**The NNI Supplement to the President's FY 2010 Budget Released**

2010 budget The 2010 Budget provides $1.6 billion for the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), reflecting steady growth in the NNI investment.

NNI's nanoEHS Series continues

nanoEHS logo Mark your calendars for the next two workshops in the NNI's nanoEHS series, scheduled for October 6-7 and November 17-18 in Arlington, VA. These open forums will highlight recent progress and identify next steps in the NNI Strategy for Nanotechnology-Related Environment, Health, and Safety Research by critically evaluating the state-of-the-science in the areas of Nanomaterials and the Environment & Instrumentation, Metrology and Analytical Methods, and Nanomaterials and Human Health & Instrumentation, Metrology and Analytical Methods.

The USAF Nano Flyer ยท June 2009 Edition

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Check out the latest nanotechnology articles in this edition of the Nano Flyer.


Funding Opportunities

NNIEvery week the NNI will be updating the latest nanotechnology and nanoscience-related funding opportunities drawn from announcements from agency websites, grants.gov, Commerce Business Daily and other government databases.

The National Nanotechnology Initiative sponsored Regional State and Local Initiatives workshop in Oklahoma City spurs development of Southwest Nano Consortium

NNIThe National Nanotechnology Initiative sponsored Regional, State, and Local Initiatives workshop in Oklahoma City spurs development of Southwest Nano Consortium. Stakeholders in five southwestern states, along with northern Mexico, are joining forces to pool resources highlighting nanotechnology activities, encourage collaboration and host major events.

Big Things from a Tiny World

Nanotechnology: Big Things from a Tiny WorldNew nanotechnology brochure released. The world of nanotechnology can be difficult for a non-scientist to grasp, and few publications for general readers exist. Now, the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO), with assistance from scientists in the 25 agencies of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, has produced a brochure that is geared to a broad public:

Nanotechnology: Big Things from a Tiny World

Nano Highlights