Chetna Joshi Bambroo, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 07, 2009

CoupleHas a sudden change in your partner’s behaviour made you a little suspicious, and makes you check his/her relationship status on Facebook every few days? If that could help, finding an imposter would’ve been just a ‘login’ away. But a few who’ve been through the ‘does he/she love me, does she/he love me not’ phase tell you about the signs that prove your partner could be dreaming about someone else.

Avantika Shah (name changed) says, “I’ve been married for two years now and have known my hubby for eight. I know all his habits. But once when he started talking less with me suddenly, I got suspicious.” It was only later that Avantika came to know that her husband had fallen for a female colleague. Though he apologised and she forgave him, they lost the mutual trust.

But a change in attitude doesn’t always spell doom. Vidhur Viz, 31, says, “My wife and I once had a fight and it got ugly. We didn’t talk to each other for two weeks and during this time I suspected that she had started confiding in someone. She, otherwise a non-fashionable woman, started shopping for clothes, putting on make up and going out more often. When things between us cooled down, I came to know that she splurged to combat depression.”

Shivali Gaur, a youngster, says she sensed it the very first time her guy tried to cheat on her. She recalls, “Since we were in a live-in relationship, he couldn’t really avoid me. But he started being very secretive.” She recalls that he would not take his calls in front of her and wouldn’t keep his cellphone around. And when she tried confronting him, he confessed of two-timing. Lifestyle expert Sanjay Chugh feels sudden unexplained absences, taking extra care while dressing up, which usually one doesn’t do, are pretty definite signs of something funny going on. He says, “Guys would either go on the offensive or become even more cautious.” He feels confrontation is the best way out.