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----------> Looking for Intellectual Stiulation with FUN folks? <-----

Date: 2010-11-16, 5:16PM PST
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SouthBayDiscussions is an open group welcoming people from all walks of life.

The only qualifications are to be open-minded AND tolerant!

The idea for this group is to engage in dialog and have an intelligent discussion. This is a forum where you can debate AND learn: there may be times when you may just want to learn from others, and at other times when you'd like others to hear your perspectives, and yet others when you want them to agree with you ;)

A willingness to question, ponder, and concede will foster a friendly yet passionate environment for discussions. We talk about EVERYTHING under the face of the Sun: right from religion to politics, and science to fiction AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. (In the past we have talked about God, Capitalism, Social Evolution, Caste System, Abortion, Conception, Relativity, Taxation...)

We typically meet once a week at a cafe in the Sunnyvale area. We have been meeting for nore than five years now.

To get more details go to SouthBayDiscussions

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