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adj \ə-ˈmē-nə-bəl, -ˈme-\

Definition of AMENABLE

: liable to be brought to account : answerable <citizens amenable to the law>
a : capable of submission (as to judgment or test) : suited <the data is amenable to analysis> b : readily brought to yield, submit, or cooperate <a government not amenable to change> c : willing 1 <was amenable to spending more time at home>
ame·na·bil·i·ty \-ˌmē-nə-ˈbil-ət-ē, -ˌme-\ noun
ame·na·bly \-ˈmē-nə-blē, -ˈme-\ adverb

Examples of AMENABLE

  1. <whatever you decide to do, I'm amenable—just let me know>
  2. <our normally balky cat becomes the most amenable of creatures when confronted with the strange environment of the veterinary clinic>
  3. Mr. Bush is in a position to make his party more amenable to minorities and especially blacks. He should seize the moment. —Jason L. Riley, Wall Street Journal, 16 Jan. 2003

Origin of AMENABLE

Anglo-French, from amener to bring, compel, from a- (from Latin ad-) + mener to lead, from Late Latin minare to drive, from Latin minari to threaten — more at mount
First Known Use: 1596

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