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March 16 | Posted by admin | Horary

…whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time.”

Horary astrology, also known as interrogational astrology, is the practice of determining the answer to a specific question through the examination and interpretation of a horoscopic chart cast for the moment that the question is posed to an astrologer.

The theory is that since the question exists and is formulated and posed at a specific moment in time, then the answer must also exist at that moment, and this answer is reflected by the alignment of certain celestial bodies in a horoscopic chart cast for that point in time. By following a very specific set of rules, and adhering to the logic that is inherent in the system, the answer to the question is sought to be derived from the chart of the question itself.


The method or manner everyone ought to observe that enquires of an astrologer: which is, that when he intends to take an artist’s judgment of things past, present, or to come, he should, first, with a devout spirit, pray unto the Lord, from whom proceeds the success of every lawful enterprise, that he would grant him the knowledge of those things of the truth of which he would be resolved; and then let him apply himself to the astrologer with a serious intent of being satisfied in some certain and particular doubt, and this not on trifling occasions, or light sudden emotions, much less on matters base or unlawful, as many ignorant people used to do; but in matters of honest importance, and such as have possessed and disturbed his mind for the space of a day and night or longer; unless in sudden accidents which admit not of delay.

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