated the remnants of the French Trading Companies.


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The Assinipoval Metis had little concern over the withdrawal of France from North America.
The Indians however considered it a proclamation of war.
Two thousand soldiers, traders and settlers died this first spring and summer.


Prior to this year, all lands west of the Appalachian Mountains and most of Canada was considered French Territory by reason of possession.   The Treaty of Paris this year gave all the lands west of the Mississippi River to Spain.  The central part of North America, west of the Mississippi River, is now known by the Spanish as the Viceroyalty of New Spain .  The Metis, however, occupied these territories and knew they were Indian Territory, not French, English or Spanish.   The Metis established posts far up the Saskatchewan River, and have seen the Stony Mountains and were aware of the Oregon River.  It is noteworthy that the Metis reached the Stony Mountains (Rockies) some two decades before Daniel Boone pushed the American frontier west to Kentucky.

Louisiana Territory east of the Mississippi River is ceded to Great Britain.  West of the Mississippi is the Viceroyalty of New Spain.   As a result 700 Canadian exiled Acadians who were sent to Virginia then England where sent to Louisiana, New Spain.  Jean Jacques Blaise d'Abbadie became Governor Louisiana.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Angelique Bourassa dit La Ronde Metis b-1763 daughter (III)-Rene Bourassa dit LaRonde Jr. (1718-1792) and (III)-Anne Charlotte Veronica Chavalier [a Mackinac Metis] (1726- 1792), see marriages August 3, 1744

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Genevieve Bourdeau Metis daughter (III)-Joseph Bourdeau dit L'Lle-Ronde, habitant de la Cote Nord-est, born 1730, died 1793 married 1760 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (III)-Marie Louise Clermont et Bouron (Dvbord) Metis born 1645 daughter (III)-Louis Bouron dit Clermont and (II)-Marie Ripauet et Roiet Metis; Genevieve married March 30, 1785 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (III)-Amable St Come (Cosme) Metis b-1751.

Alexius (Alix) Brebant born 1763 likely Lake Superior, Ojibwa Country, died December 28, 1847 LaPointe, Wisconsin.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Campeau living Grand Maris born October 19, 1737 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) son (III)-Jean Baptiste Campeau (1711-1783) and (III)-Catherine Perthus (1718-1763); married British Fort Detroit (Michigan) about 1763 Catherine Boyer.

(III)-Augustin Cadot Metis son (II)-Jean Cadot Metis (1693-1743) and (II)-Marie Joseph Proteau (1701-1731); married about 1763 Batiscan Marie Joseph Cosset
    (IV)-Genevieve Cadot b-1764 Batiscan

(III)-Jean Baptiste Aide-Crequy married 1763 Marie Madeline Gatignon-Duchesne most likely a country marriage in or near British Fort Detroit (Michigan).

William Fleet b-1763 married Widow Metis b-1775 North West Territories aka Mith-coo-coo-man-E'Squew (1782-1853) married William Hemmings Cook.

(I)-Joseph Howard b-1797 is trading British Michilimackinac, (Michigan), and this year he married Marguerite Reaume and had one known son named (II)-Howard.

Domitalle Langlade b-1763 likely Green Bay daughter Charles De Langlade and (IV)-Charlotte Bourassa Metis b-1746, married 1776 Pierre Grignon Sr. born Montreal, (an engage and trader Green Bay prior to 1763)   Grignon first wife Menomonee woman, one surviving son Perrish Grignon Metis, source Linda Waggoner.

(I)-Thomas Moore joined HBC (1763-1778) Moose River, Albany 
    (II)-William Moor Metis an Englishman is also in Hudson Bay 1847, Moose Factory
        (III)-Thomas Moore Metis (1888-1939) of James Bay and Nelson River
            (IV)-Bertran Moore Metis of Moose Factory
    (II)-George Thomas Metis b-1774/76 Moose joined HBC (1794-1842) married Mary Truthwaite Metis b-1810 Moose
    (II)-Mary Moore (Moar) Metis (1774-1858) married (I)-George Gladman (1765-1821)
    (II)-George Moore Metis b-1796 Moose
    (II)-Elizabeth Moore Metis from Ernest, Ontario married 1792 David Hofman of Ernest Town, could be from a Quebec family?
A John Moore is in Columbia District 1794 but likely not part of this family

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Pierre Reaume son (III)-Pierre Reaume (1691-1740) and Marie Therese Esteve (Stebre) dit Lajeunesse; 1st married 1754 Marie Josephe Pilot, 2nd marriage 1763 Marie Catherine Dubois.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, Jean Baptiste Reaume (1741-about1807) son Hyacinthe Reaume (1704-1774) and Agathe Lacelle (1709-1778): married 1763 Agatha Lootman Barrois daughter Francois Lootman and Marie Anne Sauvage.

Juan Maria de Rivera on his 2nd venture to Colorado led a group of traders and missionaries to Durango, Colorado.  It is not know if he established a mission/colony.

Joseph Smith of the HBC made his second trip into the Nor-West.

The Ojibwa and Metis began to replace the Assiniboine and Cree in the Red River region.  They also began moving into the Swan River and Cumberland districts and penetrated as far as the Assiniboine River at its confluence with the Souris River.  It would appear the Assiniboine and Cree withdrew.   Some believe, until this date, the the Western Cree acted as middlemen in the fur trade and did not trap furs.  About this time the the Metis and French Voyagers moved into the interior and surpassed the Cree in trade.  The Cree began to abandon the Red River Valley and Assiniboine River, being replaced by the Ojibwa and Metis. 

Nicolas Marchesseau b-1730's and Pierre Antaya (Peltier) are independent traders at British Michilimackinac, (Michigan), Prairie du Chein in partnership with Ales Hamelin.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan) records include Vital Goyau married to Marie Joannd Deshetris, Vitalis Gayau married to Elisabeth Parun, Guillilmus Goyau married to Maria Jeanne Deshistres and Francois Gauderes married to Johnne Parent.

Louis Gayau alias Garau, Gorau and Goiau married to Chene Panis (Channe, Cherne, Cherire and Chirise) Jasen alias Jannis, Jaues, Jarris and Chirise.  Children recorded are Louis Gaiau baptized about 1761, Jean Baptiste Garau baptized 1766, Antoine Gayau baptized 1781, Jacques Gayan baptized 1783 and Angelique Gayau baptized 1784 all at British Fort Detroit (Michigan).

(IV)-Joseph Morand b-1763 son Louis Morand baptised 1757 and Catherine Campeau baptised 1767; married  (IV)-Catherine Boyer b-1667, died May 4, 1793 Fort Detroit daughter (III)-Ignace Boyer.

The British seriously considered trading the whole gigantic country of Canada back to the French in exchange for the Caribbean Island of Guadaloupe. 

During the period 1763 to 1775, twenty thousand Scots emigrated to America and established themselves in Canada and in New York's Mohawk and upper Hudson Valleys.  

Issac Batt d-1791 and Joseph Smith d-1763 went up the Fox River.  Joeeph Smith died on the return trip leaving his canoe and tent mate with his orphaned Metis child.

Joseph Smith of the Hudson Bay reported no French are wintering on the Saskatchewan river.  Unfortunately he died on the return trip, leaving a country wife and child.  This is likely a false report.  The French population at this time is sixty five thousand people.  The Territory of Quebec passed from the French to the English, and the Montreal, Quebec based fur trading companies consolidated the remnants of the French trading companies.  France withdrew from North America, giving the Louisiana Territories (Lands west of the Mississippi) to Spain and lands east of the Mississippi to the British.

A flood of new traders entered the Great Lakes with some heading towards the Red River (Msanitoba) and Saskatchewan River networks of the North West Territories.  Lachine, near Montreal, Quebec, with its cluster of forty warehouses, is the major convergence point of the great supply network to the North West Territories.

La Mothe and Michel Joseph Marchetteau, alias Noyer, voyagers, are recorded at British Mackinac (Michigan), this year in the birth, death and marriage records.

Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) of New Jersey, Lieutenant Jamet, two Canadians and two Ojibwa,  traveled in winter from St Mary's village to Mackinac due to the Sault fire.  Father P. Dujuanay, baptized Joseph la Mothe,  was the son of a woman named Chopin, a former slave of Sieur L.E. Chevalier, and now a slave of Alexander Henry (1739-1824) of New Jersey.  Alexander protested the baptism, but Chopin insisted and the baptism continued.  Chopin declared the father as la Mothe, a Voyageur, now at La Pointe.

In desperation, Captain Simeon Ecuyer introduced the first biological germ warfare in America by sending smallpox infested blankets and handkerchiefs to the natives surrounding Fort Pitt, which started an epidemic among the natives.  Smallpox spread around the Great Lakes into Ohio and the Mississippi and is spreading into the North West.  Lord Jeffrey Amhurst, the British Commander-in-Chief for America, had previously encouraged this tactic in a letter to Simeon Ecuyer.  This horrific genocide activity was to repeat itself throughout the Americas.  General Jeffrey Amherst and Colonel Henry Bouquet used smallpox infected blankets and handkerchiefs to transmit this disease to the Indians.

To the 'Assinipoval Metis' of Red River and La Pointe (Madeleine Island, Wisconsin) it is business as usual.  To the Natives of the Great Lakes, the passing of  Quebec to the English was a proclamation of war.  Pontiac, who was born in an Ottawa village, sent war belts to the chiefs of other Algonquian tribes to declare war in the Northwest Wilderness against the British.  Two thousand soldiers, traders and settlers died this spring and summer at such locations as:

     Fort Sandusky on the south shore of Lake Erie fell to the Ottawa and Wyandotte,
     Fort St. Joseph (Niles, Michigan) fell to Potawatomi,
     Fort Miami (Fort Wayne, Indiana) fell to the Miami,
     Fort Ouiatenon (Lafayette, Indiana) fell to the Miami, Kickapoo, Wea (a sub group of the Miami) and Peoria
     (Mascouten  a  sub group of Illinois).
     Fort Michilimackinac (Mackinac) fell June 3rd to the Ojibwa who overpowered thirty-five soldiers killing twenty of them.
       Earlier Minavavana, the Ojibwa Chief, had warned the British trader:  Englishmen, although you have conquered the French  you have not yet conquered us,
     Fort Edward's Augustus (Green Bay, Wisconsin) was abandoned by Gorrell an Englashman to the Ottawa,
     Fort Venango (Franklin), Fort Le Boeuf (Waterford) and Fort Presqu'isle (L'Assomption) (Erie, Pennsylvania) fell to the Seneca, Venango, Ottawa,
       Wyandotte (Wendat) and Ojibwa.

The following forts are listed as destroyed:
     Fort St. Peter at Rain Lake.
     Fort St. Charles at Woods Lake (Lake of the Woods).
     Fort Mayrepas on Lake Winnipeg.
     Fort Dauphin on Meadows Lake.

Fort Nipawee on the Saskatchewan is believed destroyed this year.

Russian traders, seeking the fur of sea otters, reached Kodiak (Alaska).  The Alutiiq drove them away.

The English reported that the French traders at Green Bay and Sault Ste Marie, having purchased wives from the Indians, still preserved their feelings for the French King.

A 40 ton sloop is built at Point Aux Pins, Lake Superior, north Sault Ste Marie.

The transfer of control from the French to the English would have a longer term impact on the Metis as the English systematically began the process of replacing the French and Metis from significant positions in business. This strategy would continue into the late twentieth century. The North West culture would not feel the impact until the 1790's when they began their incivility programs.

The Spanish takeover of Louisiana, Viceroyalty of New Spain, was an attempt to oust the the French Coureurs des Bois and the Taovayas (Wichita & Caddo Peoples) from their ancient trading positions, especially the villages of San Bernardo and San Teodoro on the Red River east of Comanches.

(I)-Pierre Laclede (1724-1778) and Auguste Chouteau b-1751 arrived Fort Chartres 20 miles above Ste. Gepevieve the only settlement on the west bank of the Mississippi Riever, Upper country of Louisians.  The commondant of Fort Chartres was Neyon de Viliers (Nyon de Cilliers).  (I)-Pierre Laclede (1724-1778) and Auguste Chouteau b-1751 on horseback rode to Cabpkia the Uppermost Village and Settlement of Louisiana and went as far as the mouth of the Missouri River.  He noted that many natives of the soil (Metis and Indian) resided in the vicinity.  Some credit Laclede with being the first recorded European to visit St. Louis on the west bank of the Mississippi River below the mouth of the Missouri River.. 

January 2:   Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Gabriel Metivier son (I)- Jean Baptiste Metivier, a merchant, d-1773 Michillimakinac and  Marie Josette (Joseph) Parant (Chaboillez).

January 5:   Longueuil, marriage Jacques Cesar, black, slave M Ignace Gamelin married Marie De Longueuil, black slave M. De Longueuil.

January 12:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Gabriel Metivier son Jean Baptiste Metivier and Josette Parent. 

January 14:   Fort Detroit, Canada (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Joseph Morand, son (III)-Claude Charles Morand (1722-1775) and (III)-Marie Anne Belleperche (1734-1794); married January 17, 1791 Fort Detroit Catherine Boyer.

January 21:  Fort Detroit, birth, (IV)-Marie Joseph Poupart, died November 4, 1770 Fort Detroit, daughter (III)-Charles Poupart (1720-1777) and (IV)-Isabelle St. Aubin.

February 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Jean Baptiste DesComps son (II)- Antoine Louis DesComps dit Labadie-Bodichon (1767) and (IV)-Angelique Campeau ( 1742 -1767)

February 10:   France ceded all rights in North America. The French Culture, at this time, had already been fractured into Quebec French, Canadian French Metis, Upper Louisiana (Illinois) French Metis and Lower Louisiana French Metis. The Quebec French had effectively alienated the Metis who no longer held any alliance with France.  The Lousisiana Territory was ceded to Spain by the Treaty of Paris.  The French decedents are classed as the White Creaoles: mixed blood French and German, the Black Creoles: mixed blood French and Blacks, French Indian: mixed blood French and Indian, Cajuns: French Acadians: mixed blood Acadian, and all else:  German, Italian, Scots, Irish, Spanish, etc.  It is estimated that Viceroyalty of New Spain (west Louisiana) contained about 7,500 European, mostly mixed blood. 

February 13:  Detroit, birth, (V)-Charles Lauzon son (IV)-Jacques Lauzon b-1737 and (II)-Marie Anne Casse; married April 23, 1792 Angelique Raymond.

February 16:  Fort Detroit, birth (III)-Jean Baptiste Metay, died December 4, 1763 Fort Detroit son (II)-Joseph Metay (1735-1791) and (II)-Catherine Duflour b-1740.

February 19:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Anne Chauvin  daughter  (II)-Noel Chauvin born 1732 and (III)-Jeanne Meloche born 1742.

March 6:  Detroit, birth (III)-Alexis Solo,son (II)-Claude Solo, b-1732 and (II)-Marguerite Descomps (1734-1765); married February 21, 1791 Detroit, Marie Madeleine Paille daughter Joseph Paille.

April 3:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Pierre Jamer son (I)-Joseph Guillaume Jamer and Anne Jamer.

April 9:  Fort Detroit, birth (II)-Pierre Yax, son (I)-Michel Yax, a German, (1709-1793) and Catherine Herbins; married June 2, 1783 Fort Detroit Marie Joseph Ferton.

April 11:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Alexis (Elexis) Campeau living River Bosseron, born July 6, 1737, died September 5, 1782 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (III)-Antoine Campeau (1702-1759); married (V)-Madeleine Dumays born 1745, died June 30, 1795 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (IV)-Jacques Dumays (1719-1760) and (III)-Marie Madeleine Chevalier born 1724.

April 11:   Kaskaskia, Illinois marriage (I)-Joseph Rastel de Rocheblave died 1802 Montreal, Quebec married Marie Michelle Dufresne, they had six children, three boys, three girls.  The third boy is named Noel born Kaskaskia died 1805 Montreal married Mackinac about 1799 British Mackinac, (Michigan),  Nigans Ottawa.  

April 13:   Quebec, Quebec, baptism (II)-Marie Julienne Couc Metis daughter (I)-Jean Couc and Marguerite sauvage (savage).

April 30:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Joseph Fauvel daughter (III)-Joseph Amable Fauvel dit Bigras and (II)-Marie Charlotte Dufour born 1739; married November 20, 1780 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Andre Boismenu.

April 30:  (IV)-Joseph Paul dit Chevreuse b-1737 is at Fort Detroit.

May 23-26:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Alexis Bienvenu son (II)-Alexis Bienvenu born 1701 and (III)-Elisabeth Bouron died 1758, see parents marriage 1740; marriage to (IV)-Marie Anne Campeau born October 8, 1745 daughter (III)-Nicolas Campeau ((1710-1756) and (II)-Agathe Casse dit St. Aubin (1716-1808).

May 23:   British Mackinac (Michigan), baptism, Joseph, a son of Chopin, a slave and trader La Mothe of La Pointe.  Chopin is formally a slave of Le Chevalier, being sold to an English trader called Henneri (Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824).

May 23:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Therese Sans Peur born 1762 Saghinau (Saginaw) son Joseph dit Sans Peur and Michelle. 

June:   Michilimackinac, a Joseph Louis Ainse a.k.a. Hains (Hins), is dispatched to British Fort Detroit (Michigan) with news of the attack by the western tribes.  Fort Cadot (Sault Ste Marie) escaped attack because of the respect for French trader (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) who also had a son born this year named (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Jr. (1761-1818) some say 1761.

June 4:  (I)-Ezekiel Solomon of Berlin is at British Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan), was taken prisoner, rescued by the Ottawa and ransomed at Montreal, Quebec.  He had one known son (II)-William Solomon, Metis, born late 1790's and married a daughter of John Johnson, Metis born Mackinaw.

June 30:  Michilimackinac, baptism, (V)-Ignace LeTellier, Metis, born January 5, 1763 in Upper Ouisconson, son (IV)- Antoine LeTellier et Tellier dit La Fortune, Metis b-1733 and Charlotte Mi-Gauanon-Jean Auetaukis (Migsanonjean) (8et8kis) sauvagesse.  

July 16:   General Jeffrey Amherst bemoaned the fact that he didn't have enough war dogs to effectively employ the "Spanish Method" of hunting and exterminating the Native Americans.  It is noteworthy that this is the same man who deliberately introduced smallpox to the savages (germ warfare).

July 17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Archange Lacelle died July 29, 1763 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (II)-Nicolas Lacelle et Laselle (1715-1779) and (II)-Marie Joseph Cardinal (1733-1763).

July 25:   Michilimackinac, marriage (III)-Michel Joseph Marchetteau (Marchettant) DesNoyer, born November 17, 1736, Ste Anne de la Perade, voyager, son (II)-Laurent Marcheteau dit Desnoyers (1704-1737) and (III)-Catherine Roy, epouse February 8, 1740 Montreal Hubert Robin; married Therese Parant daughter Pierre Parant.

August 5:   Chief Pontiac and his warriors engaged Captain James Dalyell and his force of two hundred and fifty soldiers from British Fort Detroit (Michigan).  They killed Dalyell and nineteen others and wounded forty in the battle of Bloody Run.  Pontiac's army had seized all but one fort in the upper Great Lakes, and the English were on the run.  The British Fort Detroit (Michigan) area under British control contained perhaps two thousand people at this time.  Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) of New Jersey escaped death at British Fort Michilimackinac, claiming help from Ojibwa sponsors.  He returned to the Sault this summer.  At the Sault he witnessed the locals making maple sugar.

August 22:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Marie Marguerite du Charm, born August 19, 1763, daughter Laurent de Charm and Marguerite Metivier. 

August 25:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, Jacques (James) Duperson Baby died February 19, 1833 York (Toronto, Ontario) son Jacques Baby dit Duperont (1733-1789), a Fort Detroit merchant and (IV)-Suzanne Reaume (Rheaume) (1740-1760).  He was classified as a man of most gentlemanly manners but rather slow of apprehension.  It is said he is one of the 21 children of Jacques, but obviously not of Suzanne.

September 5:  The Indian traders and servants killed or made prisoners by the Indians, all are from Pennsylvania excepts as noted.  

Michel Teaff trading Miames, killed Chunundat, Wayondot Town and 7 servants killed near Sandusky
John Welch trading Miames, killed nearSandusky and 6 servants killed Beaver Creek, Miame River & near Sandusky
Hugh Crawford trading Miames, killed Miame River and 6 servants killed Maime River.
Thomas Smallman trading D'Troit, killed on Lake Erie and 4 servants killed Beaver Creek, Shawne Town and Lake Erie
Robert Wilkey, trading Sandusky, killed Sandusky and 2 servants killed Sandusky.
John Prentiere, trading D'Troit, killed Sandusky and 20 servants killed on road to Sandusky
Levy A. Levy, trading D'Troit, killed on Lake Erie and 10 servants on the road to Sandusky, on Ohio and Lake Erie
John Gibson, trading Lower Shawn: Town killed Mouth of Beaver Creek and 7 servants killed Shawnesse & on Ohio
John Bard, trading Shawnesse killed Mouth of Beaver Creek and 2 servants killed Shawnesse & on Ohio
Laz: Lowrey, trading Lower Shawnese, killed Lower Shawnesse and 4 servants killed Shawneese Town.
Mathew McCrea, trading Salt Licks/Shawnesse, killed Salt Licks and 6 servants killed Shawneese T. & Beaver Creek
Thomas Copolen, trading Tuskarawas Smith killed Beaver Creek and 2 servantsa killed Beaver Creek
John Cammel, trading Smith at Fort Pitt killed Beaver Creek
Thomas Calhoon, trading Tuskarawas killed Beaver Creek and 4 servants killed Beaver Creek & Gichauga, 2 servants escaped.
John Ormsby is at Fort Pitt but 5 servants are killed at Salt Licks
Andrew Wilkey, trading Venango bur escaped
Thomas Mitchel trading Shawnesse, killed Shawnesse and 3 servants killed Shawneese Town
Hays, trading Sandusky, killed Sandusky
Levy Solomons, a New York trader, trading D'Troit killed on Lake Erie  

September 17:  British Fort Detroit  (Michigan), birth/baptism (V)-Seraphin Lauzon born June 5, 1763, baptism September 17, 1763  son (IV)-Antoine Nicolas Lauzon (1727-1770) and (III)-Angelique Chevalier b-1733: married November 9, 1790 Detroit Marie Louise Morand..

September 22:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Jean Marie Alexis Navarre, Metis, son (I)-Robert Navarre (1709-1791) and (III)-Marie Barrois Lothman, Metis.

October 7:   Fur trade regulations are issued requiring all traders to obtain licenses and restrict trade to designated posts. This would remain in force until 1768.  

October 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Francois Meloche son  (III)-Pierre Meloche b-1733 and (II)-Marie Catherine Guignard dit St. Etienne.

October 18:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Charles Chesne died July 29, 1766, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (III)-Charles Chesne born 1732 and (II)-Marie Joseph Descomps dit Labadie born 1737.  

October 19:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (V)-Anonyme Campeau child (IV)-Jacques Campeau born 1735 and (II)-Catherine Menard born 1739.

October 24:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Charles Cabassier son (III)-Joseph Cabassier (1722-1773) and (II)-Angelique Bienvenu dit Delisle born 1721; Charles married January 27, 1791 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Jeanne Milmenne, 2nd marriage (III)Angelique Moran veuve de Paschal Viger daughter ((II)-Vincent Moran.

October 29:   British  Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (III)-Madeleine Langloisw born 1708, married February 18, 1737 Montreal, Quebec to (III)-Louise Gervaise born April 12, 1708 Montreal, Quebec captain Cote south of Fort Detroit, Michigan. 

October 29:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (III)-Marie Madeleine Langlois b-1708, married February 18, 1737 Montreal, Quebec, Louis Gervaise.  Marie is the daughter (II)-Jacques Langlois (1676-1733) and Marie Renee Toupin. 

November 6:  Fort Detroit, birth (III)-Louis Mesny, died September 25, 1764 Fort Detroit, son (II)-Antoine Mesny (1712-1794) and (II)-Jeanne Seguin Laderoute b-1724.

November 28:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (II)-Augustin Lafoy son (I)-Antoine Lafoy and Elisabeth Moreau; married to (III)-Elisabeth Cosme et St. Cosme (St. Come), Metis, born November 17, 1747, Detroit, died March 2, 1776 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (II)-Pierre Laurent Cosme et St. Cosme, Metis, b-1721 and (III)-Catherine Barrois, Metis, (1727-1790).  

November 29:   Indian Fort Makinae, (Michilimackinac) baptism (IV)-Angelique Genevieve Bourassa birth November 18, 1763, daughter (III)-Rene Bourassa dit La Ronde (1718-1792) and (III)-Anne Charlotte Veronica Chavalier [a Mackinac Metis] (1726- 1792), see marriage August 3, 1744; Angelique married July 23, 1781 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Alexandre Ouellet.

December:  Pierre Laclede, a partner of the New Orleans Fur Trading Company of Maxent, Laclede and Company landed 18 miles south of the Missouri River Mouth on the Mississippi River, Viceroyalty of New Spain, to establish a trading post.

December 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Jean Baptiste Cosme et St. Cosme, Metis, born December 13, 1763, Detroit, son  (II)-Pierre Laurent Cosme et St. Cosme born 1721 and (III)-Catherine Barrois, Metis, (1727-1790).

December 20:  Fort Detroit, marriage (IV)-Jean Baptiste Reaume born July 9, 1741 Fort Detroit son (III)-Hyacinthe Reaume, oncle d'Antoine Louis Descompe, (1704-1774) and (II)-Agathe Delpcelle (1709-1778); married (III)-Agathe Barrois b-1735 daughter (II)-Francois Barrois.

December 23:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Antoine Nicolas Boyer son (III)-Ignace Boyer (1721-1784) and (IV)-Angelique Pepin dit Descardonnets.

December 25:    British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Francois Noel Douaire de Bondy died December 18, 1766 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (IV)-Joseph Douaire de Bondy, and (IV)-Marie Joseph Gamelin born 1741.




The Pedlars, now included English, and Scots traders and not just the French, out of Montreal, Quebec.  Captain Mekiss and his Ojibwa clan killed three English and four French traders form Montreal, Quebec, as they were disrupting trade to the Hudson Bay Company.   Humphrey Marten of Fort Albany, Hudson Bay,  reported they expected a reward for killing those they call the H.B.C. enemies.

Peter La Clade, (Pierre LaClede Ligue), a Frenchman, is claimed to have founded LaClede's Landing (St. Louis, Missouri) which was inhabited entirely by Frenchmen and Metis decedents.  Auguste Chouteau accompanied his uncle Pierre and notched a couple of trees to mark their claim..

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, Etienne Drouillard born 1763 son Jean Baptiste Drouillard and Marie Charlotte Guignard daughter Pierre Guignard aka Dinhargue a Basque.

Humphrey Martin Favel, Metis, b-1764 son John Favel and Titameg; married Jenny Native.

Joseph Hamel, b-1764, married, Charlotte Indian, b-1774, most likely North West.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Jehu Hay to Marie Julie Reaume (1748-1795) daughter Hyacinthe Reaume (1704-1774) and Agathe Lacelle (1709-1778).

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Philippe Leduc son (III)-Jean Leduc b-1684 and Marie Catherine Descary; married Marie Josephte Pelletier daughter Jean Baptiste Pelletier and Marie Josephte Cornet.

Detroit, birth (V)-Marie  Labeau died June 1, 1765 Detroit, daughter (IV)-Francois Lebeau (1741-1765) and (III)-Marie Joseph Fauvel die Bigras (1736-1766)

(I)-Ignace Laforce an Iroquois Kentjiong8a married Marie Ga8ennontie, and had one child (II)-Therese Laforce born September 30, 1765 Lac des Deux-Montagnes.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Francois Meloche daughter  (III)-Pierre Meloche b-1730 and (II)-Marie Catherine Guignard dit St. Etienne; married February 17, 1794 Fort Detroit Francoise Aide Crequi.

(II)-Moses Norton d-1773, a Metis of the H.B.C. wrote: "I am certain and shure that there is no Pasage into ye Western Ocan in this Hudson Bay ... there is no likelihood of any further Discovery in Pasage or a Large River after So many attempts ..."  Besides Chesterfield Inlet, he explored two entrances near Whale Cove and Marble Island.

Louis Primeau, a Canadian, is engaged by the Hudson Bay Company for two years service.  The English considered him an illiterate braggart of a trader who is nevertheless a master in Indian dialects. 

Amable Roy (LeRoy), born Montreal, is in the upper Mississippi region.

(I)-Joseph Isbister (1710-1771) in the field (1750's-1764), an Orkney and bigamist, and John Patterson deserted the Hudson Bay Company and joined the Lake Winnipeg Peddlers (Metis).

(III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) of Sault Ste. Marie and Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) journeyed to La Pointe in Chequamegon Bay to establish a trading post.   (I)-Simon McTavish (1750-1804) came to America from the Highlands of Scotland, Stratherrick, Scotland, probably indentured.  Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) wrote at the carrying place of Toronto on June 18 that the Indians obliged me to carry a burden of more than a hundred pounds weight.  The Indians walked at a quick pace, and I could by no means see myself left behind.  Next morning we reached Lake Ontario.  Anastasie Nipissing saved Alexander Henry's life and he described her as an Indian woman of the Chippeway nation and, generally, very  respected.  Some contend a daughter of a chief of the Awause clan and a relative of chief Matchekewis helped instigate the 1763 Fort Michilimackinac affair.

Alexander Henry, the younger, Metis (1764-1814) nephew of Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) and his slave girl, Chopen an Indian slave girl, who was previously a slave to La Mothe (likely (II)-Guillaume Dagneau ( Dagnaux) Douville, sieur de la Mothe (Motte) (1706- 1761) of Detroit), who bore him a son named Joseph La Mothe, Metis.  Henry the elder had low regard for Indians as he objected to the baptism of Joseph.  He likely believed the baptism was a recognition the slave girl was married to La Mothe and he was thereby committing adultery. 

The following voyagers are recorded at Mackinac this year in the birth, death and marriage records; (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cauchois (d-1777), Jean Baptiste Le Beau, Laurent DuCharme and Francois Le Blanc born 1712 also known as (Franceway, Saswee and Shish), voyager of Michillimahnac.  (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cauchois (d-1777) son (III)-Jean Baptiste Cauchois (1700-1736) and Marie Gagnon; married Michilimakinac an Angelique (Sans Chagrin) Sejourne daughter d'Alexis Sejourne (Sans Chagrin) and Marie Angelique Tareau.

Fort Michilimackinac refers to three distinct forts on the Straits of Mackinac.  The first French fort is established 1690 (St. Agnace, Michigan).  About 1715, a second Fort was constructed on the south shore (Mickinaw City, Michigan).  About 1764, the Fort was moved to Mackinac Island (Michigan).  

Fort Erie is built as a French trading post this year at the south entrance to the Niagara River opposite Buffalo, N.Y.

The Metis essentially assumed control of the French Fort de Chartes (Ste-Anne) (Fort Cavendish, Illinois) (that reverted to New France 1767), and establishing St. Louis, Illinois and making it their trading center for the Mississippi/Missouri Western trade.  It is noteworthy that other Metis settlements included:  Fort Vincennes, (St. Francois Xavier) ou Ouabache (Knox, Indiana), Cahokia, (Illinois) Kaskaskia, (Illinois) and Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, St. Genevieve and Fort de Chartres, Missouri, and Prairie de Chien, Wisconsin and many more.  Some claim that St. Louis (Missouri) was established by Pierre Laclede (1724-1778) and Auguste Chouteau in February 1764 as a fur trading post using 30 men for the construction.  This area originally called Cahokia des Illinois or upper Louisiana was first settled about 1698 by Europeans and included most of central and southern Illinois.  It was originally a great Mound Builder City of over 50,000 people located near Collinsville, Illinois.

British Fort Assomption de la Pointe de Montreal du Detroit (Sandwich Co. Essex, Ontario) maintained birth, marriage and death records (1764-1799).

Canadian exiled Acadians flooded into Santo Domingo.

(I)-Pierre Laclede (1724-1778) and Auguste Chouteau b-1751 are at St. Louis des Illinois, Upper Louisiana (Missouri).

January 1, Michillimakinac, birth 1764 bapt 1765 Michillimakinac (IV)-Rene Francis Letellier et Tellier dit Lafortune, Metis son (III)-Jean Baptiste Letellier b-1696 a voyageur and Marie Joseph Nipissing b-1712; married Macatemic8c8e Sauvagesse
    (V)-Francois Letellier Metis b-764, bapt 1765 Michillimakinac

January 4:  Fort Detroit, birth, (IV)-Charles Pouget son (III)-Joseph Gabriel Pouget b-1728 and (III)-Francoise Belleperche.

January 7:  Detroit, marriage (IV)-Philippe Leduc born October 24, 1735 Detroit son (III)-Jean Leduc b-1684 and (III)-Marie Catherine Descary (Cary) (1696-1761) Detroit, married Marie Joseph Pelletier b-1745 daughter Jean Baptiate Pelletier.

February 7:  Fort Detroit,(Michigan) marriage  Andre Pelletier to (III)-Marie Catherine Meloche, b-1737, daughter (II)-Pierre Meloche (1701-1760) and (III)-Jeanne Caron b-1709; epouse Catherine, February 11, 1755 Detroit Pierre Louis Mallet; and August 21, 1752 Detroit (I)- Jean Baptiste Sappe dit Poligny, b-1720
    Andre Pelletier b-1765 

January 19: Fort Detroit, birth (IV)-Joseph Seguin son (III)-Joseph Seguin dit Laderoute (1717-1795) and (IV)-Marie Therese Tremblay; 

January 20:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Marie Madeline Campeau daughter (IV)-Alexis Campeay (1737-1782) and (V)-Madeline Dumays (1745-1795).

January 30:  Fort Detroit, marriage (IV)-Tranquille Turcot, born December 15, 1735 Ste Famille I.O. son (III)-Simon Turcot (1696-1767) and (III)-Marie Madeleine Godbout (1703-1737); married (II)-Angelique Yax born February 2, 1749, died December 30, 1764 Fort Detroit daughter (I)-Michel Yax a German, (1709-1793) and Catherine Herbins.

.February 1:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Jean Baptiste Couture (Goneau et Gouneau dit Lacouture), son (IV)-Jean Baptiste Couture (Goneau et Gouneau dit Lacouture) born 1735 and (IV)-Marie Campeau born 1742.

February 6:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (II)-Hyacinthe Deshetres son (I)-Antoine Deshetres, living Grosse Pointe, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), maitre armurier, and (country marriage)  (III)-Marie Charlotte Chevalier born August 3, 1710 daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Chevalier (1677-1752) and (II)-Francois Alavoine (1690-1756); Hyacinthe married Marie Anne Pilet born 1748 daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Pilet.

February 7:  Fort Detroit, marriage Andre Pelletier son Andre Pelletier and Elisabeth Renard; married (III)-Catherine Meloche born March 3, 1737, Fort Detroit, daughter (II)-Pierre Meloche (1701-1760) and (III)-Jean Caron b-1709. b-1737 espouse February 11, 1755 Fort Detroit (IV)-Pierre Louis Maillet born January 17, 1731 Montreal, epouse August 21, 1752 Jean Baptiste Sappe dit Polgny .

February 14:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Alexis Bienvenu son (II)-Alexis Bienvenu and (IV)-Marie Anne Campeau born 1745, see parent marriage 1763; born February 14, died October 3, 1764.

February 14:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth,  (III)-Angelique Chauvin daughter  (II)-Charles Chauvin (1702-1772)  and (II)-Marie Anne Casse born 1710. 

February 14:  Auguste Chouteau b-1751 with a small group of men including black slaves constructed St. Louis, in the Viceroyalty of New Spain

February 18:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (IV)-Charles Fauvel born 1761 son (III)-Joseph Amable Fauvel dit Bigras and (II)-Marie Charlotte Dufour born 1739.

February 20:   Lac des Deux Montagnes, marriage Jean Baptiste Lalonde to Cecile Hery en sauvage Kil8ibe (Kil8abe).

March 23:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Joseph Guilbaut, son Jean Guilbaut b-1733 and (III)-Marie Joseph Marcheteau (1735-1765). 

May 4:   Michilimackinac, marriage (III)-Jean Baptiste Cauchois (died before 1777), voyager son (II)-Jean Baptiste Cauchois (1700-1736) and (III)-Marie Gagnon (b-1701) epouise 1778 Pierre Cardinal of British Fort Detroit (Michigan); married (II)-Angelique Sejourne dit Sanschagrin daughter (I)-Alexis Sejourne, (Sans Chagrin) and Marie Angelique Tareau (Metis??) married June 26,1778 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (IV)-Pierre Cardinal b-1729.
    (IV)-Jean Baptiste Georges Cauchois b-1765 Mackinac
    (IV)-Angelique Cauchois b-1776 Machillimakinc, bapt 1777 Detroit
    (IV)-Alexis Cauchois b-1777 Machillimakinc, bapt 1777 Detroit
    (IV)-Louis Cauchois married 1794 Detroit (V)-Marie Pineau dit Laperle b-1774

May 8:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (V)-Charles Dupuis, born 1763 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son  (IV)- Charles Dupuis dit Moise (1728-1767) and (III)-Catherine Casse.

June 3:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (I)-Francois Godfroy (1717-1764) son Francois et de Jeanne Cronier de Villeneuve St George, diocese de Paris; husband (III)-Suzanne Pepin b-1749 daughter (II)-Robert Pepin and epouse September 10, 1764 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Pierre Javray.

June 3:  Michillimackinac, birth, (IV)-Marie Anne Marcheteau daughter (III)-Michel Marcheteau dit Desnoyers b-1736 and Therese Parant.

June 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), baptism, (II)-Cecile Brillant dit Lapierre, Metis, born November, 1763 in the woods, daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste (Brian) Brillant dit Lapierre (dit Beaulieu) and Francoise Itagisse Chretienne Sauteuse (Ojibwa).  Source Tanguay.

June 17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Marie Genevieve Laforest, daughter  (IV)-Guillaume Laforest b-1725 and (IV)-Marie Marguerite Tremblay (1725-1768).

June 20:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Louis Alexis Chapoton son (II)-Jean Baptiste Chapoton born 1721 and (III)-Felicite Cesire born 1737; married February 26, 1783 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Catherine Meloche.

June 23:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Marie Anne Marchetau daughter Michel Joseph Marchetau dit des Noyet and Theresa Parent.

June 28:   Fort St. Philippe, Illinois birth Joseph Belcourt Bellecour son Joseph Trottier Bellecour b-1705 and Marie Anne Mercier; married July 18, 1798 Rocher, Illinois Marie Ann Thibault.

July 1:  St. Pierre les Becquets, Quebec, birth, (III)-Francois Eustache Couturier, Metis son (II)-Denis Joseph Couturier, Metis, b-1681, and (II)-Therese Hamel, b-1707, died March 14, 1737 St. Pierre les Becquets, veuve de Jean Tousignan, daughter (II)-Jean Francois Hamel..  

July 18:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (IV)-Joseph Heve born 1745 son (III)-Joseph Heve b-1710 and (III)-Barbie Gontier et Gautier b-1719.

July 22:  Detroit, birth (III)-Marguerite Solo, died March 12, 1765 Detroit, daughter (II)-Claude Solo, b-1732 and (II)-Marguerite Descomps (1734-1765).

July 24:   Michillimackinac, marriage (some suggest married 1765) Jean Baptiste Lebeau to (IV)-Marie Joseph (Liselle) Jourdain, Metis b-1751 South West baptised June 20, 1747 Michillimackinac daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Jourdain b-1718 Green Bay  and Marie Joseph Reaume Metis daughter Qoua gua Bouk Que.

July 24:   Michimackinaw, marriage Francois LeBlanc born 1712 *  also known as (Franceway, Saswee and Shish), voyager, married July 24, 1764 Michillimackinac (IV)-Marie Josephe Jourdain dit Josette, Metis born South West October 10, 1751, baptised July 19, 1756 Michillimackinac died about 1777 ** British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (III)-John (Jean) Baptiste Jourdain (of Green Bay) and Mary Joseph Reaume Metis (daughter Qoua gua Bouk Que ***).  Also noted Jean Baptiste Le Beau, voyager married Mackinac Marie Joseph Jourdain dit Lysette.  *The family believes Franceway may have come from Nova Scotia, but more likely Montreal or Trois Riviers .  source Dan LeBlanc.  OTHERS SOURCES SUGGEST:  I leave it to the family to resolve these differences.  The name Franceway likely refers to him coming the Franch Way rather than English Way into Canada.  ** Jeff LeBlanc suggests she was buried December 11, 1825 per Denissen.  *** daughter of Qiua gua Bouk Que would be Jean Baptiste Reaume and Symphorose Ouaouaboukoue of La Baye (Green Bay, Wi).
(II)-Francois Bheame Jerome LaBlanc dit Latour (1706-1794) Montreal son (I)-Francois LeBlanc Jerome LeBlanc dir Latour (1675-1744) who married Montreal November 3, 1705,  Marie Angelique Dardenne (1682-1745) a soldier, Le Verrier French Regiment.  He married Marie Deniau Ditailly, daughter of Denau Ditailly and Marie Jean Adhemar St. Martin on October 12, 1733 at Montreal PQ. They had eight children at least three of whom died in infancy or in early childhood.  His second marriage was at Michilimackinac to (IV) Marie Josette Jourdain, Metis in 1764. (II)-Francois was known by the Indians as Shash, Sasswee and Sirdaw.  The English knew him as Franceway or Old Franceway.  It is believed some of his offspring from this second union used the sir name Jerome.  I find it note worthy that the Montreal marriage is not listed Tanguay?

July 26:  Fort Detroit, marriage,  Gabriel Christophe Legrand to (IV)-Veronique Reaume, born February 2, 1745 Fort Detroit, daughter (III)-Pierre Reaume (1709-1766) and (III)-Suzanne Hubert b-1709.

August 6:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Therese Casse daughter (II)-Jacques Casse and (IV)-Catherine Jean Vien died 1779. 

August 13:   Mackinac, baptism (IV)-Michel Cadot born July 22, 1763 Sault Ste Marie who died 1837 son (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadot (1723-1803) and Marie Athanasie Nipissing (Equawaice) (d-1766).

August 21:  Fort Detroit, birth (II)-Guillaume Ravelet son (I)-Jean Baptiste Ravelet dit LaRose and (III)-Rosalie Fauvel b-1740.

August 23:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth,  (IV)-Marie Madeleine Aide-Crequy born this year daughter (III)Jean Baptiste and Marie Madeleine Gatignon Duchesne see 1763, she later married Patrivk Mackalpen.

August 30:   Kaskaskias, Illinois baptism Veronique Beauvais daughter of George Beauvais and Marguerite Negro slaves of Jean Baptiste Beauvais 

August 30:  Mackinac, New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Michel Cadotte, Metis son (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadot (1723-1803) and Marie Athanasie Nipissing (Equawaice) sauvagesse (d-1766).

September:  Voyage west:   (I)-Richard Dobie (1731-1805), a Scot, is posted out of Montreal to Fort Timiskaming (Temiscamingue) where over the next decade he acquired a respectable fortune.  Richard was in partnership 1767 with (I)-Lawrence Ermatinger (1736-1789), Pierre Montbrun, and Benjamin Frobisher this year and during this decade.  He also traded out of Green Bay and Michilimackinac during this period.  Green Bay is re-occupied by the English under the command of Howard.  

September 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Augustin Lafoy son (II)-Augustin Lafoy and (III)-Elisabeth Cosme et St. Cosme (St. Come) (1747-1776); married January 28, 1793 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (IV)-Catherine Bourdeau b-1773 daughter (III)-Joseph Bourdeau

September 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (I)-Pierre Javray et Javar dit Laderoute and (III)-Suzanne Pepin b-1719 died February 6, 1793 veuve Francois Godfroy, daughter (II)-Robert Pepin 

September 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Hyacinthe Gonzague dit Pigeon son  (II)-Hyacinthe Gonzague  and (III)-Marie Anne Pilet born 1748 daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Pilet. 

September 12:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Marie Cecile Campeau daughter (IV)-Jacques Campeau born 1735 and (II)-Catherine Menard born 1739.

September 13:  Michilimakina,  Sieur Cardin's slave woman baptized her little girl Marie la Joye born September 10 declaring the father as Sieur la Joye.

September 13:  Michilimackinac, baptism, (III)-Laurent Constant Quirigou (Kerigoufili), born September 8/13, 1764 son (II)-Constant Quirigou (Kerigoufili) b-1710 and Marie Anne Angelique Metivier.

September 13:  Michilimackinac, baptism, female La Joye, born September 10, 1764 daughter Sieur La Joye and female slave of Sieur Cardin.

October 1:   Fort Vincennes, Knox, Indiana, baptism male child of a Dagneau de Douville de Quindre illegitimate son Joseph Che (Clermont) and Louise an Indian slave of Sieur de Douville de Quindre.

October 29:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Charles Denis Courtois dit Marin born December 27, 1744 Montreal, a doctor, residing for sure, his place is south west, son (III)-Charles Denis born 1711 and (III)-Madeline Ouevillon; married  (III)-Catherine Cosme et St. Cosme, Metis,  born January 26, 1749 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) daughter (II)-Pierre Laurent Cosme et St. Cosme, born 1721 and (III)-Catherine Barrois, Metis, (1727-1790). 

November 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Chretienne Huyet daughter (II)-Pierre Huyet et Huguet-Huiette-Ponceley-Champagne born 1737 and (IV)-Marie Reine Trempley born 1744; married Jean Baptiste Yax.

November 21:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (IV)-Etienne Bourdeau Metis son (III)-Joseph Bourdeau dit L'Lle-Ronde, habitant de la Cote Nord-est, born 1730, died 1793 married 1760 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (III)-Marie Louise Clermont et Bouron (Dvbord) Metis born 1645 daughter (III)-Louis Bouron dit Clermont and (II)-Marie Ripau et Roiet; Genevieve married March 30, 1785 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (III)-Amable St. Come (Cosme) Metis b-1751.

November 24:  Fort Detroit, birth (III)-Theophile Metay son (II)-Joseph Metay (1735-1791) and (II)-Catherine Duflour b-1740.

December 20:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Marie Joseph Freton dit Nantais daughter (I)-Julien Freton dit Nantais born 1727 and (III)-Marie Joseph Gatignon born 1744; married June 2, 1783 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Pierre Yax.

December 26:  Fort Detroit, birth (V)-Jean Noel Reaume, died June 22, 1765 Fort Detroit son (IV)-Jean Baptiste Reaume b-1741 and (III)-Agathe Barrois b-1735.


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