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Backyard workout starts at 3:00 today! (sunnyvale)

Date: 2010-11-11, 1:57PM PST
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Hey, were going to be doing alot of Backyard workouts in the next two months to meet our fitness and training goals. Im not a pro or anything but the reason I like them are because there free, fun an effective.

The way will have it work is to have different circuit workouts going on at the same time. Will can compare our progress for the motivation of competition.

Some of the Backyard workout items I have prepared are.

350+ lbs in variable weights
Headake bag
Medicin ball (12 and 20lbs)
Cinder blocks
Iron slabs
Resistance cables (5, 25 and 100 pounds)
Barbell (2 standard 45lbs, One 20lbs)
Ankle weights (20 lbs)
Sledghammer & tier
50 lb kettle bell

Im currently working on a updated pull up bar and sandbags

I have Boxing gloves and wraps - Im down to practice grappling and MMA

I also have sets of Japanese wooden weapons such as Kendo Swords and Bo staffs

were going to Be training alot so feel free to join us! bring a great attitude.


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