3rd Rohit Chandra

Founder & CEO at Rooh It

San Francisco Bay Area


  • Producer & Talk Show Host at Sapne Salamat
  • Founder & CEO at eCode.com
  • Founder & CEO at Tech PeopleNet Corp.
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Delhi Institute of Technology
  • Delhi University

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• Pioneered Social Networks in 1996/1997: created the very first Social Network called eCode.com (http://rooh.it/eCode)
• Used viral marketing to attract Millions of users to it (eCode=Facebook+LinkedIn+Plaxo+fbConnect/OpenID)
• Patented the Personalized URL (# 6,085,242): in use today by BBillion+ users (http://rooh.it/myPURL)
• Inventor of Highlighter-as-a-Service, and Highlights-Stream widget patents. Many more pending.
• In 1998/1999: commercially pioneered electronic/mobile wallets and payment systems; branded browser toolbars (like conduit, wibiya etc.); user-wall; cloud-based: photo sharing, file storage, etc.

• eCode & Rohit are featured in the “History & Times of The Internet” -- 2001
• Keynote Speech at 1999 Internet World (the largest Internet conference in the world). Other Keynote Speaker was Ram Shriram of Google; previous year’s speech was by founder of Hotmail

• “Business Card of The Future” – BusinessWeek headline, in article about eCode
• eCode was valued in excess of USD 2Billion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP4I9Zf5Cms)
• Written up in New York Times, Wall Street Journal… 300 of the world’s top publications, and TV (CNBC etc.)

• 3 rounds of funding for eCode: working on S-1 with bankers
• Last money ‘in’ was at $100+ million valuation
• Venture Catalyst: *lots* of Facebook & LinkedIn friends are VCs. Help orchestrate competing term-sheets for mentee companies (very selective!)

• Charter Member of TiE – very well-known member of the community since early 1990s.
• Hosted on-the-air Talk Radio Show on entrepreneurship: very well networked = access to talent, and ability to open doors.
• Signed 300 partnerships, nearly 100 enterprise customers

• 20 years of building *leading* consumer products in use by tens of millions of users
• Built SaaS, AJAX, SOA applications in 1998 before SaaS/AJAX was called SaaS/AJAX...


Viral Marketing, Social Networks, Web2.0, Consumer Internet, Branding, Mentor, Adviser, Evangelist, LAMP Stack, SaaS, Technical leadership, Product Marketing/Management, Strategic/Tactical Planning, Brand Development, Public Relations


Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Computer Software industry

December 2010Present (1 year 4 months)

2007Present (5 years) Sunnyvale, CA

(Rooh means soul.) Rooh.It is a Micro-Information service - cutting through information overload using the analogy of a yellow highlighter for the Internet - that allows anyone to MicroBookmark (tinyurl that goes directly to highlights on page), MicroShare (share embedded highlights), and MicroBlog (automatically posts highlights to your blog/page).

RoohIt is a SaaS service for consumers, bloggers, and webmasters: providing social media buttons and widgets for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. and does not require anyone to "join, install, or pay" (No signup, No download, Free.)

★Rohit has 4 recommendations (4 partners) including:

October 2009December 2010 (1 year 3 months)

Talk Radio Show on the LARGEST South Asian (Indian) Radio Station in North America on "Entrepreneurship" and how to realize your dreams, and build businesses. Past guests have
- raised $250 million in equity financing
- sold companies for $2 Billion
- raised $100 million in equity financing

★Rohit has 5 recommendations (1 co-worker, 4 partners) including:

  • 3rd Sai G., Founder/CEO, Solix Technologies
  • Raj J., President, TiE

June 1997April 2001 (3 years 11 months)

eCode.com was THE Earliest Social Networking website(http://rooh.it/eCode) with
- Millions of users
- 200+ corporate partnerships, 75+ enterprise customers.
- 3 rounds of funding (S-1 in the works); and
- was written up in more than 300 top-tier analyst and media articles: WSJ, NYTimes, Forrester, Jupiter, Business Week...

I am THE owner & inventor (6085242) of the Personalized URL on the Internet : anytime someone takes a username and PREpends it to the domain name such as http://johndoe.blogger.com they are directly using my invention.

★Rohit has 6 recommendations (2 reports, 1 co-worker, 3 partners) including:

  • 3rd Rahul K., Staff Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Sanjay V., Sr. Software Engineer, Navitel

19941998 (4 years)

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; HPQ; Information Technology and Services industry

19971997 (less than a year)

Enterprise Objects Program

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; IFMX; Computer Software industry

19961997 (1 year)

Advanced Technology Group

★Rohit has 1 recommendation (1 co-worker) including:

  • 3rd Manoj J., Data Architect, Informix

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; A; Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing industry

19961996 (less than a year)


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; WFC; Financial Services industry

19941995 (1 year)

Business Banking Group

Skills & Expertise



Delhi Institute of Technology

B.S., Computer Science


Activities and Societies: Captain of Debate Team, Captain of JAM (Just-a-Minute), Editor of College Magazine, Publisher of underground Magazine, Class Representative

★Rohit has 1 recommendation including:

  • Shampa C., Professor, Dept of Computer Engg, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Delhi University

B.E, Computer Science & Engineering


★Rohit has 1 recommendation including:

  • Sanjay G., Sr Lecturer (initially joined as lecturer), Netaji Subhash Institute of Technlogy (formerly DIT)

Delhi Public School

High School


Recommendations For ★Rohit

Founder & CEO

Rooh It

“Rohit has great communication skills and vision. I'd recommend him as a great business partner.

He thinks outside the box and has innovative ideas when it comes to Web Environment and Web UI.” November 20, 2009

3rd Bruno B., CEO, WebLive
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at RoohIt

“I have known Rohit for 5 years as a TiE Charter member and as an advisor to his company. I have found Rohit to be a committed, hard working and passionate enterpreneur!! He has demonstrated immense drive and great vision to execute his ideas.” October 22, 2009

3rd Sandip G., Advisor, Early to Mid Stage Startups
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at RoohIt

“Rohit is a quintessential entrepreneur. He's creative and innovative in developing new solutions for consumer problems. He has great insights into consumer behavior and truly understands usability. He knows how to get his product in front of consumers and build large audiences. He's hard-working, persistent and hands-on. He's intensely frugal and prudent with cash - he built Roohit very cash-efficiently. He's ready to take risks to pursue a vision he believes in. His intense energy is contagious to everyone around him.” August 25, 2009

3rd Beerud S., Co-founder & CEO, Webaroo
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at RoohIt

“There are only a few people in the world who can take their passion for anything they do to a completely different level. Rohit is one of them. When you are with Rohit, you will feel his energy, love and dedication for everything that he has done in life. He is a great friend and a great guy to work with.” May 1, 2007

3rd Gaurav R., Sr. Product Manager, Vianeta Communications
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at Web 2.0 Killer App - Stealth Mode

Producer & Talk Show Host

Sapne Salamat

“I've known Rohit from his hit Radio Show as well as TiE. You have to hear him to see why he is a sensational organiser and a visionary.” August 9, 2010

3rd Sai G., Founder/CEO, Solix Technologies
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at KLOK (1170 AM)

“"I've known Rohit as a fellow entrepreneur since the 1990s and recently appeared as a guest on his Radio Show. What a fantastic experience it was to see the tremendous energy level that the show has, how the switchboard was constantly lit up with quality callers asking questions about starting companies. The Show has clearly built a fantastic following, and I was amazed at the number of people that I know that were listening to the Show, and have since commented to me about it, or reached out to me as an outcome of being on the Show. It is truly another remarkable success to Rohit. Job well done."” April 9, 2010

Raj J., President, TiE
worked directly with ★Rohit at KLOK (1170 AM)

“Rohit Chandra defines the creativity, energy and vision that the Silicon Valley is known for. His passion for technology and creating new communications tools such as his Instant Highlighter is contagious. Listen into his radioshow and you will quickly realize that despite the economy, there's a lot of great things happening in the Silicon Valley and he is leading one of them!” February 11, 2010

3rd Donna L., President, Loughlin/Michaels Group
was a consultant or contractor to ★Rohit at KLOK (1170 AM)

“Rohit and I got to know each other as fellow entrepreneurs in 1999. His enthusiasm was infectious, and we learned a lot simply by spending time together. He has always been an amazing networker, and brings people together whenever possible. I reconnected with Rohit recently when he invited me to share my experiences on his radio show on entrepreneurship on KLOK radio. I talked about some of my work in electronics, biotechnology, and more recently in the social arena. Again, Rohit's show did it -- I reconnected with many friends I had lost touch with, some as much as a quarter century ago! I am grateful to people like Rohit who add some rare spices to our lives :)” January 30, 2010

2nd Shankar Hemmady, Founder & CEO, PharmQuest Corp.
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at KLOK (1170 AM)

“Rohit is very enterprising and creative. At any time he is juggling multiple balls in the air and somehow seems to thrive in his environment. His radio talk show is an example of how he is using the air waves to further entrepreneurship as well as inform and market Roohit to his listeners. His optimism and positive attitude is contagious. With so many at-bats - the odds of a 'home-run' hit for Rohit is very high.” January 27, 2010

3rd Prashanth P., CEO,, P3 Inc..
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at KLOK (1170 AM)

Founder & CEO


“Rohit has limitless energy, which he employs effectively for technology evangelism and business development. He is a driven individual who is also fun to work with. I highly recommend him.” June 15, 2007

3rd Rahul K., Staff Engineer, Intel Corporation
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at eCode.com

“I have known Rohit for 21 years, we did the Bachelor's together at DIT. If Rohit wants to accomplish any Project/Task or for that matter if he has a personal goal, he will get it done with all sincerity regardless of the problems/hinderances faced in accomplishing it.” May 22, 2007

Sanjay V., Sr. Software Engineer, Navitel
worked directly with ★Rohit at eCode.com

“Rohit has excellent technical, organizational and entrepreneurial skills. He dedication and detailed understanding of work earned him respect with people who work with him and for him. His strong communication skills help him plan and communicate effectively with customers and development teams.” May 1, 2007

3rd Yogesh K., Developer, eCode.com
reported to ★Rohit at eCode.com

“Rohit is one of the brightest (and funniest) guys I know. I have known him for more than 8 years now. He is passionate, he is hard working, he is deligent and he is smart. He is successful at everything he does, and if you know him, you can see why.” April 30, 2007

3rd Pankaj J., Chairman, Neocortex, Inc
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at eCode.com

“Rohit was a leader in his space - and still is - creating and innovating in a crowded marketspace. He set himself - and his company - apart from the pack.” August 27, 2006

3rd Andrew K., Executive Director & Founding Director, Association of Internet Professionals (AIP)
was with another company when working with ★Rohit at eCode.com

“It is a pleasure to know and work with Rohit. He is a true entrepreneur and an idea-factory. His vision and attention to details together make him a very good product manager. Qualities like giving respect and creative freedom to peers make him an excellent leader as well.” July 27, 2006

3rd Shilpa V., chief engineer, eCode
reported to ★Rohit at eCode.com

Principal Consultant


“I have worked with Rohit while at Informix for about an year in various groups and projects. Rohit is a self-motivated expert who does a fine job providing visible contributions to the project team. Rohit not only showed technical expertise during execution of his consulting services, but also demonstrated his communication skills, which make him stand out of the group as an outstanding contributor. He was able to collaborate effectively with various teams, and had earned a reputation for building team support for his ideas and proposals. Rohit also has a jovial attitude which I believe is very important for building worker morale and productivity.

I have also known Rohit beyond the Informix projects, and I should say I really like his entrepreneurial zeal and command over web technologies and business, which would prove useful not only when he is an entrepreneur but also when he takes up senior management positions in software companies.” October 20, 2009

3rd Manoj J., Data Architect, Informix
worked with ★Rohit at Informix


Delhi Institute of Technology

“Rohit's innovative and creative abilities reflected in the way he tackled problems encountered in projects assigned to him, in academic discussions and in the way he compered the college annual function. Always ready to accept challenges, jovial and friendly, Rohit is a risk-taker with a flashy side to his personality.” July 1, 2011

Shampa C., Professor, Dept of Computer Engg, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology,
taught ★Rohit at Delhi Institute of Technology


Delhi University

“Rohit is one of my earliest student. When I joined DIT in 1988 as a new lecturer, he was in 3rd year. I found him to be very energetic. He demonstrated the burning desire and ability to break the conventional boundaries. Last time, we met was in 1997 at his lovely house in San Jose where he had thrown a pizza party for ex-DITian working in that region. He was a wonderful host and I felt like meeting an emerging leader of IT industry with path-breaking ideas and great leadership skills. I feel very proud of him.” June 24, 2011

Sanjay G., Sr Lecturer (initially joined as lecturer), Netaji Subhash Institute of Technlogy (formerly DIT),
taught ★Rohit at Delhi University

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