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Group Season Pass - Northstar / Sierra Double Whammy (san leandro)

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Date: 2008-10-02, 9:08AM PDT

If you missed early season pricing for the Sierra / Northstar Double Whammy Limited Pass (now currently $499), here’s another way to save money. Group Rates are still open until Oct 31 on their Limited Season Pass and we need 15 folks.

Join our group and get it for just $475. This includes the Limited Double Whammy Pass plus Vertical Plus. I’ll be honest, the reason I’m organizing the group is so I can afford to ski with my family, 2 kids, a nephew and a wife all starting their second season. I cannot afford a full price pass for myself and tickets or season passes for all of them. Please join my group and help out a fellow SnowRider and save some money while your at it.

It's a great deal as the current regular price for this Pass is $499 plus an extra $99 if you want Vertical Plus, bringing the total to $598. Join our group and save $123.
Here’s another way to look at the savings based on Daily Ticket Prices:
Sierra $65 and $68 Holiday (last years prices), Northstar was $74 (last years prices), Vertical Plus for non pass holders $119 (this years price)

- 119 (cost of Vertical Plus)
= 356 (for daily tickets)
÷ 74 (Northstar daily price)
= 4.8 (days to break even)

- 119 (cost of Vertical Plus)
= 356 (for daily tickets)
÷ 65 (Sierra daily price)
= 5.47 (days to break even)

If you go just 5 - 6 times you’ve broken even, leaving you more money for gas, food, lodging or equipment.

• Two resorts, one low price. Ski Northstar Resort and Sierra Resort with one season pass!
• Group passes include Vertical PlusTM Membership. Enjoy the benefits of their frequent skier program that gives you access to special lift lines and allows you to earn vertical feet exchangeable for prizes.
• Group passes are valid any day at Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort (excluding holiday blackout dates) and any day at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort without restrictions.
Blackout Dates are:
2008.09 Season Pass Blackout Dates:
November 28 - 29, 2008 | December 26 - 31, 2008 | January 17 - 18, 2009 | February 14 - 15, 2009

Here’s the link for the Group Pass application. All you need to complete are Pages 3 and Page 4, leave the Member# blank and put my name, Ken Bulman, as the Group Organizer. Be sure to sign Page 4 or they won’t issue your pass. Group Pass Application

You will be able to mail or fax the forms to me, so I’ll provide fax number or address to you when we talk. Payment options will be check, cash or Paypal (details to follow as there are specific payment methods and types with Paypal in order to avoid extra fees or limits).

I have organized this Group Pass for 3 years in the past, but most recently been riding at other resorts. It’s a good time for me to get back to Sierra and Northstar as my kids and wife are getting started. I live in San Leandro and work in Union City if you’d be more comfortable meeting in person. My goal is to complete this between October 15 - 19 so I have plenty of time to submit everything before the deadline. I will keep you posted with updates along the way.

Email or call me at (home) 510-351-6241 (cell) 510-914-4078 if you're interested. Leave a message if you don’t reach me and I’ll prompty return your call or email and we can chat further.

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