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Portrait of Augustine of Canterbury

Augustine of Canterbury (c. first third of the 6th century – 604) was a Benedictine monk who became the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the year 597. He is considered the "Apostle to the English" and a founder of the English Church. Augustine was the prior of a monastery in Rome when Pope Gregory the Great chose him in 595 to lead a mission, usually known as the Gregorian mission, to Britain to Christianize King Æthelberht of the Kingdom of Kent from his native Anglo-Saxon paganism. Before reaching Kent the missionaries had considered turning back but Gregory urged them on and, in 597, Augustine landed on the Isle of Thanet and proceeded to Æthelberht's main town of Canterbury. King Æthelberht converted to Christianity and allowed the missionaries to preach freely, giving them land to found a monastery outside the city walls. Augustine was consecrated as a bishop and converted many of the king's subjects, including thousands during a mass baptism on Christmas Day in 597. Roman bishops were established at London and Rochester in 604, and a school was founded to train Anglo-Saxon priests and missionaries. The archbishop probably died in 604 and was soon revered as a saint. (more...)

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Boulder brain coral

A colony of boulder brain coral (Colpophyllia natans), a species of stony brain coral found primarily in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It is characterised by large, domed colonies, which may be up to 2 m (6.6 ft) across, and by the meandering network of ridges and valleys on its surface. It is considered one of the dominant reef-building corals of the Caribbean region and is commonly found on shallower reef ledges and slopes.

Photo: Nick Hobgood

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