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February 18, 2009
Obama Administration Announces Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

Presidential SealPresident Obama formally announced this morning a new $75 billion dollar plan designed to help families prevent foreclosures and stabilize hard-hit communities. The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan includes a loan modification program, which provides incentives for lenders to modify the loans of borrowers who are at risk of foreclosure because their incomes are not sufficient to make their mortgage payments. It also includes refinance opportunities for borrowers who are current on their mortgage payments but have been unable to refinance because their homes have decreased in value.

ACORN Housing Corp and other non-profit HUD-certified housing counseling agencies will be helping borrowers access these programs. While the program will not officially go into effect until March 4th 2009, homeowners can get started on the process NOW by filling out an application for assistance from ACORN Housing. The application is available online at www.acornhousinghelp.org or by calling 888-409-3557.

There is no fee to participate in this new program or to receive counseling from ACORN Housing. Please beware of any companies that charge you money to provide housing counseling or help modifying a delinquent loan, especially any that ask for an upfront fee.

For more information about the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, go to www.financialstability.gov

January 20, 2009
ACORN Housing Corporation Launches New Foreclosure Prevention Website

Acorn Housing announced today the launching of a new website for homeowners needing help saving their homes to apply for foreclosure prevention assistance: www.acornhousinghelp.org The Acorn Housing Home Equity Loss Prevention program (HELP) assists families that are having problems making their mortgage payments by advocating on their behalf with their lender to negotiate an affordable solution. Our trained counselors are experts in foreclosure prevention and can tailor a plan of action aimed at your particular situation. To get help now, click here and fill out an application online. When completed, you can download an authorization form which you need to sign and send back to us along with any requested documents we need to prepare your case. You can also print out a paper copy of the application and send it back or call our HELP hotline for assistance at 1-888-409-3557, Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm CST, and Saturday: 9am-2pm CST.

January 6, 2009
Affordable Paterson, NJ Rentals Available

720 appNew Jersey Acorn Housing is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for 41 affordable housing rental apartments now under construction at 114 Straight Street. Download the application in English and Espanol

April 9, 2008
AHC builds Affordable new Homes at ACORN Glenn

ACORN GlennTexas ACORN Housing is on pace to complete the new ACORN Glenn subdivision in 2009. Twenty-one homeowners have already moved into their new homes and with 6 more new homeowners expected in April, the subdivision is starting to shape up into a vibrant new community.

With the available subsidies, homebuyers have qualified for loans as low as $82,000 and payments as low as $850 per month (including taxes, insurance and HOA fees). The majority of homeowners have loans in the $90,000-99,000 range and monthly payments in the $900 s. Working families with incomes as low as $26,000/year have already purchased homes.

February 25, 2008
ACORN Housing Corporation launches non-profit mortgage brokerage

ACORN Housing Corporation launches non-profit mortgage brokerage with CitiMortgage, Bank of America, First American Title Insurance Company, and Fannie Mae to help low- and moderate-income families find safe, affordable mortgages in Florida

ACORN Housing and CitiMortgage, Bank of America, First American Title Insurance Company, and Fannie Mae announced today the launching of a new non-profit mortgage brokerage called Acorn Housing Affordable Loans, LLC, to help qualified borrowers enjoy the benefits of homeownership throughout Florida. Additional offices will be launched in other states in the coming months. The new mortgage brokerage will also help homeowners faced with resetting adjustable rates that may make their current home mortgage payments unaffordable.

August 2, 2007
ACORN Housing Honors FNMA Employee

fnmaawardACORN Housing thanked Charmaine Brown, Senior Business Manager in Fannie Mae's Office of Corporate Giving by honoring her with its "Affordable Housing Warrior" Award at the ACORN Housing's 2007 mid-year managers meeting at the Cenacle Conference Center in Chicago Illinois. With Fannie Mae's assistance, ACORN Housing is able to achieve many of its business objectives aimed at providing low- and moderate-income families with homes. During the award presentation, Charmaine Brown thanked ACORN Housing for its excellent work. ACORN Housing is currently partnering with Fannie Mae to expand its nationwide housing counseling operation and foreclosure prevention center, to create a non-profit mortgage broker, and to develop affordable housing for residents that were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Pictured with Ms. Brown (in the center with the plaque) are ACORN housing's office directors, regional managers, and senior management staff.

February 22, 2007
First new homes built in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward since Katrina

LouisianaOn Thursday, Feb. 22, longtime Lower 9th Ward residents Josephine Butler and Gwendolyn Guice will begin moving into the first new homes built in the Lower 9th Ward since Hurricane Katrina. Congressman Jefferson and other dignitaries will join a unique group of partners who came together to build the homes for the dedication ceremony. The partners include ACORN, ACORN Housing, Countrywide Bank, Fannie Mae, and LouisianaState University OCDD.

ACORN and ACORN Housing partnered with LSUs Office of Community Design and Development through a HUD Community Futures grant to build the two storm resistant new demonstration homes. Project financing was provided by Countrywide Bank. Homes have several innovative features that will make them both storm resistant, energy efficient and comfortable for the these long time residents of the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

February 8, 2007
ACORN Housing Granted Contract to Work with the LOUISIANA ROAD HOME PROGRAM

LouisianaACORN Housing has recently begun working with the Road Home program, which helps Louisiana homeowners gain access to funds to rebuild their properties that were damaged as a result of Hurricane Katrina or Rita. The program makes funds available to homeowners even if they do not plan to stay in Louisiana and repair their homes. There are over 123,000 homes that were damaged by a hurricane. However, thousands of homeowners who are eligible for state funds have not yet applied for the money that they deserve to rebuild. If you were a homeowner in Louisiana during Katrina or Rita and have not applied for the Road Home, email an ACORN Housing counselor today at help@acornhousing.org or call 888-409-3557.

February 7, 2007
Homeowners in trouble: HELP is available!

ACORN Housing unveils the Home Equity Loss Prevention Program (HELP)! We are working with mortgage lenders to help prevent homeowners from losing their equity to foreclosure through our national mortgage default counseling program- HELP!

Our housing counselors work with clients on budget and credit issues and establish long- term affordable plans for borrowers who are currently struggling to bring their loans current. Counselors have established relationships with 28 major lenders in the U.S. in order to better serve clients in getting their loans out of foreclosure. Last year, we assisted over 4800 families in working out repayment plans, forbearance plans, loan modifications, refinances, and partial claims, which allowed these families to keep the equity that they have built in their properties!!!

December 6, 2006
Houston AHC Development Underway

Houston HouseTexas ACORN Housing completed site development work and broke ground on the first seven new homes in the ACORN-Glenn Subdivision in November. Pre-qualified homebuyers received loan commitments from World Savings, JPMorgan Chase and Citibank and their homes are expected to be completed and ready for move in as early as February of 2007. This exciting new subdivision is the first new development work in Houston by ACORN Housing.

New homebuyers are eligible for up to $30,000 in grant subsidies from the City of Houston and the Federal Home Loan Bank AHP program. Even before subsidies, with prices ranging from $107,000 to $119,000, these homes offer the best bargain for new homes in Houston. Homes range from 1,234 sq ft to 1,900 sq ft and sit on full 50 x 100 lots. Homes have 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2+ baths. In addition to providing access to AHP grants, ACORN's lending partners provide low cost, easier to qualify for mortgage loans.

The subdivision itself is located close to shopping, banking and other services and adjacent to the Kirby Middle School, which is slated to be completely modernized over the next few years. The North Forest Neighborhood is fast becoming a location of choice for Houston residents.

April 13, 2006
ACORN Housing National HQ and Chicago based operations moving May 4th

National AHC headquarters and Illinois ACORN Housing will be moving to a new location and will be offline between the 4th and the 6th of May. We will retain the same phone and fax lines.

On May 7th, we will re-open for business at:
209 W. Jackson, Third Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

January 2006
Acorn Housing Gets More Mortgage Lenders to Waive Prepayment Penalties for people evacuated by Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, And Rita

If you are a homeowner who is paying off your mortgage in the Hurricane Disaster Areas, almost all lenders have agreed to waive Prepayment Penalties, Late Fees, and other costs. But despite what they have announced, we found many people in the disaster areas were still charged the fees. The latest problem was with Ocwen Servicing and they are now waiving prepayment penalties and refunding those which have been charged. Homeowners have received thousands in dollars in refunds or waivers. If you need help with this, call our ACORN Housing Hotline at (866) 471-2272.

September 2005
Hurricane Katrina telephone numbers to contact Lenders

If you were displaced by Hurricane Katrina and own a house in the disaster areas, here is a list of lenders and their Hurricane Katrina Hotlines. Most lenders are deferring September, October, and November mortgage payments, waiving penalty fees, and agreeing not to report the late payments to the credit bureaus for those months.

The housing counselors for ACORN Housing are prepared to work with you to help get these deferments and to help negotiate the best solutions with your mortgage company. A list of the ACORN Housing offices are on the left hand side of this page or call our toll-free hotline (888) 409-3557

Katrina Lender hotlines --> katrinalenders.pdf
Katrina Insurance hotlines --> katrinainsurance.pdf

LISTEN to our hurricane Radio spots --> AHC_Radio_Spots_9-05.mp3headphones


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