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Multi-talented Software Developer (san rafael)

Date: 2010-11-17, 12:48PM PST

Frank Lyon Cox

Software Engineer

Multi-talented programmer with 12+ years' success creating innovative and practical solutions. Multilingual, and can learn languages quickly, but likes Modern Perl in LAMP environment where appropriate. Solid experience developing comprehensive algorithms and data-processing logic. Creative designer, intuitive debugger. Proven ability to repair, extend, improve, or replace complex code bases. Works well on agile or traditional teams and can self manage if needed. Technical proficiencies include:

  • Core: Modern Perl, LAMP, CPAN, MySQL, XML, XPath, Subversion, Git. Can adapt new technology quickly.
  • Professional solutions also in: HTML 5, Javascript, ActionScript Flash/Flex, C/C++, CSS, mod_perl, Python, Java, other languages
  • Unix System and Application administration including: Solaris, Linux, LAMP
  • and: Creative applications and working knowledge in other fields including electronics, sound, engineering, lapidary, construction
Professional Experience


Consulting and freelance projects including:

  • Latest contract has me coding both a Flex client and a Java HTTP proxy server and using network and graphics protocols for a very interesting unannounced product.
  • Built sets of animated and static marine weather forecast images using Geo::ReadGRIB and Imager modules for some surfing websites. Tools are designed for reuse.
  • Prototyped and developed Flash game content using Flex/Actionscript for educational game company Morphonix
  • Multiple improvements to Geo::ReadGRIB including support for a new format variant for an iPhone software company

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, IODA, San Francisco, CA, 06/06 to 09/08

  • Used OO Perl, DBI, DBIx, MySQL, XML, XPath, mod-perl, and others on Linux/Solaris. Developed, and supported applications and services to import digital music files and metadata from music labels, deliver packages in the desired format to online music stores and services, support promotional services, and import and process usage and royalty data.
  • Supported, extended legacy comprehensive metadata import framework
  • Conceived, promoted, implemented transition strategy to v2.0 import system.
  • As a member of an agile team supported, developed all of the interesting systems code including imports, feeds, transcoding, reports, royalties, web services, accounting bridge.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Bank of America, San Francisco, April 2001 to September 2005 (Left when San Francisco office was closed)

  • Developed, supported and administered in-house customization to Telelogic Synergy/CM and Synergy/Change products using advanced Perl (OO, DBI, GD, Tk) and mixed web techniques (Javascript, CGI, HTML, Servelets). Served as the Perl expert for our team by helping novice programmers with their scripts.
  • Wrote Object Oriented Perl modules to support our Synergy administration software at B of A.
  • Designed and co-developed Perl/CGI system that served a Synergy/Change team task list tracker, scaled for reading on handheld devices.
  • Developed a Perl/CGI web application that lets users post to, and read from, a Synergy/Change bug fix and enhancement process solution. Business partner wanted to do this on the web, outside the standard interface. Cases could be viewed in web browser as HTML or Excel format (created using Spreadsheet::WriteExcel).
  • Created a system that pulled server information from an assets management website (using WWW::Mechanize w/ assist from HTTP::Recorder, for auto login and query), combined result with data from local database, and put it into Javascript used on a B of A problem tracking web site. This lets users type first few letters to find a server name and have 18 form fields auto-filled with that server's data.
  • Wrote two technical papers that were presented at annual Telelogic North American and Asia/Pacific Conference: "Power Tools for Automating CM Synergy Administration" and "Connecting SYNERGY/Change to External Data Sources"
  • Assisted in supporting a server security audit application and website using PHP, Perl and Shell scripts.
  • Provided Solaris system administration for Online Banking servers.


  • Moose A rewrite and refactoring of Geo::ReadGRIB using the Moose object system. -- in development
  • HTML5 canvas/Javascript Yet another Web based GUI data visualizer for directional ocean buoy data. This time using HTML5
  • Flex/ActionScript Web based GUI data visualizer for directional ocean buoy data
  • Ruby on Rails Green Coffee Review website
  • PUBLICATION "A Music Player Remote Control in Perl/TK", published in The Perl Journal, July 2005
  • XML REST Web Service allows queries into binary format worldwide ocean weather prediction data sets.
  • Java web based GUI visualizer for directional ocean buoy data
  • Perl LWP and GD automated hourly image-feeds, with surf forecast overlays, for two west coast sports websites in October 2000.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER/TEAM LEADER, Exactly Vertical, San Francisco, March 1999 to September 2000

Exactly was a venture funded startup that created client/server business software and web based services for professional photographers.

  • Programmed server side of product and built database-driven web applications with Perl DBI on MySQL/Oracle.
  • Programmed online store and developed system that rendered the catalog from database tables into ~9000 static HTML pages.
  • Created a program that imported data from a competing product which uses an undocumented binary database format

PROGRAMMER/SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR, Tippett Studio, Berkeley, CA, 1996 to 1998

Provided software tools and technical support to special effects artists working on feature films. Worked on "Starship Troopers", "Virus", and "My Favorite Martian", and other projects, with screen credit.

  • Wrote software that helped TDs and wranglers visualize and predict disk usage and render progress by shot/frame/job. Created other software that profiled render farm usage/performance for developers and Systems department.
  • Developed GUI control panels to create and launch complex conversion scaling, rendering scripts for the film scanners, and the Art, Roto and Composting departments
  • Left between projects to work on my Computer Science degree.

TECHNICAL WRITER/TECHNICAL SUPPORT, North Bay Networks, San Rafael, CA, 1995 to 1996

  • Created a package of software and instructions to help users connect to the Internet. Provided technical support to users.

CONTRACT: 3D imaging and Scientific Illustration, 1995 to 1999


COMPUTER SCIENCE (completed 7 semesters), San Francisco State University, 1995 to 1999

FINE ARTS AND GENERAL EDUCATION (completed 4 semesters), University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

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