What are the top 200 harry potter characters?

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harry potter, ron weasley, hermione granger, albus dumbledore, rubeus hagrid, severus snape, voldemot, sirius black, draco malfoy, fred weasley, remus lupin, george weasley, neville longbottom, arthur weasley, ginny weasley, minerva mcgonagall, molly weasley, dolores umbridge, alastor mad-eye moody, vernon dursley, cornelius fudge, wormtail/scabbers/peter pettigrew, dobby, dudley dursley, horace slughorn, percy weasley, luna lovegood, cedric diggory, petunia dursley, kreacher, bill weasley, barty crouch sr., argus filch, viktor krum, gilderoy lockhart, sybill trelawney, fleur delacour, lucius malfoy, ludo bagman, nymphadora tonks, gregory goyle, vincent crabbe, bellatrix lestrange, cho chang, dean thomas, oliver wood, hedwig, james potter, rita skeeter, seamus finnigan, igor karkaroff, peeves, winky, crookshanks, madam pomfrey, rufus scrimgeour, mundungus fletcher, lavender brown, griphook, professor flitwick, buckbeak, angelina johnson, parvati patil, padma patil, lily (evans) potter, xenophilius lovegood, nearly headless nick, professor quirrell, moaning myrtle, mr. ollivander, katie bell, olympe maxime, charlie weasley, lee jordan, kingsley shackelbolt, fang, fenrir greyback, ernie macmillan, professor sprout, phineas nigellus black, narcissa malfoy, stan shunpike, aberforth dumbledore, bathilda bagshot, colin creevey, amos diggory, firenze, grawp, marge dursley, cormac mclaggen, gellert grindelwald, fat lady, salazar slytherin, bob ogden, pansy parkinson, marvolo gaunt, fawkes, frank bryce, morfin gaunt, godric gryffindor, elphias doge, pigwidgeon, mrs. norris, alicia spinnet, professor grubbly-plank, aunt muriel, yaxley, arabella figg, regulus black, madam hooch, mr. borgin, justin finch-fletchley, ariana dumbledore, madam rosmerta, gregorovitch, aragog, marietta edgecombe, professor binns, zacharias smith, blaise zabini, bertha jorkins, travers, marcus flint, ted tonks, barty crouch jr., norbert amelia bones, ernie prang, antonin dolohov, montague, merope gaunt, nicolas flamel, mary cattermole, roger davies, bane, nagini, rowena ravenclaw, fluffy, dedalus diggle, hepzibah smith, walden macnair, albus severus potter, errol, broderick bode, michael corner, hannah abbott, madam malkin, augustus rookwood, tom, bloody baron, sturgis podmore, reginald cattermole, dirk cresswell, amycus carrow, ronan, warrington, kendra dumbledore, mrs. cole, armando dippet, mr. roberts, leanne, pius thicknesse, hokey, madam pince, albert runcorn, dawlish, griselda marchbanks, trevor, tom riddle sr., romilda vane, magorian, dennis creevey, millicent bulstrode, beedle the bard, scabior, aidan lynch, moran, piers polkiss, demelza robins, hestia jones, mafalda hopkirk, alecto carrow, mrs. black, gabrielle delacour, bogrod, marcus belby, terry boot, helga hufflepuff, james sirius potter, hassan mostafa, adrian pucey, karkus, professor tofty, wilkie twycross, caractacus burke, jimmy peakes, avery, troy, augusta longbottom

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