Build A Niche Store (BANS) is the only �Built For Task� - Affiliate Website Builder of it�s kind.

For over 2 1/2 years Internet Marketers, Work At Home Mom's, Retired Hobbiest's, even 'Money Wise' Kids have been successfully using BANS to make Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars a Month, even a Day - by building Product Based (Affiliate Websites) just like this one.

Find out how you can use BANS to “make money online” in our 5 step-by-step “Highlights” listed below:
#1 Why eBay eBay Affiliate Programs The national eBay affiliate programs remain unrivalled in terms of the unique opportuntity they present for affiliate marketers. Read More
#2 Why BANS eBay Website Builder BANS is the perfect development tool for profiting from the opportunities the eBay affiliate programs present. Read More
#3 A BANS Case Study Choose a country, a niche, a template, build and develop your site, connect with your target market and then this is what you get. Read More
#4 A BANS Story Read the road to success of one of our most dedicated users and community forum moderators. Read More
#5 BANS The Product What makes BANS work as a product and why is it popular. Read about the 5 core parts of our product. Read More
Contact Us... If you have a question about BANS that you don't find answered within our site or in our pre-sales FAQ's then please get in touch with us via our support center and we'll be happy to help.