The Metis are as thick as mosquitoes.

Those Metis free traders build make shift businesses all along the trade routes
they are selling bread, operating taverns and restaurants, you find them everywhere.



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The brothel house in London is not so common a stew as the Men's House at York Factory


Elisabeth Bibwewedjiwanokwe (Little Companion Woman), born 1760, likely Ojibwa Country, Lake Superior, died March 27, 1850 La Pointe, Ojibwa Country (Wisconsin).

(I)-James Bloxham from London employed HBC York Factory, (1760-1762)

Francois Azor dit Breton, while chasing a bear, discovered a rich lead mine at Potosi, Missouri/Valle, 

Joseph Brisbois, born 1760 Canada, living Sault Ste. Marie, (Michigan/Ontario), 1850 census, listed as a pauper.

(III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) founded Fort Cadot at Sault Ste Marie, New France (Michigan), on the American side. 

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Jacques Duperon Baby (1733-1789)  to (IV)-Suzanne Reaume (Rheaume) (1740-1760) daughter (III)- Pierre Reaume dit Thamur (Themus) (1709-1766) and Suzanne Hubert Lacroix  b-1709.  It is said that Jacques had 21 children but obviously not with Suzanne.

Etienne Francois Hertel de Saint Francois (1734-1760) was stationed at Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan) but was killed in action at Lotbinere, Quebec, against the British.

Joseph a Coureurs des Bois at La Pointe, Ojibwa Country (Wisconsin), is murdered by his employee, a French Canadian, who also killed his Ojibwa wife, a six year old child and a baby.  The Ojibwa  would eventually kill the Canadian at a dance at St. Mary's Falls, Ojibwa Country (Sault Ste Marie, Michigan), for his crimes.

South West, birth, (IV)-Marie Louise Jourdain, Metis, about 1760 south west of  Michillimackinac, New France (Michigan), daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Jourdain b-1718 and Marie Joseph Reaume Metis ; 1st married Jean Baptiste Lebeau 2nd marriage June 30,1790, St Louis Missouri, Michel Quesnel.

Jean Baptiste Labine b-1760, married, Josephte Indian b-1764 most likely North West Territories.

Lalotte Langlade Metis b-1760/61 likely Green Bay daughter Charles De Langlade and (IV)-Charlotte Bourassa Metis b-1746 daughter (III)-Rene Gourassa dit La Ronde (1718-1792) and (III)-Anne Charlotte Veronica Chavalier [a Mackinac Metis] (1726- 1792); married Barcellou, source Linda Waggoner.

Ignace Lavallee b-1760, married, Josephte Cree Indian b-1786 most likely North West Territories.
Ignace Lavallee (1760-1849) is in the Saskatchewan Distrist (1786-1804) joined NWC (1804-1821) English River and HBC (1821-1822) Ile a la Crosse, 
Likely married 1794 Great Lakes Area?  Maybe Red River?
    Jean Baptiste Lavallee Metis Sr. b-1795 NWC (1815-1821) likely Sault St  Marie & HBC (1821-1822) Lac La Plue married 1828 Louis Ducharme b-1805
married likely 1799, Josephte Cree b-1786
    Marguerite Lavallee Metis b-1800 likely Red River
    Pierre Lavallee Metis b-1811 likely English River
    Antoine Lavallee Metis NWC (1817-1821) & HBC (1822-1834)

Charles Reaume (1743-1813) is interpreter for the British Indian Department at British Fort Detroit (Michigan).

John Richard and Thomas Richard, born in the 1760's son William Richard of Wales 1750's to 1769, are the first reported Hudson Bay Company, Metis.

Father (I)-Pierre Antoine Roubaud b-1724, arrived Quebec 1756, expelled from the Order 1760.

(I)-William Tomison (1739-1829) employed by HBC (1760-1811), an Orkney from South Ronaldsay, joined the Hudson Bay Company and stayed on for the next 51 years, rising to the first Chief Inland as well as Chief at York Factory (Manitoba).  He was assigned to York Factory (1760-1767)

Fort Timiskaming (Temiscamingue) is constructed by the Montreal, Quebec, merchants about this time.

About 1760 at St. Sulpice, St. Lawrence River, Quebec, Marie Louise Beaupre b-1744 is kidnapped by the Ojibwa of Sault Ste Marie, Ojibwa Country (Michigan).   She would marry a young Ojibwa Indian and have two children.  One of these Metis children would become the grandmother of the famous Father Albert Lacombe (1827-1916).  One of her uncles, a trader, in 1765 near Sault Ste Marie, Ojibwa Country (Michigan) recognized his niece and returned her to St. Sulpice, Quebec. 

Alexander Henry, the elder (1739-1824), despised those petty traders, as he called the free-trading Metis.  They set up their booths along the brigade routes, trading merchandise for their winter provisions.  They bake bread for the passing Voyageurs in improvised ovens.  They operated taverns and restaurants; they prepared slabs of bark and resin for canoe repair; they trade maple sugar, horses and wild rice.  They are everywhere, trading everything.  This is interesting given Alexander knew little of the trade, and would become partners with the free-trading Metis Jean Baptiste Cadotte of Sault Ste Marie.  

The Ojibwa are trading to the English at Fort Albany, James Bay and constitute the great part of that trade.  Twelve to fifteen Captains and their clan are noted annually.  One Captain was Nonosecash, the father of Shewwquenap, who became Captain at Osnaburgh House in the 1790's.  Another was Lieutenant Tinnewabano, the elder brother of the Crane. 

Fort Paskoyac is abandoned this fall and none of them have been seen this winter, as is usual.   The Canadians, however, have built a number of other forts at, or near, The Pas (Manitoba).   The French infrastructure, however, remains in place with the Metis who are indifferent to the French problems in the East.  These Canadians have become more incorporated into their own culture and are more attracted to the immensities of the woods and prairies than their native Quebec.  Many are second or third generation Metis with only the trade linking them to France.  They, in effect, represent a New Nation- the Clan des Metis.

The Assinipoval Metis traders are farming at Fort la Corne on the Saskatchewan River as well as at La Reine and Dauphin Manitoba.  They are an independent, free thinking, bison (buffalo) hunting and trading breed that is losing their French alliance to relate more closely with the land and, especially, the trade.  

Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) relied completely on the Metis, Coureurs des Bois and Hivernant Voyagers to do all his exploration activities, but gave them little credit including his partner Jean Baptiste Cadotte, the Metis, who taught him the trade..  

The Hudson Bay Company- Severn Post- is only allotted 5 men, whereas 20 are required.  Cree legend considers them to have originated from the same source as the Ojibwa.  The two tribes have intermarried throughout their known history.

Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824), upon reaching Lake Winnipeg (Manitoba) at the mouth of the Winnipeg River, came upon a large village of Cree.  Lake Winnipeg is sometimes called the Lake of the Killistinons or Christinaux (Cree).  The dress and other exterior appearances of the Christinaux are very distinguishable from those of the Chippeways (Ojibwa) and the Wood Indians.  Alexander Henry, the elder (1739-1824), had lived with the Ojibwa for a year (1763-1764) and had been dressing like them.  This entry must apply to 1763 or later as he lived with his partner 1762/63 to learn the trade.  

The Hudson Bay Company suggests all the Canadian posts on the Saskatchewan are closed this year.

Labrador administration is attached to Newfoundland.  The Inuit, a.k.a. Eskimo, and Metis are largely ignored.

French traders and Rivermen set up Little Paris in St. Genevieve, Missouri as a school for manners.  The wanted to teach proper French, true politeness, grace and self-denial.

The illegitimate French children were given to the Indians to raise, rather than let the babies die of exposure.  English children taken as captives in raids were also turned over to the Indians.  These children most likely Metis were in five major reserves; The Hurons (Wendat) children at Lorette, near Quebec, Quebec; The Abenakis from Maine at St. Francois, east of Montreal, Quebec; The American Iroquois at Xaughnawaga (Kahnawake) St. Regis west of Monteal, Quebec and; The Lake of Two Mountains west of Montreal, Quebec.

Louisiana is inhabited with 7,000 people mostly French Metis.

'The Manilamen', another reference for those who arrived in the New World from across the 
Pacific, migrate north and settle in the bayou of Louisiana's Barataria Bay, thirty miles south 
of New Orleans. These descendants of the sailors of the Spanish galleons become the oldest 
living colony of Chinos (Asians) in North America.

January 7, (some say January 17):   Michilimackinac, New France (Michigan), marriage, Michel Boyer, trader (merchant), married (V)-Josette Marguerite DeLignon (Dulignon) born 1736 daughter (IV) Francois Dulignon.
    Charles Boyer b-1761 Mackinac

January 14:  Fort Detroit, birth (III)-Joseph Metay son (II)-Joseph Metay (1735-1791) and (II)-Catherine Duflour b-1740.

January 23:  Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth/death (V)-Antoine Nicolas Lauzon son (IV)-Antoine Nicolas Lauzon (1727-1770) and (III)-Angelique Chevalier b-1733.

January 24:  Fort Detroit, marriage Etienne Livernois to  (V)-Marie Anne Angelique Pelletier, died August 13, 1762 Fort Detroit, daughter (IV)-Jean Francois Pelletier b-1691 and (IV)-Marie Louise Robert b-1698; 1st married January 4, 1736 Fort Detroit Antoine Campeau.

January 25:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Joseph Lacelle, died August 31, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan) son (II)-Nicolas Lacelle et Laselle (1715-1779) and (II)-Marie Joseph Cardinal (1733-1763).

January 28:  Fort Detroit, birth (II)-Jean Baptiste Guillaume Yax, son (I)-Michel Yax, a German, (1709-1793) and Catherine Herbins; 1st married 1782 Marie Tremblay; 2nd marriage 1783 Chretienne Huyet Champagne.

January 29:  Fort Detroit, birth, (IV)-Joseph Pouget son (III)-Joseph Gabriel Pouget b-1728 and (III)-Francoise Belleperche. 

February 5:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Pierre Guilbaut, died December 1, 1771, British Fort Detroit (Michigan) son (I)-Jean Guilbaut et Guillebaut dit Lajeunesse (son Jean et de Jeanne Dagneau) and (III)-Marie Joseph Marcheteau dit Desnoyers born 1735, died May 1, 1765, British Fort Detroit (Michigan).

February 18:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Angelique DesComps daughter (II)- Antoine Louis DesComps dit Labadie-Bodichon (1767) and (IV)-Angelique Campeau (1742 -1767); married November 20, 1776, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Pierre Drouillard.

February 18:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), marriage, (II)-Louis Deshetres son (I)-Antoine Deshetres, living Grosse Pointe, Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), maitre armurier, and (country marriage)  (III)-Marie Charlotte Chevalier born August 3, 1710, daughter (II)-Jean Baptiste Chevalier (1677-1752) and (II)-Francois Alavoine (1690-1756); Louis married February 18, 1760 Detroit (IV)-Marie Therese Damours born 1746 daughter (III)-Louise Damours.

February 22:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Genevieve Chiquot, died February 25, 1760, daughter  (III)-Zacharie Chiquot (1708-1775) and (III)-Marie Angelique Godfroy (1720-1791); married June 18, 1770, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Angelique Poupart.

February 22:  Fort Detroit, (I)-Michel Ignace Mascelin is recorded at Fort Detroit.

February 28:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Nicolas Bouron alias Huron, died March 30, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (II)-Joseph Bouron, born 1722 and (IV)-Marguerite Reaume born 1725, see marriage January 7, 1756, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan).

March 2:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Joseph Cabassier, died April 13, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (III)-Joseph Cabassier (1722-1773) and (II)-Angelique Bienvenu dit Delisle born 1721.

March 2:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Charlotte Kioueiatchiouenoukone born 1745 and has been living with Antoine La Fortune.

March 9:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Charles Campeau, died September 1, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (III)-Charles Campeau (1715-1785) and Marie Charlotte Montray et Julliet La Cote.

March 20:  The great fire of Boston destroyed 349 buildings.

March 20:  Fort Detroit, (Michigan), death (IV)-Therese Rochereau daughter (III)- Francois Rocheleau et Rocheleau dit Lesperance, b-1718 and (III)-Marie Joseph Meloche, b-1739.

March 31:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (V)-Jean Baptiste Douaire de Bondy, died July 15, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (IV)-Joseph Douaire de Bondy, and (IV)-Marie Joseph Gamelin, born 1741; married March 10, 1777, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Joseph Beaubien.

March 31:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, Louis Theophile Barthe, died March 31, 1825, Assumption, Ontario son Charles Andre Barthe and Mary Teresa Campeau; married November 15, 1802, Fort Detroit (Michigan), Marie Madeleine Trottier born March 18, 1774 Fort St. Clair, died September 11, 1803 Fort Detroit, (Michigan), daughter Francois Xavier Trottier Bellecour b-1743 and Marie Anne Madeleine Dazenard (1741-1816).. 

April 7:   Marc Fush, a Cahokia Indian or Metis, married, Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), Marie Joseph Chevalier her 1st marriage 1739 Pierre Renard dit Locas b-1699.

April 14:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Joseph Bourdeau dit L'Lle-Ronde, habitant de la Cote Nord-est, born 1730, died 1793, married  (IV)-Marie Louise Clermont dit Bouron (Dvbord), born 1645, daughter (III)-Louis Bouron dit Clermont; habitant La Cote south of Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), and (II)-Marie Ripau et Roiet; 

April 16:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Rose Cosme et St. Cosme, Metis born April 16, 1760 daughter  (II)-Pierre Laurent Cosme et St. Cosme born 1721 and (III)-Catherine Barrois, Metis, (1727-1790).

April 21:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), baptism, (IV)-Michel Bouron son (III)-Louis Bouron dit Clermont; habitant La Cote south of Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), and (II)-Marie Ripau et Roiet;

May 5: Cahokia (Missouri), marriage (I)-Ignace Hamelin b-1734 to (II)-Marie Catherine Gaut b-743 daughter (I)-Louis Gaut
    (II)-Catherine Hamelin, 1st married 1783 Cahokia, Charles Gervais Germain, 2nd married 1798 Cahokia, Louis Gendron
    (II)-Francois Xavier Hamelin married 1792 Cahokia, Marguerite Gaudin Tourangeau
    (II)-Joseph Hamelin married 1796 Cahokia, Marie Joseph Borgan

 May 22:   Mackinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, (IV)-Charlotte Cadotte (1759-1768) born October 1, 1759, Sault Ste Marie, daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadot (1723-1803) and Marie Athanasie Nipissing (Equawaice) sauvagesse (d-1766).

May 23:   Fort Detroit,  New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Alexis Seguin son  (III)- Alexis Seguin, b-1733 and (IV)-Marie Agathe Campeau b-1739.

May 25:   Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Genevieve Janis born 1750, age 9-10 years, a panis slave of Sieur Janis

May 25:   Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Alexander Louis Beaujeu, panis, born 1746, age 14 years, a slave of Sieur de Beaujeu.

May 25:   Detroit, birth (IV)-Marie Catherine Rochereau daughter (III)-Joseph Rochereau dit Lesperance b-1725 and (II)-Catherine Pilet (1736-1763). 

May 26:   Michillimakinac, New France (Michigan), baptism Marie Joseph (Josette), panise, born 1746, age 13-14 years, a slave of Sieur (II)-Rene Bourassa dit La Ronde Sr. born 1688, called the elder.

June:   (II)-Isaac Batt Metis d-1791 returned to York Factory, Manitoba), from the interior.

June 2:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), death, (IV)-Pierre Boyer, born December 16, 1759, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) son (III)-Pierre Boyer (1707-1765) and Marie Anne Louise Pepin.

June 8:   Mackinac, New France (Michigan), baptized, Josette Hamelin born January this year or February 28, 1759, she is the daughter of the granddaughter of the old Nipissing and of Jacques Hamelin probably a reference to Jacques Hamelin (b-1680), godmother is Josette DuLignon.

June 9:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), marriage, (II)-Pierre Huyet et Huguet-Huiette-Ponceley-Champagne born June 22, 1737, La Angle Gardiens, Quebec, habitant de la Grosse Pointe, Coulee des Benards, Fort Detroit (Michigan), New France (Michigan); maitre shoe-maker, son (I)-Etienne Huyet (Marie July, mais les enfants sont Appeles Huyet Ponceley dit Champagne) and (II)-Barbe Fortier born 1696 dit LaFortune; married (IV)-Marie Reine Chretienne Trembley born September 9, 1744 Baie St Paul daughter (III)-Augustin Tremblay, b-1710, died July 13, 1795, Detroit and (IV)-Judith La Forest, b-1723. 

June 10:  Fort Detroit, birth (II)-Madeleine Ravelet daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste Ravelet dit LaRose and (III)-Rosalie Fauvel b-1740.

June 16:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Deux anonymes Casse children (II)-Jacques Casse and (IV)-Catherine Jean Vien died 1779.

June 23:   Lac des deux Montagnes, birth, (III)-Elisabeth Hery, Metis, daughter (II)-Louis Hery (Duplanty-Kil8abe) born July 16, 1711, son (I)-Jacques Hery (1664-1746) and (II)-Jeanne Vanier b-1685; married Marie Anastasie Missalim8k8e of the Sauteux Nation.

July 1:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (III)-Susanne Desnoyers daughter (II)-Pierre Desnoyer born 1721 and (IV)-Marie Louise Leduc (1734-1766).

July 4:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (V)-Jean Baptiste Dumay son  (IV)-Jacques Dumay (1719-1760) and (III)-Marie Madeleine Chevalier born 1724.

July 5:  Detroit, birth (IV)-Marie Angelique Tremblay, daughter (III)-Augustus Tremblay (1710-1795) and (IV)-Marie Judith Laforest b-1723.

July 13:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Julien Freton dit Nantais son (I)-Julien Freton dit Nantais born 1727 and (III)-Marie Joseph Gatignon born 1744; married January 20, 1783, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Therese Billiau.

July 16:   Mackinac, New France (Michigan), baptism, Marie Angelique Jourdin, born, February 28, 1759, daughter Jean Baptiste Jourdin and Marie Josephe Reaume, godfather de Souligni and Marie Cottenoire, born November 1759, daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Cottenoire b-1728 and Marie Josephe Ouagakout, godmother de Souligni.

July 16:   Michilimackinac, baptism, (IV)-Marie Cottenoire, Metis, born November 1, 1759 daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Cottenoire (Cotenoir) born June 11, 1728 St Frs Du Lac and Marie Joseph Matchiaugkauat 8akak8at (Ouagakout) (Ouagakonat), Sauvagesse.  

July 19:   Fort Detroit, Canada (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Suzanne Morand, daughter (III)-Claude Charles Morand (1722-1775) and (III)-Marie Anne Belleperche (1734-1794); married February 7, 1785 Fort Detroit Francois Campeau.

July 24:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Marie Catherine Gendron, died August 2, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (I)-Simon Gendron dit Potevin, a merchant, and (II)-Suzanne Bienvenu (1722-1764).

July 27:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Claude Thomas Gouin.

August 8:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Marie Anne Gervaise daughter (III)-Louis Gervaise (1708-1763) and (III)-Marie Madeline Langlois (1708-1763).  Marie is believed to be in Detroit most of her life.

August 20:  Nicolet, marriage, (III)-Pierre Chauvet, Metis, son  (II)-Pierre Chauvet dit Lagerne, b-1686 and Marie Madeleine Panis (slave) b-(1697-1777);  married August 20, 1760, Nicolet, (IV)-Marie Jeanne Terrien.b-1739. 

September:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), Francois Marie Picote, sieur de Belestre (1719-1793) sent his 2nd in command, Pierre Passerat de La Chapelle, with 200 men to assist in the defense of Canada.  Upon hearing of their defeat, he led his men to the Mississippi, later arriving in the French held territory on the Gulf. 

September 3:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Louise Campeau daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Campeau (1711-1783) and (III)-Catherine Perthus (1718-1763).

September 6:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Louis Augustin du Charme son Laurent du Charme and Marguerite.

September 6:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Pierre Augustin du Charme son Laurent du Charme and Marguerite.

September 8:  Fort Detroit, birth, (V)-Marie Anne Petitt daughter  (IV)-Jean Baptiste Petit dit Milhomme b-1731and (III)-Marie Joseph Poupart b-1734.  

September 10:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Nicolas Chesne died January 27, 1763, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (III)-Charles Chesne, born 1732 and (II)-Marie Joseph Descomps dit Labadie born 1737.  

September 10:  (II)-Joseph Stanislas Roussel b-1736 is at Detroit.

September 28:  Detroit, death (V)-Francois Labeau son (IV)-Francois Lebeau (1741-1765) and (III)-Marie Joseph Fauvel die Bigras (1736-1766)

October 9:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Jacque Sans Crainte, Metis, daughter Jean Baptiste Sans Crainte and his slave. 

October 12:   Balfour and Gorrell with English troops took possession of Green Bay, New France, (Wisconsin).

October 19:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), marriage, (V)-Rene Cloutier born May 31, 1734 Chateau Richer son (IV)-Zacharie Cloutier (1705-1771) and (III)-Marie Madeleine Brisson (1709-1770) married  (IV)-Marie Joseph Campeau daughter (III)-Michel Campeau (1706-1764) and (II)-Marei Joseph Buteau.

October 28:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Jacques Desbuttes Baudy Desbuttes, born 1733, died June 18, 1768, son (III)-Jean Baptiste Desbuttes, Baudry Desbuttes dit St. Martin (1684-1755) of La Cote south West of Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) and (III)-Marie Louise Doyan (1703-1778); married (II)-Marie Anne Navarre, born October 15, 1737 Fort Detroit, died October 11, 1773 Fort Detroit daughter (I)-Robert Navarre (1709-1791) and (III)-Marie Barrois Lothman; elle epouse Antony.

November 2:  Fort Detroit, death (I)-Frete, b-1690; de Chalons-Sur Saone, his wife is not known but one son is known, (II)-Francois Sylvestre Frete b-1709 and likely a Metis?

November  4:   Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Pierre Charles Daneau sieur de Mut (Muys), enseigne 1758 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), born September 23, 1736, Montreal, Quebec son (II)-Jacques Pierre Daneau (1695-1758) and Louise Genevieve Ruet Dauteuil born 1696; married November 4, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (IV)-Marie Charlotte Reaume born June 19, 1738 Fort Detroit, daughter (III)-Pierre Reaume dit Thamur (Themus) (1709-1766) and (III)-Suzanne Hubert Hubert Lacroix. June 19, 1709. 

November 8:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Madeleine Godfroy daughter (I)-Francois Godfroy (1717-1764) and (III)-Suzanne Pepin b-1719.

November 9:  Detroit, marriage Francois Navarre to (III)-Marie Suzor daughter (II)-Ls Francois Suzor b-1738 and Marie Joseph Lebeau.

November 11:  Fort Detroit, (Michigan) marriage (III)-Jean Baptiste Meloche, born February 19, 1741 Fort Detroit, son (II)-Pierre Meloche (1701-1760) and (III)-Jeanne Caron b-1709; married (V)-Marie Louise Robert daughter (IV)-Antoine Robert et Boucher (1765) b-1713 and (II)-Marie Louise Becquemont b-1727

November 20:    Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth, (II)-Louis Guilbaut, died July 7, 1760, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (I)-Jean Guilbaut b-1733 and (III)-Marie Joseph Marcheteau (1735-1765). 

November 23:  Michilimackinac, baptism, (IV)-Andre Vital Farly, son (III)-Charles Farly, born July 4, 1747, Montreal and Josette de Monchel dit Dumouchel.

November 23:  Fort Detroit, marriage, Jacques Baby to (IV)-Suzanne Reaume, daughter (III)-Pierre Reaume (1709-1766) and (III)-Suzanne Hubert b-1709.

November 26:   (II)-Pierre Keller, Metis, born November 26, 1760, deux Montagnes, died April 16, 1761, Deux Montahnes son (I)-Daniel Keller et Caler alias Claude Sinhasentas, Anglais de Nation, died June 6, 1761, au Lac des Deux-Montagnes and Madeleine Ska8ennati .

November 26: Lanoraie marriage (IV)-Pierre Durand Metis b-1738 son (III)-Louis Durand Metis b-1700 and (III)-Marie Anne Dumay et Demers; married (III)-Marie Louise Dufresne (1737-1761) Lanoraie

November 27:  marriage, Detroit   (I)-Jacques Quesnel dit St. Denis was posted to Fort Detroit November 28, 1754; married to (IV)-Marguerite Mobel de Ladurantaye daughter (III)-Michel Louis Mobel; elle epouse June 14, 1752 Boucherville  (IV)-Rene Francois Lebeau born April 3, 1730 Montreal EJ Bau; residing within Le Faubourg de Ste Rosalie, au Detroit son (III)-Jean Baptiste Francois Lebeau b-1694 and (II)-Catherine Dudfvoir b-1704. 

November 29:   Francois Marie Picote, sieur de Belestre (1719-1793) son Francois Marie Picote and Marie Catherine Trottier Beaubien (1676-1731) surrendered Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), to Robert Rogers (Roger's Rangers).  Rogers sent Picote and his 35 French soldiers, under escort of Holmes, to Philadelphia and then on to France.  He returned to New France in 1763 to fight the rebels again.

December 3:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Jean Baptiste Billiau son (I)-Jean Baptiste Billiau and (III)-Marie Francoise Mesnie, see parent birth 1758.

December 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death,  (II)-Jean Baptiste Chavalier died December 7, 1760 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), killed by the savages.   His daughter Anne was married July 21, 1744 Mackinac to (III)-Rene Bourassa dit La Ronde born June 1, 1718 Laprairie died November 22, 1792, British Fort Detroit (Michigan). 

December 13:  Fort Detroit New France (Michigan), birth (V)-Jacques Lauzon son (IV)-Antoine Nicolas Lauzon (1727-1770) and (III)-Angelique Chevalier b-1733.

December 13:  Fort Detroit, birth Alexis Petit son Francois Petit dit Prudhomme and Judith Cuillerier.



The next eight years is considered one of the freest in terms of the pursuit of trade in the Indian Territory.  One Indian Chief says the Pedlers (Metis) are as thickly as mosquitoes.  

Pierre Bonneau Sr had one son living with him in 1835
    Pierre Bonneau Jr. Metis b-1805 Ruperts land,  2 sons 1 daughter in 1838
    Jean Baptiste Metis NWC (1811-1821) 

(III)-Michel Cadot b-1729 Metis son (II)-Jean Cadot Metis (1693-1743) and (II)-Marie Joseph Proteau (1701-1731); married about 1761 Batiscan Marie Anne Cosset
    (IV)-Marie Joseph Cadot Metis b-1762 Batiscan
    (IV)-Michel Cadot Metis b-1764 Batiscan
    (IV)-Alkex Cadot Metis married 1801 Florissant, Marie Anne DeGerlais

Etienne Champion departed Lachine, Quebec for British Michilimackinac, (Wisconsin).  Upon his arrival, he noted that the staple foods are fish, maple sugar and corn.

Nicolet, birth, (IV)-Pierre Chauvet, Metis, died May 31, 1789, Nicolet, son  (III)-Pierre Chauvet dit Lagerne, Metis,  b-1737 and (IV)-Marie Jeanne Terrien.b-1739;  married February 13, 1787, Nicolet, Marie Morissett.. 

(I)-William Christopher of the H.B.C., on the sloop named Churchill, discovered the Chesterfield Inlet and traveled 90 miles up the inlet without conclusively determining its nature.

Olivies DuCharnie born 1761 North West Territory, census 1835, Metis Red River Colony.

Jean Baptiste Marie Ducharme (1723/24-1807) is living in British Green Bay, (Wisconsin) and his cousin, Laurent Ducharme, is trading out of British Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan).

(I)-Andrew Graham (1733-1815) is working Severn House (1761-1774), not to be confused with Alexander Henry the younger d-1814 his nephew.

Francois Guernon, also Grignon, married, 1761, St. Sulpice, Quebec, (PQ457-214)  This is a possible derivation to or from Garneau, Gouriau, Gournon and or Gourneau.   It is also a possible derivation of Grenon.  This Guernon (Garneau) spelling is the first recorded and will be later used in the Lake Superior area in the 1800's.

Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) is at Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan) trading.

Ignace Hubert dit Lacroix and Pierre Hubert dit Lacroix are hiring voyagers for British Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan).

British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (IV)-Marie Catherine Leduc daughter (III)-Jean Leduc born 1684, and Marie Catherine Descary.

Juan Maria de Rivera a Spanard out of Santa Fe led an expedition in search of gold and silver into southern Colorado and Utah.

Amable Roy (LeRoy) born Montreal, Quebec is at British Green Bay, (Wisconsin).

(I)-Kenneth MacDonald of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis (HBC 1850-1874) posted as a freeman (1861-1863) Red River but spent most of his work out of Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan District as canoe man (1851-1868) and Fort Edmonton (1869-1870)

Ambroise Martineau b-1761, Canada, 1st married Josephte Indian b-1785, 2nd marriage Charlotte Metis b-1787, most likely North West Territories.

Tracey, a trader, is killed sometime before it was noted in 1763.

British Fort Detroit (Michigan):  William Johnson wrote that he dined with Colonel Du Quesne and Major La Mott brother (II)-Guillaume Dagneau ( Dagnaux) Douville, sieur de la Mothe b-1706 who were his prisoners at Niagara.

Stanley Goodard and Ezekiel Solomons from Montreal, Quebec are voyaging to the west.

Jean Baptiste Marchetteau and Charles Boyer, voyagers, are recorded at Fort Mackinac (Michigan) this year in the birth, death and marriage records.

Francois Maurin b-1726, aide munitionnaire general des vivres, en Canada is arrested as a war profiteer this year in France having accumulated 1,900,000 livres in about 3 years of service.

Penneshaw, a French trader, is among the Dakota Sioux, having received a permit from Lieutenant Gorell, the English officer at British Green Bay, (Wisconsin).

Robert Roger (1731-1795) of 'Rogers' Rangers' fame is posted to North Carolina. 

Humphrey Martin of the H.B.C. turned over control of York Factory (Manitoba) to Ferdinand Jacobs.  Ferdinand Jacobs, who replaced (I)-James Isham d-1761 at York Factory, complained that the worst brothel house in London is not so common a stew as the men's house in this factory.   (I)-James Isham, d-1761 rose from a clerk writer with no other formal education to become Chief Factor, and was a notorious bigamist. It is believed he is employed at the Hudson Bay from 1730 to 1761. 

Alexander Henry the elder, (1739-1824) from New Jersey, disguised as a French Voyageur, journeyed to British Fort Michilimackine (Michigan) where he engaged a Frenchman Farley to act as interpreter.  Possibly (II)-Jacques Philippe Farly (b-1710) the voyager?  Farley is married to a Chippewa woman.  Alexander Henry (1739-1824) claims Minavavana an Ojibwa Chief offered Henry peace, although claiming that the Ojibwa are still at war with the English.  Fur traders James Stanley Goddard b-1730-40's, Henry Bostwick and Ezekial Solomons of Montreal, Quebec, are at British Fort Michilimackinac.  Captain Balfour and Lieutenant Leslie with twenty seven men arrive in September.

Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) noted the existence of a trading post (Fort Coulonge) near Coulonge River, on the Ottawa River, surrounded by a stockade.  He saw other forts up and down the river.

Fort St. Philippe, Louisiana, maintained birth, marriage and death records (1761-1765). 

Prairie du Rocher (St. Joseph), Illinois, maintained birth, marriage, and death records (1761-1799). 

Poste St. Philippe des Illinois (La Visitation), (Missouri?), maintained birth, marriage and death records (1761-1765).

Mission des Hurons de la Pointe de Montreal du Detroit (Sandwick, Co. Essex, Ontario), maintained birth, marriage and death records (1761-1767).

Fort Michilimackinac at this time contained some 30 houses.  At the fort are Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824), Stanley Goddard and Ezekiel Soloman, a Jew.  About this time a Saultier named Wa-wa-tam adopted Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) into his family.

January 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-MarieTherese Meloche daughter  (III)-Pierre Meloche b-1733 and (II)-Marie Catherine Guignard dit St. Etienne; married September 2, 1780 Fort Detroit Joseph Livernois.

January 19:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jeanne Meloche daughter  (III)-Pierre Meloche b-1730 and (II)-Marie Catherine Guignard dit St. Etienne; married October 8, 1781 Fort Detroit, Joseph Douaire.

January 31:  Detroit, birth  (IV)-Michel Tremblay son  (III)-Ambroise Trembley and  (IV)-Marguerite Simard b-1726, epouse November 23, 1767 Detroit Charles Moran.

February 12/24:  Fort Detroit, (Michigan), birth/death (IV)-Madeleine Rochereau daughter (III)- Francois Rocheleau et Rocheleau dit Lesperance, b-1718 and (III)-Marie Joseph Meloche, b-1739.

February 14, British Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan) is still occupied by the British.

February 22:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Catherine Godfroy died March 9, 1762 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (II)-Jacques Godfroy (1722-1795) and (II)-Louise Clotilde Chapoton b-1741.

February 24:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Catherine daughter (III)-Pierre Chesne dit Labutte born 1729 and (IV)-Marie Anne Cuillerier born 1730. 

February 24: Mr. Baby, a French Trader of Montreal is at Fort Pitt from Detroit.

February 28:  Fort Detroit, birth, (II)-Pierre Vallee dit Versailles, son (I)-Jean Vallee dit Versailles, and (III)-Marie Elisabeth Drouillard b-1740, epouse 1767 Pierre Desnoyers, daughter (II)-Jean Drouillard; married 1791 Marie Francoise Comparet.

March 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Charles Chauvin  son (II)-Noel Chauvin born 1732 and (III)-Jeanne Meloche born 1742.

March 15:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Rosalie Campeau daughter (III)-Charles Campeau (1715-1785) and Marie Charlotte Montray et Julliet La Cote

March 16:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Joseph Boyer son (III)-Antoine Boyer and (II)-Marie Louise Brigide Dufour born 1742.

March 16::   Detroit, death, (II)-Guillaume Dagneau ( Dagnaux) Douville, sieur de la Mothe (Motte) born May 7, 1706 Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec, died March 16, 1761 Detroit, son Michel Dagneaux and Marie Lamy dit Defond, was Voyager West likely hired by Trottier Desrivieres;  married February 5, 1742 Louise Lefournier dit Duviviers b-1721.

March 16:  Detroit, death, Louise Lefournier dit Duviviers born August 29, 1721 Montreal, died March 16, 1761 Detroit, daughter Louis Lefournier, sieur Duvivier and Marie Anne de Jordy; wife Guillaume Dagneau sieur de la Motte.

March 22:  Detroit, birth (V)-Cecile Robert son (IV)-Antoine Robert et Boucher (1765) b-1713 and (II)-Marie Louise Becquemont b-1727.

April 4:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Marie Joseph Lacoste daughter (III)-Francois Lacoste dit Lang-Languedoc (1720-1762) and (II)-Madeline Bourbon b-1722.

April 4:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Josette Catherine Brisbe daughter Francois Brisbe dit Lagrandeur and Marie Parent. 

April 8:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Jacques Godet (posthume) died April 24, 1762 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (IV)-Jacques Godet (1699-1760) and (IV)-Marie Louise St. Martin dit Baudry Desbuttes.

April 11:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Therese Janis daughter (II)-Nicolas Francois Janis b-1720 and (II)-Therese Meloche b-1732.

April 13:  Fort Detroit, birth (III)-Pierre Mesny, son (II)-Antoine Mesny (1712-1794) and (II)-Jeanne Seguin Laderoute b-1724; 1st marriage Cecile Brilland, 2nd marriage May 11, 1795 Fort Detroit Marie Anne Petit.

April 17:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Anne Davignon daughter (II)-Joseph Davignon, et Javillon, dit Lafeuillade 1759 and Marie Anne Lemelin.

April 21:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Marie Angelique Brillant dit Lapierre, Metis, daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste Brillant dit Lapierre (dit Beaulieu) and Francoise Itagisse Chretienne Sauteuse (Ojibwa). She married October 30, 1781, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (II)-Francois Coutant (Contant) son (I)-Pierre Contant.  Source Tanguay.

May 2:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (III)-Charles Chauvin born June 22, 1737 maitre forgeron son (II)-Charles Chauvin (1702-1772)  and (II)-Marie Anne Casse born 1710; .married (IV)-Marie Louis Boyer born 1745 daughter (III)-Pierre Boyer (1707-1765) and Marie Anne Louise Pepin. 

May 2:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Joseph Toussaint Chauvin born July 8, 1766, British Fort Detroit (Michigan) son (III)-Charles Chauvin born June 22, 1737, (Maitre Forgeron)  and (II)-Marie Anne Casse born 1710; Married (IV)-Marie Louise Boyer born 1745, daughter (IV)-Pierre Boyer.

May 3:  Detroit, birth (III)-Marguerite Solo, died March 19, 1793 Detroit, daughter (II)-Claude Solo, b-1732 and (II)-Marguerite Descomps (1734-1765); married October 12, 1778 Detroit, Jean Baptiste Roman.

May 13:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Joseph le Tellier dit La Fortune, Metis born March 2, 1761 in the wintering place, son Antoine le Tellier dit La Fortune and Charlotte Mi-Gauanson-Jean Auetaukis (Micasnonjean) of the Ouetonkis.

May 21:  Detroit, birth (IV)-Marie Catherine Seguin daughter (III)-Cajetan Seguin dit Laderoute b-1726 and (IV)-Marie Genevieve Tremblay b-1740.

May 23:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Pierre Thomas Huyet son (II)-Pierre Huyet et Huguet-Huiette-Ponceley-Champagne born 1737 and (IV)-Marie Reine Trempley born 1744.

May 27:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Marie Desanges Coron daughter (II)-Francois Coron (1678-1733) and (II)-Marie Cyr;  born December 31, 1704? St. Francois I.J. 

May 30:  Michilimackinac, birth (V)-Joseph LeTellier, Metis, son (IV)- Antoine LeTellier et Tellier dit La Fortune, Metis b-1733 and Charlotte Mi-Gauanon-Jean Auetaukis (Migsanonjean) (8et8kis) sauvagesse.  

June 1:   British Fort Makinae, (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Bourassa Metis son (III)-Rene Bourassa dit La Ronde (1718-1792) and (III)-Anne Charlotte Veronica Chavalier [a Mackinac Metis] (1726-1792), see marriages August 3, 1744.

June 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Bouron alias Huron died August 18, 1761, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (II)-Joseph Bouron born 1722, and (IV)-Marguerite Reaume born 1725, see marriage January 7, 1756 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan).

June 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Nicolas Gouyou son (III)-Jean Baptiste Gouyou (1722-1764) and (II)-Louise Delieres (1724-1766)

July 4:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Jean Baptiste Lacelle son (II)-Nicolas Lacelle et Laselle (1715-1779) and (II)-Marie Joseph Cardinal (1733-1763).

July 6:   (IV)-Simon Campeau son (III)-Jean Louis Campeau (1702-1774) and (II)-Marie Louise Robert died April 2, 1776; married July 6, 1761 Veronique Bourdeau, marriage location unknown, but likely British Fort Detroit (Michigan) or British Fort Mackinac (Michigan).

July 12:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Marie Joseph Carignan born 1738, son Francois Duclos dit Carignan and unknown.

July 13:  British Fort Michilimackinac, (Michigan), marriage, Pierre DuPre (Dupre), married Marie Joseph DuClos dit Carignan.

July 13:  Illinois marriage Joseph Normand to Agathe Hamelin, Metis (note to be confused with Agathe Gamelin) married by Father Desjaunet, Jesuit, three children born 1765-1767-1768.  source Bridget Kopetzky

July 18:   Etienne Campion born Montreal, Quebec, died about 1790, and was hired by Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) and Company for Fort British Fort Michilimackinac, (Michigan).

August 3:  Henry Bostwick obtained a travel permit to trade the North West.

August 5:  George Croughan and Collen Johnson are on their way to Detroit for treaty.

August 7:  Michilimackinac, baptism Joseph Jean Baptiste Metivier born October 7, 1761 son Jean Baptiste Metivier and Josette Parent.  see October 28

August 16:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Madeleine Laforest, daughter (IV)-Guillaume Laforest b-1725 and (IV)-Marie Marguerite Tremblay (1725-1768); 1st married June 26, 1775 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Antoine Goulet, 2nd marriage January 20, 1794 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Ignace Tibaut.

August 17:   Montreal, Quebec, marriage, (IV)-Jacques Campeau born March 30, 1735, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), ensign des Milices Ll etait, October 3, 1757, Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan) living la Cote Nord Est, born 1735, son (III)-Louis Campeau (1702-1774) and (II)-Marie Louise Robert; 1st married August 17, 1761, Montreal, Quebec,  (II)-Catherine Menard born 1739, daughter (III)-Jacques Menard; 2nd marriage January 5, 1784 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), (II)-Marie Francoise Navaree born 1735 veuve de George McDougall.

September:   British Fort Mackinac, (Michigan), marriage, Jean Baptiste La Framboise to Margurite Genevive Labissoniere.

September:   British Fort Makinac, (Michigan), baptism, (IV)-Charles Cardin (Cardinal), born About August 20, 1760, son (III)-Francois Louis Cardin (Cardinal).

September:  The British, in the person of Captain Belfour, occupied the historic French Fort Michilimackinac.  Lieutenant Leslie and twenty five soldiers occupied the Fort.  The Commandant of Moose Factory (Ontario) noted the introduction of interlopers into the southward and S.E. who were more destructive to the Hudson Bay Company trade than the French.  The French are settled, their trade fixed, their standards moderate and themselves are under particular regulations and restrictions.  The interlopers will cause the trade to become an auction.  

September 1:  Fort Detroit, marriage, Robert Thibault to (V)-Marguerite Prudhomme b-1742 daughter (IV)-Francois Xavier Prudhomme b-1711 and (IV)-Judith Cuillerier b-1724.

September 3:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Charles Louis Francois Cardin, born August 20, 1761 son Francois Louis Cardin of Michilimackinac and Coussante Chevalier.  see August 17, 1759

September 4:   British Fort Mackinac, baptism, Charles Boyer, born September 2, son Sieur Michel Boyer, trader, at British Fort Mackinac (Michigan) and (IV)-Josephe Marguerite DuLignon (b-1747).

September 14:   British Fort Makinac, (Michigan), birth, Charles Boyer, son Michel Boyer and (V)-Josette Marguerite Dulignon.

September 16:  A contract by Forrest Oakes, James Stanley, Goddard and William Grant of the North West Society hired Ignace Pinsonneau de la Fleur to take a canoe of goods to Michilimackinac.

September 24:   British Fort Michillimackinac, (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Anonyme Landrouche daughter (II)-Andre Landrouche dit Skayanisse, a voyager and Amme Parant (1723-1768).

October 12:    James Stanley Goddard b-1730-40's arrived British Green Bay (Fort La Baye) (Wisconsin), with the British garrison commanded by Captain Henry Balfour.  He remained at this location until 1763. 

October 16:  Agness Miller, a captive of the Shawnes on the Ohio delivered two girls one daughter Charles Stuward and one daughter James McBride, she was freed this day. 

October 25: Makinac, birth (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cadot, Metis, baptised June 29, 1762 Makinac, son, (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadot (1723-1803) and Anastasie Nipising, Sauvagesse, d-1766

October 28:  Michilimackinac, baptism (II)-Joseph Jean Baptiste Metivier born October 7 (28), 1761 son (I)- Jean Baptiste Metivier, a merchant, d-1773 Michillimakinac and  Marie Josette (Joseph) Parant (Chaboillez) see August 7. 

December 8:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (III)-Catherine DesComps daughter (II)- Antoine Louis DesComps dit Labadie-Bodichon (1767) and (IV)-Angelique Campeau ( 1742 -1767).

December 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Anonyme Cabassier child of (III)-Joseph Cabassier (1722-1773) and (II)-Angelique Bienvenu dit Delisle born 1721.

December 19:   Alimipigon (baptism July 11, 1762, British Fort Michilimackinac, (Michigan), birth, Hippolyte Desrivieres b-1761 son Jacques Hippolyte Trottier Desrivieres (1734-1791) and Marie Anne Desjardins.

December 27:  Oliver McConaughty and Allex McMullen came from Sandusky to Fort Pitt having lost all their horses and lost 77 horses of Cap Calend.




The Coureurs des Bois (Metis?) out of British Fort Mackinaw, (Michigan), are trading beyond the junction of the Red River and Assiniboine River (Manitoba) with the Omahaws and Assineboines.  They referred to themselves as 'Gens Libres'- the Free People.

Charles Begarde (LeGarde or Beauregard?) born 1762 North West, census 1831 Red River (Manitoba).

Fort St. Philippe, Illinois (Louisiana) birth of first child Joseph Trottier Bellecourt b-1705 son Francois Trottier Bellecourt (1679-1744) and Marie Anne Gouin (1684-1713). 

Bijigokwadokwe, birth, 1762, likely Lake Superior, Ojibwa Country, died October 1, 1852 LaPointe, Ojibwa Country (Wisconsin).

(I)-Joseph Oakes (1734-1783) arrived Montreal this year or 1760 most likely with (I)-Lawrence Ermatinger (1736-1789) but Lawrence arrival has not been verified but they entered into the independent fur trade and Lawrence married Joseph's sister.  Joseph appears to work the Grand Portage region (1762-1783), the first verified entry to the West was in 1764 but implying an earlier date.  While (I)-Lawrence managed the Montreal to London business during this time period..  (I)-Joseph Forrest Oakes (1734-1783) married a Indian girl at Grande Portage and had one recorded child;
    (II)-John Meticamus Oakes Metis. 

Alexis Campion is hired by Samuel Holmes as a boatman to winter British Fort La Baye (Green Bay, Wisconsin).  Alexis would obtain his own license in 1779 to trade out of Fort La Baye. 

(I)- Anthony Henday (HBC service 1750-1762) retired from the Hudson Bay Company, having saved £113 of his total earnings of £120.  This would have covered about 10 years or more of service.  He did not feel the English gave him adequate recognition for his service.

(IV)-Jacques Lauzon b-1737 living de la Cote Nord-est son (III)-Nicolas Lauzon (1693-1779) and (II)-Marie Louise Chauvin b-1696; married about 1762 Detroit (II)-Marie Anne Casse daughter (III)-Charles Casse

George McGulpin Sr., Ojibwa Metis, b-1762, Mackinac son Frenchman and Ojibwa squaw (iskwao), listed March 28, 1836 treaty.  (Squaw is a very insulting English word.)

Antoine Pacquet b-1762, married Lisette Indian b-1765, most likely North West.

Detroit, birth (II)-Catherine Renaud, died March 22, 1764, Detroit daughter (I)-Jean Louis Renaud dit Lajeunesse and (II)-Marie Joseph Guignard dit St. Etienne, b-1730

Alexis Roy dit Portelance son Louis Paul Roy Portelance and Angelique Allaire is hired by Amable Huber for British Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan).

Magnus Twat b-1762, married Margaret, Metis b-1767, most likely North West Territories.

(I)-William Christopher and (II)-Moses Norton, a Metis, born Prince of Wales Fort, d-1773, of the H.B.C., is ordered to discover the nature of Chesterfield Inlet. They traveled 200 miles up the inlet without definitely determining its nature or discovering minerals or furs.   

England reminded her colonies to avoid attachment to slaves, as it was the duty incumbent of every good citizen, by honorable wedlock, to raise a race of unadulterated beings.  This was directed mostly towards the vulgar, ugly, Scottish sultan's of the New World. 

The French trading Companies dissolved this year having become the first American business to operate on a continental scale.  Their vast holdings, by right of possession, was administered by an elaborate involved code of conduct, being a blend of monopolistic and native free trade arrangements and was held together by the traders, voyagers and 'Assinipoval Metis' themselves.  No centralized organization was required to make this system work.

Jean Baptiste DesNoyers and Bissonnet, voyagers, are recorded at British Fort Mackinac,  (Michigan), this year in the birth, death and marriage records.

Maps produced this year record the following Forts of the West:
     Fort Bourbon - mouth of the White River or Hinds River (Saskatchewan)
     Fort Dauphin - between Lakes Bourbon and Meadows Lake
     Fort LaReine - Assiniboels River
     Fort Rouge - on the Assiniboels and Red River junction
     Fort St. Charles - on Woods Lake
     Fort St. Pierre - on Rain Lake
     Fort Kamanestigouya - on the River of that name.

Sault Ste Marie, Ojibwa Country, trading post sold for 14,000 livres.  (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803), the interpreter, and his Chippewa wife Anastasie Nipissing (he married 1756 at Mackinac, New France) live there among 55 Chippewa, including some mixed blood.  Some historians contend Cadotte is the only settler at Sault Ste Marie at this time, but this is untrue.  The Ojibwa historically have farmed and fished this area since the fifteenth century.  Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824), visiting French trader Monsieur (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) at Fort Cadot (Sault Ste Marie), had noted that the Natives engage in large scale, commercial netting of fish.  The Fort now contained four houses, one for the officer in charge, one for Cadotte the interpreter and two as barracks for the small French garrison.  One visitor reported that in the Cadotte family, no other language than Ojibwa is spoken.  This can't be true as to be an interpreter, he must also speak French and likely other languages.

Sault Ste Marie, (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadotte Sr. (1723-1803) agreed to a partnership with Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) for fur trade on Lake Superior and later on the Saskatchewan River.  Alexander wintered with the Cadotte family 1762/63 to learn the trade and the Indian language.

Some contend that Monsieur Dumont de St. Lusson is also is at St. Mary's Falls this year.  A small detachment of English soldiers under the command of Lieutenant Jemet took over the fort.  Cadot remained as interpreter, which implies he also speaks English.  The threatened end of French control of La Pointe (Wisconsin) resulted in a great reduction in trade from this critical Metis trading center.

Louisiana, west of the Mississippi River and the Isle of Orleans was ceded to Spain by  in secret treaty by France.  As a result 300 Spanish (Islenos) migrated from the Canary Islands to Louisiana New Spain

January 10:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (III)-Louis Raphaels Huyet son (II)-Pierre Huyet et Huguet-Huiette-Ponceley-Champagne born 1737 and (IV)-Marie Reine Trempley born 1744; married September 13, 1790 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Marie Croisette..

January 11:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Joseph Dussault to (IV)-Marie Louise St. Martin dit Baudry Desbuttes b-1724, Epouse August 15, 1743 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), (IV)-Jacques Godet (1699-1760)

January 12:   Jean Baptiste Marcotte is born January 12, 1762 at La Pointe du Chagauamigaun the son of Jean Baptiste Marcotte and Marie Neskech.

January 27:  Michilimackinac, baptism, A female Savage possible daughter Joseph and slave of Amiot, living with (III)-Rene Bourassa La Ronde (1718-1792) or Sr.?. 

February 4:   Fort St. Philippe, Illinois, New Spain (Louisiana), birth, Marie Josephte Belcourt daughter Joseph Trottier Bellecour b-1705 and Marie Anne Mercier; married 1777 Prair du Rocher, Illinois Jean Baptiste Saucier.

February 27:  John Armstrong, a Indian (Metis?) born Jersey who speaks English says several years ago came some strange Indians to the Delaware Towns, being almost as black as Negros with very long hair.  They took three Indian Woman for wives.  The had a Spaniard as an interpreter who said they came from a long distance over the Mississippi near the sea being all sandy hills and pine woods.  These people go naked, raise no corn but lives on meat and fish and use bows and arrows.  This according to James Kenny. 

March 8:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Young Female Slave, born 1750, of Parent.

March 26:  James Kenny went to see Andrew Buyerlys at Brushey Run on business.

April 10:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Pierre a young Negro born 1742 slave belonging to the Michilimackinac Mission.

April 25:   Mackinac, baptism, of Pierre Louis Villeneuve born this date son of a slave girl of Sieur (III)-Francois Louis Cardin (Cardinal) soldat, the younger, son (II)-Maurice Cardin, godmother is (III)-Constant Chevalier (b-1719), wife of Sieur (III)-Francois Cardin and veuve de Joseph Hains.  The slave girl claims Constant Villeneuve is the father. Another female child named Therese Cardin is also attributed to Francois.

May 30:  Michilimackinac, baptism Pierre Ignace, born March 1762 on the Grande River son Pierre Kiniuichattouin and Marie his wife.

May 30:  Michilimackinac, baptism Michel born January 6, 1762 on the Grande River son unknown and Elizabeth Nattamanisset daughter Kiniouichattouin and Bissonet.

June 13:   British Mackinac, (Michigan), baptism, a Jean Baptiste Marcot (Marcotte), Metis, born January 12, 1762 La Pointe de Chagonamigoun son Jean Baptiste Marcot (Marcotte) and Marie (Neskech).

June 23:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Charles Bouron alias Huron son (II)-Joseph Bouron born 1722 and (IV)-Marguerite Reaume born 1725, see marriage January 7, 1756 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan).

June 24:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Francois Xavier Lacoste son (III)-Francois Lacoste dit Lang-Languedoc (1720-1762) and (II)-Madeline Bourbon b-1722

June 29:   British Mackinac (Michigan), baptism, (IV)-Jean Baptiste Cadot born October 25, 1761 Sault Ste Marie son (III)-Jean Baptiste Cadot (1723-1803) and Marie Athanasie Nipissing (Equawaice) (d-1766)

July 11:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Hyppolite Riverese born December 19, 1762 Alimipigon, son Sieur Hyppolite de Rivers and Marie.

July 12:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (I)-Jean Chrysostome Thirot b-1732 married (IV)-Julie Catherine Campeau daughter (III)-Jean Baptiste Campeau (1711-1783) and (III)-Catherine Perthus (1718-1763).

August 1:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Charles Freton dit Nantais died September 7, 1763 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (I)-Julien Freton dit Nantais born 1727 and (III)-Marie Joseph Gatignon born 1744.

August 12:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, (V)-Francoise Godet born after 1759 daughter (IV)-Francois Godet b-1720 and (III)-Jeanne Parant b-1739. 

August 16:   British Fort Michilimackinac, marriage (II)-Constant Quirigou fily De Quirigou (Kerigou (Kerigon)) b-1710, horseman, son (I)-Michel Quirigou; married Marie Anne Angelique Metivier.

August 16:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Nicolas Gendron born July 23, died August 16, 1762 British Fort Detroit (Michigan) son (I)-Simon Gendron dit Potevin, a merchant, and (II)-Suzanne Bienvenu (1722-1764).

August 16:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Louise Godfroy daughter (II)-Jacques Godfroy (1722-1795) and (II)-Louise Clotilde Chapoton b-1741.

August 16:  British Fort Detroit  (Michigan), birth/death (V)-Angelique Lauzon daughter (IV)-Antoine Nicolas Lauzon (1727-1770) and (III)-Angelique Chevalier b-1733.

July 17:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Christine L'Esperance b-1670, daughter L'Esperance and Ouindigouich sister Onlaone and daughter of the late Teleiprieonne a Ouiskentcha.

July 17:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Joseph Metis, born in spring returning from winter quarters towards La Baye, father not yet named and Charlotte who is living with Antoine La Fortune.

August 15:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Antoine born 1744, a slave of old Angelique Ouechibisse residing at the Mission of Michilimackinac.

August 25:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), death, Pierre Forville born 1740 son Pierre Forville habitant de la Cote sud-quest British Fort Detroit (Michigan), and Marie Catherine Chesse born 1722 died August 20, 1748 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan).

August 29:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (IV)-Eleonore Boyer daughter (III)-Antoine Boyer and (II)-Marie Louise Brigide Dufour born 1742.

September 2:  Fort Detroit, birth, (II)-Suzanne Vallee dit Versailles, died December 23, 1762 Detroit, daughter (I)-Jean Vallee dit Versailles, and (III)-Marie Elisabeth Drouillard b-1740, epouse 1767 Pierre Desnoyers, daughter (II)-Jean Drouillard.

September 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth/death, (IV)-Catherine Boyer daughter (III)-Ignace Boyer (1721-1784) living British Fort Detroit (Michigan), and (IV)-Angelique Pepin dit Descardonnets.

October 16:  Michilimackinac, baptism, Rene Francois Bourassa Metis, unknown Father and Madelaine Pinas, a slave of Laurent du Charme.  Father is likely Rene Bourassa dit La Ronde either Sr. or Jr., likely Madelaine previous slave of Sr.

October 23:    British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Gabriel Douaire de Bondy son (IV)-Joseph Douaire de Bondy, and (IV)-Marie Joseph Gamelin born 1741.

October 25:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Jean Baptiste LaCouture (Goneau et Gouneau) born November 18, 1735 living in the south, son (III)-Jean Baptiste Couture (Goneau et Gouneau) and (III)-Marie Madeleine Lacasse born 1697;  married Fort Detroit (IV)-Catherine Campeau (b-1742) daughter (III)-Antoine Campeau (1702-1759) and (V)-Marie Anne Pelletier.

October 31:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan) death (IV)-Louis Cote (1734-1762) son (III)-Joseph Cote (1689-1760) and (IV)-Marie Jeanne Roussin (1705-1784); and was married to Marie Anne Bisaillon at Laprairie.

November 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, Nicolas Patenote to  (III)-Catherine Gastinon born 1749 Fort Detroit, New France (Michigan), died January 13, 1783 British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (II)-Francois Catignon also Gastinon et Gastignon dit Duchesne born 1700 and (III)-Marie Joseph David ( 1698-1793).

November 7:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (IV)-Charles Dupuis dit Moise born December 10, 1728, LaPrairie, died August 31, 1767, son (III)-Charles Dupuis born 1700 and (III)-Therese Tremblay (1693-1733; married (III)-Catherine Casse daughter (II)-Pierre Casse (1709-1794) and (II)-Marguerite Fourneau (1711-1791); Catherine 2nd marriage January 18, 1768, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), Etienne Langeron.

November 18:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (II)-Marie Jeanne Billiau, married July 8, 1776, British Fort Detroit (Michigan) Thomas Gatignon; died October 3, 1791, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), daughter (I)-Jean Baptiste Billiau and (III)-Marie Francoise Mesnie, see parent birth 1758.

November 29:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), birth, (V)-Louis Campeau, died January 11, 1763, British Fort Detroit (Michigan), son (IV)-Jacques Campeau born 1735 and (II)-Catherine Menard born 1739.

December 13:   British Fort Detroit (Michigan), marriage, (II)-Robert Navarre, Metis, born November 26, 1739 Fort Detroit, died October 11, 1773 Fort Detroit son (I)-Robert Navarre, (1709-1791) and (III)-Marie Barrois Lothman; Metis,  married to (III)-Marie Louise DeMarsac, b-1744, daughter (II)-Francois DeMarsac (1706-1777) and Therese Cecile Campeau (1714-1746). 

December 19:  British Fort Detroit (Michigan), baptism, Marguerite Macous, Metis b-1752 daughter Marcous and Outaou Aise (Outaouaise, sauvagesse, donnee a bouron, pour etre elevfe jusqu'a l'age de 20 ans. 

December 22:  Fire destroyed all but the Cadot house in the fort at St. Mary's Falls (Sault Ste Marie), badly burning Lieutenant Jemet and driving the English back to British Fort Michilimackinac (Michigan). Alexander Henry the elder (1739-1824) of New Jersey witnessed the fire and fled with the others to the St Mary's Settlement.



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