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Photo Gifts and Gear for Photographers: Photography related gifts for Christmas on our minds.

Written by Tom on September 29th, 2011
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My Mission: Find Some odd, some practical, some unique, etc Photo gifts and gear that are totally photography related.

It’s a regular routine for me, trying to find something on the internet at least once a day  that catches me off guard or blows my mind and or just makes me smile, finding something totally new and unique.  When I find odd and unique and new things in Photography, it’s a bonus.


huge telephoto lens

Hold her steady now... Hold her steady!


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Turns out, my research came up good and bad, while looking for strange photography related gifts, as I was only able to find but one awesome page.  The page will be shared with all, in our future Photo Coach Newsletters.  You WANT this link, sign up today!


My reviews of this Secret Stash web site that sells unique, odd, fun and plain great gifts for photographers is just a few clicks and your email away.

It’s a rather long list but hey!  A lot of these photo gifts are kind of cool.  So, you better get at it.


Great Photography Gifts for the Birthdays in your life.

  • Woodnetic Frames – Not for me, not my style. You might love them.
  • DIY Pinhole Camera and Sun print Kit - This I loved as it shows us where photography started out.
  • Happy Helmet Camera Mount – Fun I guess, not sure where I’d use it.
  • Keyboard Shortcut Skins – I can see people loving this item, used to speed up Photoshop jobs on your computer.
  • The Game of Photo-opoly – Everyone loves Monopoly right?
  • Collapsible Camera Extender – Basically a mono pod for your camera.
  • Canon Camera Lens Mugs – Totally dig this one for a great gift, too bad I’m a Nikon Camera Lover.


Photography Gifts are fantastic if you find the right ones!

  • Photo Paddles – I don’t get it.
  • Photography Gifts for Christmas
  • The Mail able Photo Frame – Maybe, I guess?
  • The Monsterpod – This one scares the life out of me.
  • Gorillapod and Gorillapod SLR Zoom – OK
  • The Darkroom in a Box – I’ve heard of these, can’t remember what the comments were and I like to do it in “real Dark Rooms.” (Wait, that sounds bad huh?)
  • Seat Belt Camera Straps – Yes, yes I can see some dweebs buying this.

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card – Sounds like a seller to me.



photography related gagets

Oh! My, I have to have one of these!



 Best Photography gift ideas for Hanukkah. 

  • The 12-Color Splash Flash – Brighten up your life a little with color, not for everyone. I can see people being creative with these.
  • Magnetic Photo Rope – Liked this simple do-dad a lot.
  • Twin Lens Holga with Color Flash – Fun toy.
  • The Fisheye Lens Adapter – I love shooting fish eye photographs.
  • The 360 Spinner – Where she stops nobody knows.  She’s not stopping here,  I’ll tell you that much.
  • Magnetic instant photo frames – Junk
  • Photoclips – Yeah. Maybe.


Gift ideas for the Photo Coach! (Just seeing if you’re awake and paying attention.)  Sorry.

  • Color Lens and Flash Filters – See Splash flash above.
  • The Bottle Cap Tripod – No, too many plastic bottles in the world.  Stop!
  • A Camera Strap T-shirt – Oh yeah, this one takes you back.
  • Subjektiv 4-in-1 Lens Kit – Thumbs up.
  • Smoke Drop EFX – Might be able to mix this stuff yourself, ask a nerd friend.
  • Camera USB Drive – Yes
  • Jelly Camera Phone Filters – Fun Toys.
  • The Level Camera Cube – I’m always on the level.  I like it.


Tiny and useful photography gadgets

That's not Real....... Is it?


Cheap Photography Gifts for Us!  Hell, we deserve it and they are cheap anyways.

  • The SLR Pinhole Lens for DSLR cameras too – I’m always telling people about the pin hole cameras history.
  • Anamag Photo Stands – My wife would like this item, (Christmas List started)
  • The Shutter Piece Pendant – A bit pricey, but cool if you dig silver. “A trophy of photo geekdomhood”
  • Camera Lingo Necklaces – I can see girls wearing these.  Also some handlers if show dogs.
  • The Super-Secret spy lens – If I was 12 years old I’d have to have it.  Oh, who am I kidding, I want it still.
  • Photoshop Fridge Magnets – I’ve got a confession to make, I like magnets on my fridge.  (Whew, I feel so much better)
  • The Strap Buddy – I don’t know.


Photography Gifts for Children

  • The Juice Box Camera – Kids will like this.
  • Camera Dial Laptop Decal – I never look at the back of my laptop, wonder if I could smack it on my fridge with the magnets.
  • The Under water digi camera – Everyone in the water!
  • Camera Lens Bracelets – These I really like.
  • The Wide angle and Macro Lens Adapter
  • Classic Mini Digital Camera – Bond, James Bond.
  • Shot Class Lens set (3 in a set) I love this one as well.
  • Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses – If I had an Iphone, I’d buy this – Droid man here.
  • The Dreamy Diana Lens – Kind of cool looking.


The Photo Coach knows where all the great photography information is, he’s like the Wizard of  Oz.

  • The Telephoto iPhone Lens – Yes!  More of this kind of stuff bring us more!  Gadgets are cool sometimes.
  • A white balance lens cap – Hmmm, if it works it’s a great find.
  • Micro 4/3 Pinhole Lens – Here we go with more pinhole camera talk.
  • The Capture Camera Clip – I’m on the fence with this one.  Does not happen often, sorry about that. :)
  • Tilt Shift Camera – If you don’t know what this is, ask.  (It’s what the Photo Coach web site is for 4 crying out loud)
  • The Ring Flash Adapter – A cheap way to try this type of flash photography out. Looks styli n but looks like it could break on day one as well. Buyer bewares.
  • Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses – Yes, I love all of these.
  • Wood camera iPhone camera case – What is it with iPhone? Thumbs up product.
cameras and tripod gadgets

Why have one when you can own two! Cool Photo Gadgets!



Gifts for the Photographers in your life. 

  • A Rare film gift pack – If you want some old outdated film call me. I’ll see what I can dig up and at half the price.  Sadly, film is dead.
  • The Zumi Digital Triple Plus – What a name, I’m buying this.
  • Miniature Camera Model – Tiny camera.  Look for one in the Dollar store.
  • One Click pano camera – Just one click and I’ll be tossing this one.
  • The Expedition Wood Tripod – Why?
  • DSLR Bank – Save your money for a 600mm Nikon lens Tom.  (Yeah, I need this)


Fun Photography Gifts to Share with friends and Family.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Camera Case – Fuzzy wazzy Wuzzy – NO!
  • A Pop-Up Flash Bounce System – I’ll teach you a trick with a white piece of cardboard and a thick rubber bad if you ask me to.
  • iPhone Instant Camera Decal – Takes me back to the 70′s – Ahhh again sadly, NO.
  • A split strap camera strap – Say that 10 times fast.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.
  • The iPhone SLR Mount – I wish I had stock in iPhone.
  • SX-70 Polaroid Camera – Older camera must be a collectible or being pawned off as one.  Kind of steep in price.
A Lego Pink Digital Camera

Here is the Pink Digital Camera that looks like a Lego. How cool is this?



Strange Photography Gifts you will love.  (Hint hint)

  • The Chalk Board Speech Bubble
  • Nikon Camera Lens Mugs <—- Here. here!  This is the one I want Santa.



That’s it!  Congratulations on getting to the end of this article and on your reading skills as well.  Want some of these items?  Want to see the pictures of these items?  Cake! —————————————> Sign up today with the Photo Coach!

*Don’t even think of searching for this page, that’s not fair.  Plus, The ones I share on my newsletter, u aint never gonna find. ;)

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