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Handyman for $ 15 per hour (santa cruz)

Date: 2010-10-26, 12:07AM PDT

Victor Mordovin

For Vacancy : _________ (I want to work on the specialty (electrician and mechanic), but is ready to do any work, which will be well paid, the first time I can be an intern). the first time I will need to work with a mentor (an experienced worker) to grasp the essence of the work. I have a car and tools available. The first time I worked as an intern for a small fee. I can perform any chores: pouring the concrete, sawing firewood, garbage removal. Truck and tools available.

Age: 35
Family Status: The family is divided. I am single father. I live with my son aged 8 years
Phone: 650-274-54-74
Currently I live in Los Gatos, CA
The documents and the status of everything legally. I have a work permit.

Education (in Russia):
2000-2004: Medium Technical
The Ishimbay City Petroleum College
Specialization: Technical Exploitation, Servicing And Maintenance Of Electrical And
Electro-Mechanical Equipment
Working Experience (in Russia):
From August 1992 to December 31, 2004: Electrical Assembling Technician at Petroleum-Gaz Enterprise . “ISHIMBAYNEFT”, Ishimbay City
From January 2005 to July 1, 2010: Manager (12 employees were subordinated to him) at
Automobile Service Company “MOTOR”, Ishimbay City
From July 2008 to July 1, 2010: (simultaneously to his wprking at Automobile Service
Company “MOTOR”) Inspection Specialist responsible for
Expertise and estimation services for cars damaged in
accident (these services were required for insurance
payments) at “Expertise Ltd”, Sterlitamak City

Professional Experience:
-Professionally diagnose and repair electrical equipment.
-Has knowledge and experience in the repair of electrical and mechanical oil pump jack and motor oil and gas production equipment.
-Team (group) management.
-Money streams management.
-Establishing from “zero” and further development of the Shop for selling of automobile accessories, automobile parts, liquids and oils for cars and other automobile items.
-Organization of automobile services workshop functioning (body repairs, painting, motor repairs, transmission repairs, running gear repairs).
-Communications with customers, sioving of disputable and conflict situations.
-Recruiting and personnel selection for automobile services workshop.
-Purchasing of tools, automobile parts and materials for the workshop, as well as purchasing of automobile parts, liquids and accessories for distribution.
-Fulfillment of individual orders to find and supply parts for cars made in USA, Japan, Europe and South Korea.
-Selling of used cars.
-Working on computer and using of Internet.
-Speaks, writes and reads in Russian. Fast typing keyboard in Russian.

Personal Qualities:
-Striving to control everything.
-Aptitude to forcast the situation.
-Yearning to progress, developing and achieving of good results.
-Intolerance to unpractical and useless wasting of time and money.
-Demanding of high production culture and aesthetics.
-Ability to take responsibility when required.
-Honesty and decency.
-No addictions and bad habits.
-Driver licence, categories “B” and “C”.
-Healthy life-style, fond of sports.

Expected Salary: $ 15 per hour, and higher.
Contact Information: , mobile: 650-274-54-74

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