Genies at Work was started out of a lot of thought, time and effort. Like Genies that grant wishes, we hope to help students at the nth hour with our easy-to-learn guides that will help them do better at exams and assignments.

Why choose us?

1. All our study guides are in Q & A format

2. No extra reading required!

3. Also included are core themes and topics, notes on the author, references and much more!

We have written & collected these notes over a number of years from many different sources.

Our different Sections of Literary Background, Prose & Poetry cover some of the most important topics for exams.

For ordering any of the study guides, send a request in the comment box or you can email us at geniesatwork11@gmail.com.

Happy Learning!

  1. Awesome thought….. Where can I register… Please revert asap… exam clock is ticking away… Waiting eagerly…

    • Hi Tayissa,

      Thanks for your feedback :)

      Kindly check your inbox for further details. The membership fee is Rs 500 for a year and you will have access to ALL the notes that we upload for all the sections!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Happy Learning! :)


  2. I appreciate the good work you are doing! I’ve really enjoyed reading it. You’ve arouse me a great interest. I’ll investigate it more. Keep up doing it!

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