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Children love pictures, so why not decorate their bedroom and play areas?
A small sample of food photography for your kitchen decor.

Photographer at heart

I have had always had a heart for capturing moments and the beautiful things in life. Back in my school days, I'd take my mom's old camera to take pictures at school or school events and would get teased that I had Noah's camera (implying it was ancient). Little did I care, since I got to take pictures!
I finally bought my first camera in high school which is just a point and shoot film.
After finishing high school (don't remember how many years exactly), my boyfriend (now hubby) bought me a Pentax point and shoot with great zoom. Now I got teased about the long nose, but the camera did wonderful photographs.
The first winter we were married, we had just returned from Dominican Republic and I was trying to fill up my film and dropped my camera upon coming inside. A broken lens and battery case later, I managed to save all my trip photos!
Well, time to buy a new camera, so on to digital I went. I was nervous about the change but it was all the rage. I got a Kodak DX7590 which was a great camera and produced wonderful photos for the four years I used it. I started to get into photography books and making this a serious hobby, so I upgraded (after much research) to my Nikon D80 along with a couple of lenses. It's been four years, and I've added a few lenses to my collection, and still love Nikon! Looking to save up for another camera body to avoid less lens swapping.

I love to shoot nature, macro, food and product for other business'. I've really enjoyed working with the clients I have so far, and look forward to going more into product photos as my life schedule changes.
Things are pretty busy with four children but I'm enjoying my time with them as its only a once in a life time chance. They grow up too fast.
I also sell prints of my photography in my shop on luster and metallic paper, inkjet canvases, calendars, coasters, and bookmarks. If there's anything else you'd like to see, I'm open to new ideas!
Since not everyone gets to travel the world, or has talent with the camera, I decided to make photos available from my corner of the world, including still life shots!
Crystal Gayle
owner, maker, designer, curator, From photography to the post office.
I'm a...Christian, wife to a wonderful husband, ,other to four beautiful children, book keeper for husband's business, crafter, including scrapbooking, sewing, crochet, & cross stitch. Enjoy cooking & baking. Horses are my favorite animal.
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  • Fabric Printer United States Company printing fabric for the fronts of my pillow covers.
  • Professional Photo Lab Canada Professional photo lab printing all larger sized photography prints.
  • Canvas Print Lab United States Professional lab printing excellent quality canvases.

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