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  • Game Categories v12 Released

    2009 - 11.29

    You were probably expecting or hoping for GEN-D3/HEN-C to be posted next; but this’ll have to keep you busy for now… Comprised entirely of bug fixes is Bubbletune’s Game Categories v12. By now you’re no doubt familiar with this plugin allowing you to fashionably categorize your homebrew with seamless XMB integration. The video [...]

    Team GEN on Custom Firmware 6.XX; 5.50 GEN-D3/5.03 HEN-C Release Imminent

    2009 - 11.29

    It’s useless, there’s no point… That’s straight from Team GEN.
    Development has indeed begun on custom firmware 6.XX; however, Team GEN was struck with the realization, “is it really worth it right now? 5.50 GEN / 5.03 HEN already provides the necessities.” Real recognize real. So the current game plan: continue releasing [...]

    FCEU-PSP (FCEUltra Port) v0.3 Released; PSP Nintendo Emulator Update

    2009 - 11.29

    Last Friday boootsector released FCEU-PSP — the FCE Ultra port — version 0.3. It’s been recompiled against the FCEUltra Mappers Mod, which increases compatibility for those games utilizing NES MMC chips. Say what; NES MMC chips? You know it.

    FCEU-PSP v0.3:

    Changed codebase from FCEUltra 0.98.12 to FCEUltra Mappers Modified (jun16-2006)
    Mappers compatibility increased [...]

    pspHBSortTool v1.1.2: Categorize and Sort Your Homebrew

    2009 - 11.29

    As fearless1964 puts it, something for your “PSP Stuff” (Windows) folder… If you’re the meticulous type and you’re using Bubbletune’s Game Categories, you may as well take it one step further and sort your ‘brew to your preference. Categorize with Game Categories and sort with PartQual’s pspHBSortTool.

    pspHBSortTool v1.1.2
    Game Categories v11
    - release thread -

    CTF Tool GUI v3.5 Released

    2009 - 11.29

    New version of patpat’s CTF Tool for all you theme creators out there… I said it before, I’ll say it again — CTF Tool GUI can both break down themes into their respective counterparts and piece all the RCOs back together again for your own distributable theme.
    You may be interested in Zinga’s Rcomage tool too.

    CTF [...]

    PSPInformation Plugin Released

    2009 - 11.29

    Simple, convenient, and to Playboy’s point — Playboy21’s 411 Plugin… Switch on “Hold” and you’ll see something similar to this click-to-enlarge screenshot below:

    Do note: this plugin does not work with CFW 5.03 GEN; it’s compatible with 4.01/5.00 M33 and 5.50 GEN only.
    PSPInformation Features:

    Battery Percentage
    Battery Voltage
    Battery Temperature
    Presence of battery
    Battery status (Charging or not)
    CPU Speed
    Presence of [...]

    DayPR Rev. 6 BETA Released

    2009 - 11.29

    Easy like Sunday morning; lilmnm-kamikaze’s DayPR… Ok, maybe not that easy… But if you take your time and keep your composure you’ll be cheating just about each and every PSP title with a few simple click-clacks of your hand-held; or even search and create your own cheats by tediously digging through RAM dumps.

    In whatever [...]

    AutoStart v5.4 Released

    2009 - 11.29

    Whoomp — there it is… Roe-ur-boat back again, plugin and activate and let AutoStart begin… She’s a quick one that enables the starting of homebrew from anywhere in the XMB — not just boot up.

    AutoStart v5.4:

    Now you can launch one of the assigned games anywhere in the XMB by holding the R Trigger and the [...]

    “Escape from Colditz” Reverse Engineered for the PlayStation Portable

    2009 - 11.29

    You won’t be using PSPUAE for this one… This is Colditz Escape! The game engine itself has been rewritten from the original Amiga classic: Escape from Colditz. You may remember eluding guards and attempting escape from this WWII prison back in the day. If not, this video may trigger something…

    You may also [...]

    DayViewer v5 Released

    2009 - 11.29

    Somewhat like TimeBatteryPercent but with a little more elegance… Get Total_Noob’s DayViewer and not only view the date and time in just about any format, show the battery percentage too.

    DayViewer v5:

    Added ability to add battery percent, month name and year.
    Changed patch way, now the day will change without rebooting.
    Changing date and timeformat no longer [...]