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The Next Generation CUDA Architecture, Code Named Fermi
The Soul of a Supercomputer in the Body of a GPU
The next generation CUDA architecture, code named “Fermi”, is the most advanced GPU computing architecture ever built. With over three billion transistors and featuring up to 512 CUDA cores, Fermi delivers supercomputing features and performance at 1/10th the cost and 1/20th the power of traditional CPU-only servers.

Jen-Hsun Huang announcing Fermi Hear details about the new GPU architecture See details of the key architectural features
See video of Jen-Hsun Huang announcing Fermi
Hear details about the new GPU architecture
See details of the key architectural features

Fermi makes GPU and CPU co-processing pervasive by addressing the full-spectrum of computing applications. Designed for C++ and available with a Visual Studio development environment, it makes parallel programming easier and accelerates performance on a wider array of applications than ever before – including dramatic performance acceleration in ray tracing, physics, finite element analysis, high-precision scientific computing, sparse linear algebra, sorting, and search algorithms.

Fermi features several major innovations:
• 512 CUDA cores
• NVIDIA Parallel DataCache technology
• NVIDIA GigaThread™ engine
• ECC support

Watch the interactive presentation above to learn more.

See What the Experts are Saying
Tom Halfhill   "Fermi surpasses anything announced by NVIDIA's leading GPU competitor (AMD)"
Tom Halfhill
Senior Analyst and Senior Editor, Microprocessor Report
Looking Beyond Graphics PDF
Dave Patterson   "I believe history will record Fermi as a significant milestone"
Dave Patterson
Director, Parallel Computing Research Laboratory, U.C.Berkeley
Co-author of Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach
The Top 10 Innovations in the New NVIDIA Fermi Architecture, and the Top 3 Next Challenges PDF
Peter Glaskowsky   "Fermi is the world's first complete GPU computing architecture."
Peter Glaskowsky
Technology Analyst, Envisioneering Group
NVIDIA’s Fermi: The First Complete GPU Computing Architecture PDF
Nathan Brookwood   "The convergence of new, fast GPUs optimized for computation as well as 3-D graphics acceleration and industry-standard software development tools marks the real beginning of the GPU computing era. Gentlemen, start your GPU computing engines."
Nathan Brookwood
Principal Analyst & Co-Founder, Insight64
NVIDIA Solves the GPU Computing Puzzle PDF


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