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Sunday November 6th 2011

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  • Andy Rooney's death is greeted with more humor than most deaths, but unsurprising. Better then the unsurprise of Amy Winehouse's passing. 3 hrs ago
  • Thanks to a house of appliances that all automatically update clocks, I can remain mostly oblivious to Daylight Savings Time. 4 hrs ago
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Catalog Project: Plus Size Sweden



Plus-size Maxi Skirts



It seems logical that the summer trend of maxi dresses would give way to the trend of maxi skirts. Also, to me it’s ironic: I’ve had about three that might be called such that I just culled from my closet after the Great Closet Collapse of the 2011. I believe at the time I bought them they were simply sold as “ankle length” and they worked great in an office job where my clientele got a touch excited by the flash of a little ankle. They go great over boots of just about any length, and are excellent for people who live in parts of the world where layering is a must. I like to use a cami base and add a jacket when I do wear this, but an especially well-cut top, such as a favorite I have from Torrid purchased many years ago, also goes well – it all depends on whether you want to look professional or relaxed.


If you’d like to see more choices in plus size maxi skirts, you can always look to Fat Chic Clothing Search.

Cacique Plus-Size Lingerie



I’m always loving what I find in Cacique, and it’s become something I look forward to almost monthly. I’ve even occasionally pulled my husband over to my screen and said, “Guess what you’re buying me?”

These are just my favorite picks from their line at the moment – and I’ve always got my eye out for really good lingerie that is sexy and comfortable, and is about my fantasy, rather than just about pleasing him.


You can find your own plus-size lingerie at Fat Chic clothing search.

Catalog Project: Plus Size Brazil



Plus-Size Blazers



For fans of the show Dexter, you may find Deb’s wardrobe arc this season as hilarious – or even familiar. When you just don’t know how to dress up (and Deb, being a cop of the sort where heels are a liability, just doesn’t have reason to know how) you can fumble a bit. Which is why Deb, like many others in her position, starts with the basic: clothing as usual, just add blazer. It’s really not a bad approach. As much as those of us who write about fashion carry on about what’s “in” and what’s “fashionable,” what it comes down to is wearing clothing that sends the message you want to send. Deb’s message will always be “I’m a cop, and I’m serious about my job. By the way, sometimes I get blood on me so don’t start with that couture shit.”

Blazers may or may not be “in” and it doesn’t matter. I can’t speak for the countries across the pond, but in the US, they’re an office basic. If you want to demonstrate your commitment to that desk job, real estate business or public relations office, you get yourself a blazer. What you wear beneath it, of course, should depend on who you are and how messy your job actually gets.




If you’re looking for something else in a blazer, you can always find it on Fat Chic Clothing search.

List Price: $189.00 USD

Plus Size Trousers



Nothing challenges me quite as much as finding a trouser that fits properly. First, my body is not trouser-shaped. I have a belly. Fashion designers don’t like designing pants around bellies, and I can’t blame them, but it still frustrates me. Since we are thankfully past the day where the fatshionista must wear a well-decorated barrel and suspenders, more retailers are providing pants among their vastly improved plus-size clothing options. At this point, it’s just a matter of finding one that works, and making sure that whatever I wear on top is impeccable.


You can find more choices in plus-size trousers on Fat Chic Clothing search.

List Price: $24.00 USD

Catalog Project: Plus Size Twin Cities


Plus Size Twin Cities

B&Lu Plus Size Boutique

Bombshell Boutique

Glass Slipper Bridal Salon

Bombshell Boutique

Plum’s Plus Size

Dena Marie Bridal and Tux

Arc Value Village

Rubenesque Bridal

Brides of France (warning, annoying loud music on autoplay – a major Internet DON’T)

Plus-Size Tights for Winter



I think that hosiery is always going to be the bane of my existence, and I am eternally grateful for the presence of Just My Size since I can always find something that works for me with them, even when all other avenues dry up. Given that hose rein eternal, even in this (fading?) age of the legging, knowing where I can get them when I need to look “appropriate” is a huge relief. The importance people place on hose still stuns me: it can’t just be about avoiding some unshaved leg.

As long as we have Roller Derby girls, we’ll have need for striped hose and wild colors. But I’m also interested in this return to textured hose. I build my wardrobe by selecting a base of shoes and building upwards, so I have a hard time finding a textured hose that does not visually conflict with the shoe I’m wearing. I guess I could keep it to basic black pumps, but I love my color block kitten heels! How do you make it work?


You can find more plus-size tights options on Fat Chic clothing search.

List Price: $15.00 USD
New From: $9.95 In Stock

Plus Size Military Jackets



It used to be that if you wanted a military jacket, you went to your military surplus store and bought one. The prices ranged depending on the age of the coat and whether it qualified for historical re-enactment, but you pretty much wore it because you wanted something more durable than fashion’s attention span. Actual military and camping types go for them, as do members of the punk and goth movement, since most of what forms that aesthetic comes from a certain post-apocalyptic appreciation where sewing skills and secondhand would thrive.

I’m bemused by the fashion takes on them, and I’m opting to blame them on the rising popularity of Captain Jack Harkness. Every character he encounters has to comment on his WWII Brit military coat. It sticks. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few fatshionistas also wanted a piece of that admiration. Even without it, the interpretations entertain me – military seems to cover everything from “equestrian” to “double button.”



If you’re looking for more choices in plus-size military jackets, you can look for them in Fat Chic Clothing search.

Catalog Project: Plus Size Apparel France


Stylish wear up to EU 56.

Jean Marc Philippe
Goes up to EU 56.


Actually uses plus-size models.

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