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Flexible, multi-talented seeks Tech Writing and/or Jr. QA Analyst...

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Date: 2007-12-07, 9:35PM PST

...position that could lend to the ability of expanding my technical knowledge to include entry level QA testing and/or perfecting my technical documentation skills. This 30s woman will also consider a paid internship for the right position.

Please email me with further inquiries.

**Please, do not contact me regarding starting my own business OR work from home opportunities, I am NOT interested, thanks!**

- Technical/QA Writer and Tester with over ten years in the consulting field.
- Proficient with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio), SharePoint, Adobe Acrobat Professional/Reader and have used Remedy (while working in lower level support capacities) on a short term basis.
- Composed technical documentation using Visio, Word, PowerPoint and in charge of preparation of technical presentations for weekly status meetings with managers and other staff.
- Previous desktop publishing and designing experience using Photoshop, Word, PageMaker and QuarkXpress. Created/edited specifications, composed letters, created newsletters, manuals and flyers.
- Developed technical training demonstrations utilizing Macromedia Captivate and Camtasia Studio. Wrote QA test plans/scripts and QA tested utilizing Mercury Quality Center and Mambo.
- Created and edited online manuals/content utilizing RoboHelp and an Electronic Document Management System - RightNow tool; also learning basic HTML editing skills within this tool.
- Excellent verbal and communication skills, able to multitask and function independently with minimal direction as well as work as part of a team.
- Able to learn new skills and technologies quickly, and work in various environments and capacities.


Macintosh and PC Platforms, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PageMaker, PhotoShop (Home Deluxe and Professional), Visio, FileMaker Pro, Adobe Acrobat Professional/Reader, SharePoint Sever, Mambo, Macromedia Captivate, Camtasia Studio 3, RoboHelp 5.5, WIN 2000/XP, Novell/NT Operating Systems, Peachtree 7.0/8.0, Remedy, Access and CISPro 2000 Desktop Databases, Mercury Quality Center 9.0, QuarkXPress and ACT sales database. Familiarity with various components existing within a large, state-of-the-art network infrastructure to include Cisco Routers, Hubs, various telecommunications equipment, remote access equipment, information storage units, and various server types.


Palm, Inc. (June 07 - September 07)
Jr. Technical Writer
Sunnyvale, CA

Short term contract in the Carrier Technical Management group - entailed entering QA test cases utilizing Mambo, creating templates in Word, updating and creating new sites within SharePoint, creating spreadsheets within Excel.

PG&E (September 06 - February 07)
Technical and QA Writer/Tester
San Francisco, CA

Consulting contract capacity in Webb Channel (name changed from Internet Services Group).
- Compiled, wrote and edited some aspects of the CSOL (Customer Service Online) User Guide utilizing advanced Word and Visio tools.
- Converted lengthy Word documents into PDF format utilizing Adobe Professional 7.0 and performed necessary editing once converted with the Comment and Markups functionality.
- Wrote QA plans/scripts, utilizing Word and Excel, for the O&M December release involving changes to left navigation bar within CSOL.
- QA tested utilizing Mercury QC, CSOL Check Digit changes within CSOL for December O&M release.

Logitech (February 06 - June 06)
Technical Writer
Fremont, CA

Contractor capacity in Technical Support group utilizing Word, RoboHelp/RightNow tools and Camtasia.
- Developed technical training demonstrations of various software/gaming/video installation procedures utilizing Camtasia Studio.
- Updated and published online product manuals/content utilizing RoboHelp and Electronic Document Management System RightNow.
- Utilized Word to update extensive PTM training manuals.
- I was able to fine-tune HTML editing skills while in this position.

Wells Fargo - IT Department (April 05 - December 05)
Documentation Specialist/eBusiness Systems Consultant
San Francisco, CA

Contract position in the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) group utilizing many of my skills; to include technical writing utilizing Visio, Word and PowerPoint, produced technical related training demos with the use of Macromedia Captivate, processed SmartCards and wLAN cards, provided basic technical support.
- Wrote technical documentation regarding enabling electronic signatures within Adobe Acrobat, installing encrypted/signing certificates in Outlook/Internet Explorer, guidelines for the deployment of eSignatures utilizing Word, eSign Architecture Models utilizing PowerPoint and edited existing Visio documents describing SmartCard processing.
- Produced training demos involving the installation of digital, email and encrypted certificates, installing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates, configuring IIS (Internet Information Service).
- Worked in a highly secure lab with servers, a specialized printer and desktop computers, processing the WellsSecure/Safe SmartCards and wLAN cards, issuing PIN unblocking numbers and roaming credentials.
- Provided basic email/phone support involving hung SSL Certificates that present problems lending to a certificate that cannot be approved/processed. Utilized Remedy to log tickets when working in a support capacity. Also provided support regarding RAO responsibilities to include approving certificates within CertMan, processing certificates through Bulk Script and making sure all necessary documentation is in place in order to process external certificates.

Cisco Systems (June 04 - March 05)
Project Specialist
San Jose, CA

Contract position in the Internet Learning Solutions Group.
- Documentation/database management utilizing Word, Access, PowerPoint, MS Project, Cisco Learning Credits Intranet sites entailing the following responsibilities:
- Management of commercial deployment of localized learning products for Japan. Executed deployment functions of other team members.
- Supported the Learning Credit Program for orders from the EMEA Theater.
- Provided backup support for Cisco Press business relationship, including but not limited to: Title exhibit approval, quarterly business review setup, monitoring of monthly sales reports and wire transfers, coordinate weekly meetings for Cisco Systems - Cisco Press development synchronization
- Database management and reporting support for Career Certifications and testing vendors.
- Maintained communications with Learning Credits Partners regarding Team Captain assignments, posting on Intranet of customer information details.

S4, LLC (July 03 - December 04)
San Francisco, CA
(Freelance) Acquisitions Manager

COR Therapeutics & Cytokinetics/Zena Gourmet (contract assignments)
South San Francisco, CA
Office Manager/Administrative Assistant (January 01 - December 03)

Group Health Cooperative - IT Department (April 98 - November 2000)
Technical Writer
Seattle, WA

With the use of the Internet, researched existing hardware components/software on Group Health Cooperative (GHC) network regarding Y2K compatibility issues. Other software used in this capacity was MS Project, Word, Visio, PowerPoint and Excel.
- Extensive communication with engineers to compile information on components/SW used within the GHC network infrastructure.
- With the use of Visio, Word and PowerPoint, composed technical documentation explaining the functionality of existing components/SW with the GHC network and, subsequently, any potential Y2K catastrophes.
- Assisted with the set-up of a "mock" mini network lab closely resembling the GHC network. Tested SW/HW used within the network. Prepared reports for Y2K project manager regarding status of completed tests.
- Prepared technical presentations for weekly Y2K status meetings with technical managers, engineers and Y2K Auditors.
- Contract ended with successful Y2K conversions.

Documentation Specialist/Desktop Publisher/Designer (March 91 - February 98)
Independent Consulting: various industries
Seattle, WA

- With the use of PhotoShop, PageMaker, Word and QuarkXpress on both PC and Macintosh platforms, - created specifications, manuscripts, manuals, flyers, newsletters, composed letters, maintained online industry-specific websites, - within various capacities through contract agencies.
- Industries included were airplane manufacturing, architectural, environmental, retail, advertising, computer technology, and communications.
- Excellent proofreading/editing and design skills were obtained within most of these positions.

Andersen Consulting (June 89 - February 91)
Project Assistant
San Francisco, CA

- Assisted Project Manager with conversion from Wang to Macintosh platform. Responsibilities included extensive communication and research with prospective vendors, installing software and preparing technical and accounting documentation using MacDraw, Word, Excel, and Lotus.
- Converted voice messages to text, prepared billings, letters and memorandums.
- Position ended with a successful implementation of the Macintosh platform.


Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL: Biology, Concentration: Life Sciences (Pre-Med Studies), GPA 3.5; Seattle Central Community College, Seattle WA: Desktop Publishing and Design; Highline Community College, Federal Way, WA: A+ Series, including Networking Essentials; Heald College, San Francisco, CA: OS Technologies; City College, San Francisco, CA: Basic computer networking class

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