Improve Your Eye Vision Naturally

Each and every part of our body are vital to our healthy life,nobody among us ever like to deprive of these parts willingly for any price. Among all other things our eyes vision is most important, as long as we live we need our eye vision to go to our daily ritual of life  without our eye vision we are pathetic and miserable With the help of advance technology some of our body parts can be replace or therapeutically corrected,but still the medical research is far behinds to accomplish a successful cure for our many diseases.

Why we are victim of so many sickness ?

while our ancestor and forefathers even never heard the name of those sickness.

The answer is very easy.

The artificial or unnatural life style.
Look at our eyes these are great assets to human beautification.The poetry of all the world language are full of praise and magic spell and demure look of the eyes.
But we veil and cloak these beautiful” gems”with eye-classes.
The statistics of vision correction percentage in the united state and all over the world is staggering,There are over 177 million people in the united state that need vision correction or cure for vision sickness and there is a long list of vision sickness,which people apt to fall into if they don’t care about preventive measure.The fashion and optical engineering industry with the media arsenal,brain wash us,that the only way to cure any vision disease are surgery, medicine or eye glasses.They never talk about natural cure.

Now let us talk about how to improve your eyesight naturally.

We all understand that there is always a natural remedy for any sickness but we have to look around to find it .the irony of that we always baffled and blinded by constant bombardment of media advertisement for unnatural remedies.To improve our eye vision naturally we have to look other way around.The important fact to remember is that eye classes are never a cure for your eye sight,it is temporarily enhance your eye vision but by time slowly, it deteriorate your eyesight.I know this quit controversial to say something like that and there are people who don’t trust in natural cure or impatient for slow process it takes to cure any sickness.Nature has its own timing and it go through slow phenomenal phases.Wearing eye classes is a immediate solution to weak eyesight but you are deferring nature.Our Eyes are part of our body and it connected with optical nerve and brain and these parts connected to other parts.Healthy body is result of healthy eyes,it is logical that just wearing glass to clear the eye vision is not a cure.You have to correct your vision strengthening the eye health.








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