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Contractor: Top (Gun) Marketing Ace For Hire (santa clara)

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Date: 2008-03-05, 2:16PM PST

If you’re flying into the business danger zone, why not add a maverick marketer as your wingman?

I’m a marketing ace who can:
- Navigate new markets and mark promising targets for you.
- Lock onto the competition and help your sales team win head-to-head.
- Cut through all the chatter with your marketing messages – or get new messages out over the optimum channels.
- Make your website a best-of-the-best.
- Engage advanced e-marketing system to reach prospects and customers where they live.
- Land lots of new customers on the deck.

My 201 file: 15+ years in high tech, b-to-b marketing to enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs). Hundreds of flight hours marketing Internet services/SaaS.

So, do you feel the need for speed (to market)? Then let’s talk!

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