by Ellen Whitehurst on Monday, February 28, 2011 at 10:58pm

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April 1.  No fooling. The new and improved SHUISTROLOGY goes subscription.  Here, now, what you can expect this month!



Your Stars:

You should be as excited as you feel Aries because the planets are providing you with all the enthusiasm and opportunity you need to break free from your past.  That said, it’s your own intuition, gut hunches and still, small voice within that will provide ALL the information you need this potentially life altering month in order to boldly go where you’ve never been before.  Here’s what I’ll say as well, all those intentions you planted in May and August of last year are about to take root and grow.  And grow and grow and grow.  But first, let’s talk about all those seeds you’ve been planting lately and what to expect of them.




You are a force and a power to be reckoned with as March begins.  In fact, you even give that proverbial lion, the one that comes in with this month, a run for his money.  But it’s your money and your opportunities that I want to talk about now.  See you have a tremendous cosmic assist in becoming an opportunity magnet when Mars and Pluto sextile on 3/3.  The opportunity that comes alongside this planetary pairing puts you in a position where you can easily and effortlessly influence and impact others without seeming to come off like a sledge hammer.  There’s a difference between romancing and stalking and during these early days of March you are the flavor du jour with nary a naysayer in sight.  The Pisces New Moon that rises on 3/4 shines a light on your 12 House of Intuition and Inspiration so be sure to tap into a bit of both in order to make your world a far better place to be.  And although you may feel like you need a bit of an escape from a situation or circumstance that is sapping some of your precious energy, just know that it’s okay for you to find another focus right now.  You can always come back to assess and evaluate how best to handle this distraction sometime in the future.  You are bound to be beyond brilliant when Mercury the Messenger conjuncts electric Uranus on 3/9 and 10, but, WORD to the wise, and WORD up….watch your (okay, you knew I was going here) WORDS during these two days as well.  Seriously, I want you to stop right now and record that on your calendar somewhere.  When Uranus is around and involved you can almost count on opportunities for inappropriateness and impropriety.  Be VERY careful what you say, how you say it and who you say it to while this planetary influence is impacting and you might find more friends and allies flocking to your altar and your aid then you’d ever imagine.  With a super sweet sextile between loving Venus and generous Jupiter happening on 3/10 you are witty and charming and, if you’ve watched your words, uber duper popular too!  Now, once the middle of the month gets here you’re going to find yet another stroke of genius causing you some amount of recognition and reward.  You can thank a wonderful Mercury – Jupiter conjunction for all of these profound and supportive influences especially where a sense of self-confidence, worth and awareness is concerned.  On 3/15 you might actually be able to see the forest from the trees as well as your place in the world and in your space.  Good times, good times.  The electricity in the air amps up to shocking proportions when the Sun enters your sign on 3/20 right before joining an already charged Uranus on the 21st.  You WILL feel this energy in some ratcheted fashion depending on what you choose.  You could feel excited and enthused which does appear to be your theme of the month.  OR you could feel as if you’ve been waiting too long for the future to be now and could also create quite a stir.  Rebel with a cause.  OR you could simply feel all the electric energy as well as a need for a change.  Now, let me tell you what the planets promise you should be feeling.  You’re feeling that feeling we get when something’s right there, right around the corner and just about to POP!  Limits and walls are crumbling around you and your freedom is at hand.  Go ahead Aries and give yourself permission to take a risk.  And make a radical decision.  And a life altering move.  Now, just in case you thought this month was all about breaking free and flying at warp speed into the fabulous future of your making you may want to mark Mars squaring off again the Lunar Nodes on 3/29 as a day that could contain some conflict.  But with Mercury retrograding in your 1st House of Self on the very next day you will be all the better advised to stop and think about how to handle a conflicting situation so that it reaches resolution as opposed to rushing to be right.  This month begins an entirely new year for you Aries.  One that’s filled with creativity and courage.  And even though your itch for independence seem deeper now than ever, the difference is that you’re starting to find the people, places and things that can scratch it.  Be careful to not act out of frustration and lose your cool as you find a brand new path and also be careful to construct your new best life blueprint.  You’ll need it to follow in the days and weeks and months to come.  You are embarking on the times you have been praying for.  Be patient just a bit longer and you’ll be amply rewarded for your reflection and review.  AMPLY REWARDED!


Your Shui:

If there were ever a time to take time to consciously tie up loose ends and then to be really ready to break free from the past this month is it Aries!  And we’re going to start getting rid of all the back story by looking at the front door.  This month is all about embarking on new beginnings and Feng Shui says that one of the absolute best ways to do that is to use an empty bowl or vase. Place one or two bowls or bases, preferably made from some sort of pottery, outside your front entryway.  This is especially powerful and effective if your door faces southwest, west, northwest or northeast but will work to put you on a solid and successful path no matter what.  Enjoy the journey Aries because it all begins now.

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    • Joyce Coidakis You done good Ellen! I don't know how u do it all but please know everything you do and say to help guide us on our way us so lovingly appreciated! U r my gps system for my life! Oxox
      Yesterday at 12:22am