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Product Manager interested in opportunities (sunnyvale)

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Date: 2008-03-19, 4:15PM PDT


• Technology product marketing and management professional with more than eight years industry experience at leading software, companies including Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Yahoo!, and AOL.
• Extensive background in full product life-cycle (from requirements definition to live production) for consumer and online products including cross-functional team leadership and offshore program management.
• Thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative team environment focusing on high quality leadership, engineering, and marketing.
• Achieved several recognitions and awards for completing high-level projects with exceptional quality.
• US Citizen – Born and raised in Santa Clara Valley, CA.

Bachelors of Science - Computer Science/Minor in Mathematics
San José State University

 Budget management, headcount, strategy, and product planning.
 Marketing/Project Management Skills: Formal Reports, Abstracts, Corporate and Professional Proposals, and collaborative documentation
 Created several technical documents for and corporations for marketing and project management (PRD/MRD, Use Case Scenarios, Design Documents, etc).
 Led team of engineers, product managers, and QA in US and offshore in the successful release of an online startup portal including search, login, and buying aspect.
 Successfully managed online and customer marketing campaigns:
 Drove Schedules, Feature Sets, and Product Design/Requirements Analysis for high level internet applications (database driven, front-end/back end driven sites), consumer products, and back end products used for tooling.
 Worked with team members from across the globe to release and deploy products according to demanding deadlines. End-to-end deployment.

 Programming Languages: JAVA, J2EE, MVC, XML, JSP, PHP
 Web Development: JSP, PHP/mySQL, (Dreamweaver 7, Flash, GoLive)
 Databases: (Oracle 9i): SQL (Joins, Advanced Querying), Subroutines, Relational Model,
 Graphics: Adobe Photoshop 9.0, Illustrator 5.0, and PageMaker
 OS: OS X, Basic UNIX ,Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP) Microsoft Office, LINUX (Basic Knowledge)
 Tools: IBM WebSpheres (Application Server), BEA WebLogic 8.1, Apache Tomcat
 Microsoft Visio: Stensils, wireframming, templating, and business modeling.


Akimbo Systems, Inc. 2007
Product Manager – Consumer User Experience and Marketing

• Manage transition from Hardware Based Client to Software / Video On Demand based system.
• Created new branding strategy for future Anime Portal release.
• Report directly to Chief Operating Officer.
• Ran Competitive Analysis on Video-On-Demand/Media portals in market.
• Began working on community management/marketing strategies: Blog, Forum, etc.
• Created specifications/features (MRD/PRD) for new VOD Browser Based Client Version 1.1 release
• Assisting to plan release for partner implementation of B2B Site: Cross-functionally among all departments (Engineering, QA, Content, Creative, Business Development)

YAHOO!, Inc. 2006
Product Manager - International Search and Marketplace
 Managed all Search and Marketplace Products for Y! India – Answers, Monetization, MyWeb, Social Searching, etc. – from Concept to Delivery (Concept Documents, VMSO, use cases, process flow etc)
 Participated in management of investment plan for Y! India: Headcount, Master Project Plan, Hiring etc.- Helped hire talent, managed marketing and campaign budget, and planned new search verticals for the next year.
 Collaborated cross functionally with both Indian and US Organization: Engineering (front and back-end), Product, UI, Marketing, QA, and PR
 Created and worked on market strategy for company, gained market share from competitors by 5% YOY.
 Analyzed market share research, Unique Users, Page Views, making optimization for products, forecasting.

APPLE COMPUTER, Inc. 2004 – 2006
Systems Engineer / Web Developer – World Wide iPod Operations
 Projects Completed: Employee Training Database, Wireless Ordering System, Profit Opportunity (Spend Reporting) Application, ICE (Independent Contractor Engagement) Form, and UNSPSC tool for GSMs (PHP/MySQL, HTML) – includes involvement of Financial Controllers, IT, and Marketing
 Created PRDs/MRDs, etc for all Applications developed.
 Maintained application databases used for specific training purposes
 Worked with vendors/suppliers for creation of tools for internal customers from around the world, including AsiaPac, EMEA and North America. Deployed all internal controls for SOX, and iPod Operation internal controls.
 Trained employees in applications, including all surrounding documentation.
 Marketed and Business Managed Enterprise Applications for Suppliers and World Wide Global Commodity Managers. Dealt with suppliers such as Cingular Wireless (including Requirements Analysis, Functional Specification Writing)
 Corporate Procurement Website Administrator (JavaScript, CSS)

Program Manager / Developer – WW Education and Networking Academies
 Business Design: Enhancement Requirements, Business Rules, Corporate Governance
 Program Manager – Development Technologies/Cisco Networking Academies and Career Connection
 Testing: BlackBox UI and WhiteBox (JUNIT)

Intern – NMTG 2000 - 2001
 Completed XMLàXSLàHTML pages to dynamically create server reports for the network management software.
 Ran several XML/XSL scripts through parsers (Xalan) for debugging and testing
 Completed HTML page for Device Fault Manager project – allowed employees to check in documents and meeting minutes as well as check-on server readings and faults

BEA SYSTEMS, Inc. Summer 2003
Information Technology Intern / Engineer – Dev2Dev and eCommerce Group
 Conducted Dev2Dev / DownloadCenter functional and performance testing for all environments (QA, Staging, Production).
 Verified links and JSP code deployment using LinkBot
 Burned and fully tested master copies of 8.1 Release Subscription Products on all major Operating Systems and Platforms.
 Learned LoadRunner and SilkTest automation of Dev2Dev and Commerce UI’s and loadtesting.
 Tested Browser Compatibility for all D2D and eCommerce websites including graphics verifications.

Teaching Assistant / Internship – Computer Science Department
 Provided IT Support: IMAC and Macintosh (OS 9 , 9.1, 9.2.1, 10 and 10.2.4 (X)); Pentium III PC – Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
 Created CS100W (Technical Writing Workshop) Website:
• Utilized Net Objects Fusion 3.1, 4.0, 7.0 (Including HTML) on OS 9 and 10.2.4, Windows 2000 Professional
• Online Documents – Syllabus, Worksheets, Student Reference links, other resources.
• Links to other writing websites and English grammar references.

Software Engineering Intern
 Worked on IBM WebSpheres (Application Servers) and IBM VisualAge Java 3.5 to integrate servlet code into RDN (Rational Development Network)
 Successfully automated test scripts using Rational Robot and Rational TestManager/Administrator
 Used Rational’s SQABasic to help write automated scripts to run through various applications
 Fixed and Edited bugs, related test cases, narrow down issues, and solve.

STARTUP FOUNDERS, INC. (Start-up Company) 2001 – 2002
Senior Development Engineer, Project Manager/Developer and Marketing (Individual Contractor)
 Managed Bangalore, India team of engineering and product marketing here in the United States for product placement, pricing, channels, etc.
 Managed key features and requirements for site, including technology, placement of product, UI, and target audience.

HEWLETT-PACKARD, Inc. Summer 2001
Intern - HP CALIPER Project
 Worked on HP Caliper’s Shell Scripts (Cshell, Kshell ) to edit and run HP Caliper’s Programs to produce data
 Experience using HP-UX and PA-RISC Machine (32 and 64 bit).
 Analyzed Test Harnesses, scripts, and data representation
 Debugged Exception Handling Test Suite - nightly test harness

CATAPULSE, Inc. (Startup Company) 2000
 Edited and developed HTML design for Budweiser portal page using frames and style-sheets
 Assisted in QA to test “toolbelt” functions, which consisted of functions to check- in and check-out programming code to engineers; as well as helped to test and maintain main portal page for product
 Edited and maintained design bugs using JavaScript 1.2

AOL/NETSCAPE, Inc. 1998 – 2000
Software Maintenance Engineer
 Supervised web design, quality assurance for Y2K, and maintained database for !Register-It! Product.
 Completed Groups 1.0 project including testing of GroupMail 1.0 and GroupMail 1.0 BETA for America Online Communities Division/Divlet.

AtWeb, Inc. (Startup Company) 1997 – 1998
 Maintained the !Register-It! Product and composed Browser Compatibility tool in WebSiteGarage Tune-up (Visit


• US Citizen – Born and Raised in Santa Clara Valley, CA.
• Presidential Award in 1996 for Outstanding Academic Achievement (Top 5% GPA)
• Indian Vocalist for over 11 years: South Indian classical music.
• Gave debut concert February 2000.
• Involved heavily in Indian Community Organization.
• Expert knowledge of Indian culture, dance, music, food
• Languages: English, Tamil, bits of Hindi, Spanish

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