July 07, 2009

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Free TAX RETURN Review

   TaxesByExperts will review your prior years tax return FREE of charge. We will notify you of any errors or potential credits that you did not claim, which can result in a higher refund. You can choose to either amend the tax return or leave it as is. If you choose to leave it as is, you don�t have to do anything, there is no charge to you. However if you choose to amend the return and receive a higher refund or a certain credit that was missed, one of our tax experts will go over the return and quote the price. The price depends on the complexity of the tax return. You can pay for the services with VISA, MC, Discover, Check or Money Order.

   In order for us to review your return, you need to provide us with a copy of the tax return using any of the following methods:
   Fax: 866-305-6060
   Email: FreeReview@taxesbyexperts.com
   Or Mail:
      Taxes By Experts
      PO Box 484
      Hewlett NY 11557

*This Service is only available from May to November

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