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Why? According to scientists, billion-dollar disasters in 2011 are all results of global warming which is the consequence of increasing green house gases in the atmosphere including carbon dioxide. Scientists also predict that more disasters are coming in the future because of global warming. Everyone has a responsibility to do something to reduce global warming and save the environment. If you drive big cars with over-sized engines or live in huge houses or enjoy all the luxury that modern technologies offer or fly frequently, you should especially be concerned about the climate changes and the sustainability, and should actively make an effort to cut down your carbon footprint and save the environment. If you want, but can not, take actions for any reasons, we recommend you to be a sponsor for our initiative to grow algae in buildings. We are working towards the goal of installing APs in every building in the country. To fixate carbon dioxide, reduce global warming and save the environment, growing algae is far more efficient than planting trees. Trees need leaves to carry out the photosynthesis. A tree, before growing up and in seasons other than summer, can not fix any carbon dioxide and is also a polluter, while algal cells work to fix carbon dioxide during their entire lifespan.

What for? Without interfering with the regular business, it is more efficient and saves energy to grow algae in buildings with air conditioning and constant lighting. Because algae consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen, the air in the building will be fresher. In addition, algal biomass produced will be cheaper than that grown elsewhere and might be useful to support other industries such as biofuel.

How? Your $360 will enable us to install and maintain one AP and replace one light bulb with a LED light bulb. We will put your name on the AP unit. AP units are placed under LED lights to cultivate the fastest growing cyanobacterium, Synechococcus leopoliensis. We will refill the culture medium and harvest the culture every day. The algal biomass will be processed to produce algae based culture medium for the purpose of cultivation of algae, yeast and bacterium in the fuel industry.

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the President writes personal checks to Americans

He agrees with us that growing algae at home and in offices is the best way to help the economy and create jobs in addition to saving the environment and algae industry. The picture, showing two APs on his desk, tells the story.

Please follow his lead. We have prepared everything for the action. We have LED light bulbs and AP. We also have the information on how to grow algae after researching on the algal species, culture methods and media. Every thing is ready to go. Just need you to take the action. Come on. Let’s grow algae to save the environment and algae industry, and create more jobs,

Do not blame me if I made changes on the picture. I wish it were true.

Help the environment and support the algae industry

Growing algae, removing carbon dioxide from the air, is a more
effective way to help the environment than simply reducing carbon
dioxide emissions. In addition, the resulting algal biomass could
be the raw material for other industries. For example,
cyanobacteria grow very fast and have glycogen accumulated in the
cells. The biomass of cyanobacteria could be used in biofuel industry
and in manufacturing industry. There are also algae containing
antioxidants or omega-3 fatty acids which can be used in health
food industry. By growing algae at home and in offices, one can
help the environment and, at the same time, support the algae
industry and create jobs. The availability of algal biomass is
the limiting factor in the algae industry.
It is important for everyone to understand the danger of global
warming and take action to reduce it and help the algae industry.
For this purpose, we manufactured and are marketing a new type of
photobioreactors which can be used at home and in offices to grow
algae. We also  provide the information on algae seed cultures,
the culture medium and necessary training to users of our
photobioreactors. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you
have any questions or need further information.

Growing algae at home and in offices

It is time to add growing algae at home and in offices to that list of activities. By growing microalgae, we can remove a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and at the same time, make algal biomass available for the production of biofuels that can replace fossil fuels or other products. When clean energy, such as that from solar panels or the energy saved from switching to fluorescent or LED bulbs, is used to grow microalgae, there is a net carbon dioxide reduction. Growing microalgae is the only effective way to reduce carbon dioxide and replace fossil fuels. All other methods fail to actually reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but merely reduce the emissions. In addition, growing microalgae improves the in-door air quality throughout the day and makes a “green” statement to guests.

Previously, growing microalgae at home and in offices was only theoretical; impossible to actually do in real life. But now, it is possible. With the new photobioreactors, named Alga Proliferators, from QIZHONG LABS, it is practical and easy for all citizens to grow algae. The Alga Proliferator is a highly-efficient photobioreactor designed for in-door use that can hold 650 ml of culture medium and uses only 4W of electricity. The microalgae are in a continuous growth cycle and can be harvested from the Alga Proliferator daily or weekly. Those who use the Alga Proliferator are truly reducing carbon dioxide and helping the environment. Details are available at Our video ( gives step-by-step instructions on how to grow algae at home and in offices.


QIZHONG LABS was started in 2010 by Dr. Qi Zhong as a privately-held company working on scientific innovations and developing solutions to help the environment. Dr. Zhong has a Ph.D. in biochemistry and multi-year post-doctoral trainings in structural biology, cancer biology and virology. In 2009, Dr. Zhong filed a patent application on a new type of bioreactor which maximizes the gas transfer between a solution and the air. The patent results in two applications, a bioreactor for aerobic bacterial cultures and a photobioreactor for algal cultivation. With these new products, QIZHONG LABS aims to revolutionize the way people fight to help the environment by introducing algae cultivation at home and in offices as a new green activity. In addition, QIZHONG LABS hopes that research facilities will use its super-efficient bioreactor to save energy and the planet.

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