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 Executive Summary
Yippy, Inc.
Yippy, Inc. provides secure family friendly online web destinations and services such as search, email, cloud applications, storage and a full featured web browser, primarily to family PCs, learning institutions and libraries in North America. is one of the most robust, visually appealing, family friendly properties on the internet.  The company provides an unparalleled approach to safe web browsing and application aggregation.  Yippy creates environments around conservative family values and provides all the tools necessary for all aspects of online activities.
Our business encompasses multiple activities culminating in the design, development and deployment of internet properties and cloud computing applications and solutions enabled through the applications services environment (ASE) that has been fully developed and integrated by the company.   The applications services environment (ASE) includes software applications, entertainment content, advertising, datacenter infrastructure, and client support for our business which is focused on the education, family and youth markets, as such it is our intent to actively filter general web content for our users.
Application Services Environment: (ASE):
The Yippy ASE has been in operation for nearly 21 months.  The custom database driven system has had a 100% uptime operational efficiency.  The ASE enables Yippy or a software license holder to quickly and efficiently aggregate multiple properties, applications and functions tied to advertising, video and/or dynamic GUIs for user interface.  It's skin-able, flexible and agile super sets connect and create environments or themes in days not weeks or months reducing significantly development expense. The ASE also enables a single operator to run every aspect of the program replacing the human element and dramatically reduce operating costs.  Yippy's ASE would be a perfect choice to create web based user interfaces for all types of wireless devices, especially for Linux / PC based Pads, net books and notebook computers.
The Yippy browser is the first operational full featured flash enabled browser custom built on an Adobe Air platform.  In current state the browser performs remarkably well on PC, Linux and Mac operating systems (Ipad excluded).  The Yippy browser's unique design and features make it a perfect first browser for youth, a second browser for adults and the primary browser for the shared home PC. The browsers content filtering and ease of use are a natural fit for learning institutions.   The browser has performed well over the first 10 months of its initial public beta release.  The speed is comparable to IE and the browser has performed exceedingly well on 3G & 4G enabled PCs.  Modifications, improvements and testing on Linux and PC based pads are underway.
The Company provides the most efficient research engine in the world.  The Yippy search "Cloud" provides the user a deep research information cluster which dramatically improves content and information mining saving the researcher time and potentially creating new relationships through information not previously realized. Yippy has improved its content filtering of undesirable sites and has been continually working with Vivisimo to improve the flexibility of the consumer search products.  While the company has had issues with code performance, and flexibility of the user interfaces that was, this is not true of Velocity the software engine that drives Yippy's search. Management contends that Velocity is a very powerful piece of software and in the correct format for Yippy consumer - user / advertising / filtering - configuration could be a dominate force for search
While no company can claim perfection in content filtering Management believes that the Generation II of Yippy search will be one of the most powerful and useable filtered search engines available.  Yippy Search Gen II's estimated release is spring 2011. Gen II removes unwanted sites from results no matter what keywords are used.  This should nearly eliminate inadvertent viewing of inappropriate material through the Yippy family of search engines and allow the company to expand market share in the following areas initially with a focus on RESEARCH not search.

  1. Educational Institutions
  2. Children Health Care Organizations
  3. Non-Profit Conservative Organizations
  4. Conservative Political Organizations (i.e. Tea Party ) 2012 Election
  5. Judeo-Christian Organizations
  6. Home School Organizations
  7. Governments

The Company has made several marketing test in multiple DMAs in the US and Canada in all forms of media.  The results of these tests have given management a clear understanding of the market and the opportunities it will re-engage in Spring - Summer - Fall 2011 marketing programs.
Our current geographic focus is North America, UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Company Acquisitions:
Through the reporting period, the Company announced and executed upon two key acquisitions.

  • Yippysoft, Inc. is a software company whose properties include a cloud based applications services environment, entertainment content including video, audio, and games, and an integrated media advertising engine under the brand name "Yippy".  The company announced its intention to acquire Yippysoft, Inc. and its holdings in January 2010.  


  • Clusty, a search engine, was acquired in May 2010 from Vivisimo, Inc.  Clusty was a clustering search engine put into service in 2004.  Yippy acquired the Clusty search program, associated domains and an unrestricted, non competitive (consumer search) and fully transferable license for the software engine known as "Velocity". 

 Our latest Newsletter can be found at


Yippy Inc. (OTC:YIPI)


Yippy Outperforming Google, Yahoo and Bing
In fact, since January 1st, 2011 YIPI is up over 300% while GOOG and MSFT are near even, YHOOis down almost 30%.

 YIPPY!  Introduction @ the World's Largest Conference - ALA:

LATEST NEWS: Marketwire Press Release

Yippy (YIPI) Partners With Yahoo! (YHOO) for Education

FORT MYERS, FL-(Marketwire - Aug 4, 2011) - Yippy, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: YIPI) ( ("Yippy" or the "Company"), providers of the world's fastest, family friendly educational search engine and web portal, reports that it is leveraging Yahoo! Search BOSS(NASDAQ: YHOO) to enable innovations in Search. The combination of Yahoo! Search BOSS with Yippy's active proprietary filtering processes will provide a powerful research environment for the K-12 market place.

Full Article Here:


Yippy, Inc.  (OTC-YIPI)

Company Overview

Yippy, Inc. provides secure family friendly online web destinations and services such as search, browser, email, cloud applications and storage to family PCs, learning institutions and libraries primarily. Yippy has one of the most robust search products online today. Yippy, Inc. provides an unparalleled approach to child safe web browsing and education content/application aggregation within one of the most visually appealing web properties on the internet. Yippy creates environments around conservative family values and provides all the tools necessary for all aspects of online activities.

Yippy also provides K12 learning products and sophisticated custom search products to higher learning institutions.  Yippy search can be private labeled for educational companies, school districts and universities.  Yippy's custom search products can integrate multiple federated sources from an unlimited amount of information databases.  Yippy's active and passive filters scrub search results providing a robust research information cluster on topic and devoid of objectionable material.

Yippy provides multiple learning products such as the world's number 1 site for everything Shakespeare. provides students and teachers with access to the works of Ben Franklin and our founding fathers.  Yippy also partners with companies and provides research information that normally are "subscription" or "pay for" using a free advertising supported revenue model.

Yippy is a primary search engine for hundreds of schools, libraries and higher learning institutions.  Yippy reaches education and directly delivers a marketers message to consumers, students, faculty, administrators, academics, research personnel and management. About 72% of Yippy users are students/educators ages 12-35.  75% of their traffic is North American with 8% coming from the United Kingdom, and 5% for both Australia and Germany.  During peak educational usage - Sept thru April - Yippy attracts more than 250,000 unique users per month (2011) averaging 4 visits per month and completing 8 searches per visit.  Yippy's overall page views per month exceed 10M across all wholly owned properties. All Yippy ad impressions are of the highest quality and only delivered "on click" by a user.  Yippy's published advertising rates: Run of site ($2-6cpm) - Premium Placement ($10-25cpm).

Four Point Analysis:

  1. Yippy has a world class brand.  It's clean, happy and makes a lot of sense.  The visual aspect of their logo is very appealing.  World's Fastest, Private, Conservative, Family and Values are the words that describe Yippy.  The brand means everything.
  1. The search engine is very efficient and by entering two separate searches using the term "tits" and then "breasts" any educated person can understand the value of the results delivered and blocked.  Yippy provides an automatic filtered search for all ages.  Go to and click around and you will be amazed by this gem of a search engine with many other custom applications.


  1. The management are proven industry veterans from multiple Fortune listed companies.  See links provided below.


  1. Yippy's partners are the who's who of the internet and educational industries.


  •  Yahoo, Inc. NASDAQ - YHOO
  •  Infospace, Inc. NASDAQ - INSP
  • ( A Microsoft Company ) - NASDAQ - MSFT
  •  Gale Cengage, Inc. ( Apax Partners ) Formally a Thomson Reuters Company
  •  Gigablast, Inc. Largest Private Search Engine in North America
  •  Highbeam Research ( Gale Learning) Formally a Thomson Reuters Company
  •  Bit Gravity
  •  Superb Net

                  Find partnership and OTC due diligence here:


Future Outlook:

In fact, since January 1st, 2011 Yippy is up over 300% while Google and Microsoft are near even, Yahoo is down almost 30%. This is why accumulation of YIPI shares is on the rise again. Positioned right next to Google and Microsoft displays, Yippy will present at the largest digital marketing event in the world, ad:tech New York. Yippy stands to get tremendous exposure as the title sponsor of the event in New York City, November 8-11, 2011.

Yippy has just formed a strategic partnership with Gale Cengage which owns and  These are extremely high-traffic sites, which will expose an extra 2 million users a month to Yippy's  platform.  Gale Cengage, is an educational powerhouse with $2 billion in annual revenue to its private equity owners Apax Partners who purchased Gale Cengage from Thomson Reuters for 7.6 Billion in 2007. What caught our eye in this deal is the magic phrase "revenue-sharing approach!"  A 7.6 billion dollar company sharing revenue with Yippy is quite amazing and points to the class of companies that want to associate with Yippy.


August 04, 2011 07:37 ET

Yippy (YIPI) Partners With Yahoo! (YHOO) for Education

Full Article Here:

Technical Bullets for Yippy, Inc (OTC:YIPI)

RSI is in the mid-zone riding below 60. MACD is clearly trending up ready to spring off the cross and above the signal line. Accumulation is turning back up as the price diverges from the light volume. YIPI's tiny undervalued market cap has allowed it to move over 700% across 3 days recently.  This company has less than 25 million shares issued and outstanding, 75 million authorized and with a public float of 4 million shares makes YIPI very attractive to an investor.

Bottom Line: YIPI is making big gains in the "education and research" fields - ranking ahead of Google, Yahoo and Bing by the internets most respected information service

This is YIPI's break out fiscal year.  Major advertising campaigns have just begun for this wonderful company.  It's the brand, the mission, the management and the products that set YIPI apart.  We expect big things for YIPI and your portfolio.



O/S = 25,800,000  as of 5/24/2011
FT = 4.0 M - tradable FT = 2,600,000 as of 5/24/2011
(per CEO and the DTC sheets)



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  • 2M
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