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Total WebDev!! AJAX Flex & AIR - RIA - Development/Architecture (SOMA / south beach)

Date: 2010-12-06, 10:08AM PST

Van Carney

(415) 513-0030


A professional independent contractor with 10 years consulting experience who seeks to obtain development contracts with forward-focused enterprises and start-ups that require robust service architectures and/or rich media solutions.

I will consider full-time employement opportunities only at Senior Architect level and above

Skill Sets:

Development OS:
Mac OS X, Win XP

Server OS:
Unix: FreeBSD NetBSD, OpenBSD
Linux: RedHat, Fedora, Debian

Languages and Markup:
ActionScript 2.0/3.0/4.0, MXML (Flex), PHP 3/4/5, JavaScript, W3C DOM, HTML5/XHTML, XML/XSLT/XPATH, JSON, Java, JSP, ANSI SQL, PL/SQL, Perl 5, bash, CSS,

Zend Framework, DOJO, JQuery, PureMVC, Papervision, Open Source Media Framework


FlexBuilder/FlashBuilder, Flash CS5, Red5, Firefox Server, Flash Media Server, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Fireworks, DreamWeaver, Eclipse, Perforce

Postgres 8.x, MySQL 5.x, Oracle9i/10g, Informix

Prior Experience
06/99 | Present

Principal - San Francisco, CA

  • Manage and implement web sites and Internet applications.
  • Provide methodologies for Object-Oriented software development and efficient database design.
  • Analyze user experience and key aspects of UI design and integration.
  • Facilitate asset allocation of physical resources for clients developmental purposes.
  • Create graphics, animation and User Interfaces using Flash, PhotoShop and Freehand.
  • Supply Unix-based web hosting and database administration for client web sites.
Featured Clients
PauseIt - San Francisco, CA
Architected and developed a functional prototype of a proposed social-shopping based interactive video platform for use in presentations to venture partners.

  • Implemented Zend Server with a custom Postgres database installation
  • Created UI Wireframes and designed HTML5/CSS layout
  • Designed a procedural database schema with triggers, rules and views to remove most of the dataset logic from the middle-tier
  • Integrated Cloudfusion API for Amazon Product Advertising Service
  • Designed and implemented a RESTful JSON API layer
  • Developed hybrid AJAX/HTML5 and Flash User Interface leveraging DOJO and Flex3.5
WebAppVM - Redwood City, CA
Created a self guided tour helper module for WebAppVM’s Flex based cluster management software UI.

  • Created Flex Module application leveraging PureMVC
  • Added communication layer between the module and shell application with pureMVC Pipes
  • Created a basic content and control system using XML
Adobe/Marketing Valet - San Francisco, CA
Worked directly with Adobe via MarketingValet to create 2 FLV Video players for use in product demonstrations for use in trade shows and other promotional events

  • Integrated Adobe’s Digital Rights Management service
  • Built customized video player using Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework
Ribbit - Mountain View, CA
Development of Billing Module for Ribbit's Flex based user interface

  • Created extensible Module framework utilizing PureMVC
  • Facilitated communication between module and application façades with PureMVC pipes utility
  • Incorporated UI skinning assets and styles via CSS
iBloks - San Francisco, CA
Development of a Flex, Papervision and Collada based 3D viewing application.

  • Developed a complete component framework for creating and deploying custom 3D viewing applicaitons in Flex
  • Implemented the standard Papervision2.0 framework
  • Created aditional support for Cameras, Text and general environment controls through the Collada v1.4 spec
  • Project delivery as a Flex Library Project Archive with both AIR and Web based interfaces
infectious - San Francisco, CA
Flex and Papervision Prototype.

  • Developed a basic Papverison2.0 setup demostrating current capabilities with Papervision2.0 (lighting, shading and rendering performace)
  • Implemented the standard Papervision2.0 framework
Kadoink - San Francisco, CA
Created Flash and Flex API widgets for integration to their web services.

  • Architected the V2 and V3 Components to be deployed to 3rd parties as reusable SWC files
  • Implemented REST Based XML Data Request and API transaction layer
  • Project delivery as a Flex Library Project Archive
  • Created mxp installation file for use with Adobe Extension Manager installation utility
Digital Brewing - San Francisco, CA
Developed a Flash 7 based product catalog and shopping cart for Wild Planet Toys Spygear Line of Products.

  • Implemented REST Based XML Data Request, API Management and CSS Support
  • Built Custom User Interface Components with customizable skins and internationalization support
nCircle - San Francisco, CA
Provided a complete Developer Application in PHP/PostgreSQL
The solution consisted of an Object Oriented XML based Middleware system with
a programatic database and XSLT/XHTML/CSS Front end.

  • Implemented Application Security utilizing Postrgres built in user/group permissions for all users
  • Implemented views, stored procedures and access permissions for each database object
  • Made use of database schemas for data/access management
  • Created an Object Oriented and XML native middleware application in PHP
  • Created both XLST and raw XML interfaces with 100% CSS user display
DVD Station - San Francisco, CA
Architected and Developed a rich media client/server KIOSK architecture using PHP, Postgres and Flash MX. This distributed architecture consists of remote LAN servers that mirror a subset of the Master Database and server/client architecture. Each LAN installation supports multiple thin client terminals and peripheral devices, such as printers, barcode scanners and proximity detectors.

Some of the Key Components delivered for this project include:
  • Flash MX client application
    The client interface utilizes Flash UI Components, XML and XML sockets
    to provide a dynamic interface to the server-side architecture.
  • XML Socket server
    The server is a multi-threaded process that provides consistent real-time connectivity to the LANs Postgres database.
  • WAN Synching Server
    This server allows for LAN locations to synch their databases with the Remote Master Server via SSH tunnels for secure real-time connectivity and transaction support.
  • Barcode Scanner Server
    This server provides persistent database connectivity and logic handling for the external barcode scanner for retail inventory check in and check out as well as functionality for returns or cancellations of orders.
  • Postgres Multi-User Database
    Created a secure schemed database utilizing Postgres 7.3. The schemas support multiple user types to control table access, views,
    transactions and permissions.
Publicis & Hal Riney - San Francisco, CA
Created an internet based Contact Directory application using PHP, MySQL and LDAP.

  • Secure Authentication provided via LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory Services.
  • XHTML1.0 Strict User Interface driven by Smarty Templates with 100% CSS layout.
Articulate-SF - San Francisco, CA
Provided an XML driven Content Management System, Metrics reporting application and log importing utilities for their Flash MX based Retail KIOSK Network.

  • Provided Metrics reporting via Oracle 10i Database Schema and Views.
  • Created Perl based Log file parser and archiving scripts to allow log file import and disaster recovery.
  • XHTML1.0 Strict User Interface driven by Smarty Templates with 100% CSS layout.
MiraiBio - HITACHI Genetic Systems - Alameda, CA
Migrated the MiraiBio corporate site HTML Front end and software from JRun/MySQL to a PHP/PostreSQL architecture and revisioned the graphic< elements to their new corporate colors. New feature additions include a basic CMS solution that allows their marketing staff to update the sites text and image content as well as add and remove entire sections and subpages of the site.

Attik - San Francisco, CA
Performed basic webmaster services as well as PHP development and writing
ActionScript for their Flash-driven web site.
Employment Law Training - San Francisco, CA
Created customization and co-branding and troubleshooting of their existing SCORM v1.1-compliant Flash courseware for Employee Legal Training used
by Fortune 500 Companies.

Tactical TeleSolutions - San Francisco, CA
Created a PHP and Informix based Appointement Scheduling and Calendar Application
that integrated with a back-end telephony system facilitating the ability for a 3rd party Support Team to schedule Field Representitives for meetings to their Customer Network.

Bucky Boy Design Group - Pleasanton, CA
Several small-scale Flash 5 projects included creating dynamic ActionScipt for user navigation and interface controls.

Critical Mass Media - Danville, CA
This assignment was for the creation of DHTML interfaces for Videocron and Telecruz set-top Web-TV based browsers - Seattle, WA
This was a contract position as Development Lead at, a Nationwide ISP and DSL service provider
the positions duties included The following:
  • Streamlined existing PHP code base into object wrappers
  • Wrote database synchronization shell scripts in Perl to normalize their web based mySQL
    database with their internal Oracle databases
  • Responsible for the creation of their PHP/mySQL-based Internet application software for their VoIP product - Bellevue, WA
This was a contract assignment as a graphic artist at
Position entailed creating advertisement graphics in PhotoShop for
featured product lines.

03/93 | 06/99


Have independently serviced several clients in several capacities:
graphics design, character animation and design, conceptual art and illustration.

Some of the more notable clients include the following:

Jet City Studios - Redmond, WA
Performed character conceptualization and design for proposed online product demonstration.

Seabell Sportswear - Redmond, WA
Created Pen and Ink Illustrations for screen print

Abudo Software - Bellevue, WA
Created animated sequences, character animation and background art for their CD-ROM game Wu-Tang Combat

Atari Games Corporation - Milpitas, CA
Performed hand cleanup of original cel art and color rendering of completed cel art.


As a creative web developer, I possess not only technical skills, but great artistic ability as well. This balance is a formidable asset to an online enterprise seeking to create and maintain cost-effective multimedia-based applications, especially in terms of dynamic imaging, animation and audio generation for the Internet. An ideal match would be with an organization that seeks to create streaming media distribution platforms, online gaming and/or business applications requiring media rich interfaces.

Target industries for development consideration: Entertainment, Media Distribution and Education.

Van Carney
(415) 513-0030

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