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Elimite - Eliminate Scabies And Mites With Elimite
September 15th, 2010

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Scabicidal agents are very powerful treatments that require care in how they are used. Products such as Elimite cream, which is designed for patients of all ages, are useful not only in the treatment of scabies, but also for their broad range against various other skin parasites. The following article should make things really easy for you when you are prescribed Elemite cream.

Effective Results After Just One Use

Scabies rarely affect the scalp. Nevertheless, it may appear around the hairline, the temples, and the neck area of individuals, in particular both infants and elderly patients. Even though not all skin may be actually affected by the parasites, Elimite cream must be applied from head to toes. Gently massage it until it is completely absorbed by the skin, and wash no less than eight hours after using Elimite.

Elimite cream usually works with a single application as the active compounds kill on contact. It may be necessary to repeat administration with Elimite after ten days even if symptoms disappear and your condition has improved. As for the quantity applied to your skin, the general amount of Elimite necessary for a single dose application is less than thirty grams.

One of the many symptoms associated with scabies infestation is pruritus, though it is not uncommon to have edema and erythema occur as well. You should be aware that depending on the level of infestation, the use of Elimite cream may temporarily intensify these conditions. In case your scabies become extremely uncomfortable or your condition worsens, see your doctor immediately.

Safety information on Elimite cream

It is important that you don not leave Elimite cream on your skin for more than fourteen hours; it should be washed away with warm water either by showering or bathing. Use a soft towel to dry to prevent irritation.

The itching you may experience after Elemite cream administration is normal and it usually appears within a short amount of time.

Another thing worth mentioning here; severe cases may require a second application of Elimite. Should you notice any mites still living on your skin, repeat the Elimite treatment ten days after your first treatment.

Do not share the Elemite cream tube with other people; this is a prescription medication designated for the sole use of the person for whom it was prescribed.

All forms of allergies either to medicine or food must be reported and analyzed with a doctor before actually starting a treatment for advanced scabies.

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