Japanese First Lady

There was a Fantastic tales episode in the 60s or so (before my time I’m afraid!) depicting a man in a space suit exiting his craft on the surface of a lovely green, watery planet. He was being welcomed by a bunch of odd looking semi-humanoids, dangling their podlings from their knees and pointing to the funny alien.

“Welcome to Venus, earth man”, they said. Well of late, and I know you people will have seen this by now, the Japanese premier’s wife Miyuki Hatoyama has been welcomed by the Venusians too! No way!

Apparently she wrote a book last year depicting her astral journey to Venus on a flying saucer. Maybe she subscribes to the theory that Venus is not actually a scolding 900 °F with a surface pressure 90 times greater than earth...

You see, how could the parachute on the Russian Vanera 7 probe have survived the descent using primitive 70s technology? It would have burned up as it fell to the surface! (Sarcastic grin)

Well chaps, you see it was a journey in her astral body. In your astral body, you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want and make up whatever fantastic journey you want! Bless her.

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Chucacabra and Mundane Explanations

I remember watching a police video a while back, claiming to represent a chase a between Chucacabra and a cop car down a dirt track. I’m not sure, but the creature looked like a Coyote to me! Well now another one of these things has turned up in a taxidermist’s garage. A little suspiciously coincidental to me, but what he is showing to the world is an odd looking hairless coyote with long front legs. If the famous Goat Sucker was some kind of wild genetic hybrid between a Grey alien, a human and a leech, then maybe this is disinformation!

When Bigfoot turned out to be a monkey suit, it helped the case of any who would divert attention away from the ‘real thing’. I believe that there is something to hide from the general public and this sort of thing is orchestrated to debunk and conceal.

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Alien Baby

I had no idea how to make this posting sound intelligent! The subject is a recent viral article on a so called alien baby that some farmer in Mexico drowned. Allegedly.

Lets see. Mexico is renowned for UFO sightings. Especially those Chinese lantern types in ‘fleets’ over Mexico City. There is also the Chupacabra, the infamous Goat Sucking beast associated with UFO sightings.

It is certain that American Hispanic sources of information pertaining to this subject are tainted with huge doses of vested interest. An attention seeking farmer is a case in point. So how does this matter to disclosure?

Exopolitics: Political Implication of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Paperback)

Well if true, this is an inter-galactic political outrage! A human has just murdered a poor wee baby Gray alien (or something) and such an incident as this may have ramifications for exopolitical interaction with humanity at large! What does this mean for ET’s willingness to treat our species (or at least Mexican farmers) as evolved potential members of the federation? Check it out. It reminds me of the same design used in some other videos of ‘aliens’.

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The Scientific Method

I read someone’s blog posting this morning, consisting of response to a chap who was making the case for ‘conclusive proof’ of extraterrestrial contact. Man was it refreshing to hear reason applied to this subject though.  Greg Bishop is a blogger over at UFO Mystic and basically he picked apart a confidently written posting on why it is a dead certainty that we are being visited by ETs and the government is hiding it.

The gist of the post’s argument is that the individuals that are coming forward to reveal their involvement with flying saucers etc may themselves not really know the true nature of what it was they were working on. They may have been made to believe that what they were involved with was extraterrestrial materials. After all, I am certain anyone who has Googled this subject extensively enough will have encountered some material on the research into flying disks that the Nazis were working on during the second world war…

I also remember listening to a caller on Coast To Coast a while back, where the individual frantically and rather breathlessly said that he worked at S4 and ‘they’ are not what they say they are. At that moment, the program went off the air, and when it came back, George Noory said that in all his broadcasting years what had just happened was unprecedented and it was wierding him out! A publicity stunt? For what? Its a little known piece of UFO trivia with no impact on Coast to Coast listeners that’s for sure. Slightly scary I think.

So back to the subject of this, it is important that logic, reason, an open mind and rigorous testing is performed on assertions,  based on the evidence available. So far, and this is unfortunate, the available evidence does not provide enough data to make any specific assertions of fact one way or the other. All we can do at this stage is go ‘wow, that’s interesting’, always bearing in mind that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. I ended on that note before didn’t I?

Oh yes, why don’t you have a look at what I am on about here. Its a summary video on the Nazi Flying Disk research. It’s aerodynamics on a saucer that causes a unique lifting effect. Something about that shape seems to be really useful in devices required to hover…

I would also point out here the quote by Bob Dean at his Exopolotics conference in Spain this year, anything with rivets, bolts, seams etc are made by us…. Bear that in mind. Not to muddy the waters of reason or anything, but the situation is more complex than a simplistic ‘Nazis did it’ solution!

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Extradite the terrorist!

Gary McKinnon, the infamous British NASA hacker, purported to have utterly destroyed more than $5000 worth of computer equipment with his dial up modem in the 90s is facing something like 70 years in Uncle Sam’s B&B for heinous acts of espionage. He claims to have seen folders with names that threaten to devastate US national security, such as “before” and “after”. Admittedly, high on some substances while he was up to his nocturnal geeky shenanigans, he claims to have found indications that NASA touches up images! Furthermore, said images depict strange metallic objects that were clearly photographed from space! They MUST be extraterrestrial craft!

The US national interest has clearly suffered from this evil young man’s dastardly efforts to demonstrate how stupid it is to have username and password set to admin. Is US embarrassment worth sending this space cadet to jail? Are you kidding me? Well, the law is the law.

I think it is so disgusting that this chap has to go through a court battle to resist extradition to the US for peeping under the secretive blanket of NASA. Anyone with half a brain that has looked at what goes on in the States, knows that there is something to hide.  The Disclosure Project is filled with government personnel of various backgrounds, who are all prepared to state on oath that they have witnessed the very things that Mr. McKinnon here was trying to look for – suppressed technologies that would revolutionize energy and transportation, but annihilate the lucrative dependency on oil that benefits a minority selfish interest.

Head over to freegary.org.uk to help out this sorry guy!

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Alien Stereotypes

I’ve been reading so many positive reviews for District 9, the new movie on insect-like alien refugees seeking haven in South Africa. I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds like an all round fantastic movie. The thing is, it paints a picture of extraterrestrials in a rather bleak light. I found myself agreeing with this writer’s observation that that this is a rather unfortunate situation. I also think it paints a rather bleak picture of humans too.

I’m pretty sure that Peter Jackson , the producer of the film, is not in cahoots with the ’secretive new world order elite’ in the creation of this film as a means to program the populace into thinking that aliens are bad! And of course, this movie was run on a very tight budget, so its not like these mega-crazy rich Bilderburgers are clamoring to fund this sort of venture!

To paraphrase the above article; are government entities trying to condition humanity for future disclosure, based on a contrived alien threat? I have no doubt that movies like this condition the populace into accepting potential ET contact scenarios, however I doubt very much whether this movie is part of the grand conspiracy of silence!

For fun, you can watch the District 9 Trailer here.

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Larry King interviews SETI scientist

I thought that this was too hot to pass up writing a wee post about.

Here we have 3 different types of extraterrestrial connected individuals being interviewed by Larry King: The skeptical Scientist, holding out for confirmation of earth-like planets being an indicator for alien life, an ex British government chap, Nick Pope whose world view changed while in office, and the director of the pending documentary called “I Know What I Saw”.

Here’s the Larry King interview.

I tend to agree with the opinion that it takes more faith to disprove the existence of UFOs then it does to swallow the facts. I would add that the existence of unexplained craft does not necessarily mean that they are extraterrestrial, however as we know, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Thank you Disclosure Project for that quote.

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Power Plants

Primitive energy generation, using uranium fission to heat water, like radioactive coal engines. Well that’s what the topic on board the white blobs may be.

Check it out. It’s short, but nicely executed. Shame about the shadows not quite matching up, but hey, whoever did this doesn’t have the expertise, financing and manpower of ILM. I remember the one that zoomed up to the British and French Concorde supersonic commercial airliner way back in the 80s. You know, in the days before CGI. That video was a bit more provocative. It could still have been faked, but back then, it was more difficult to do that sort of thing. I think these ‘craft ‘ originated from the planet VideoEditingSuite.

Disclose.tv UFO’s by nuclear power plant. August 2009 Video

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Contact is imminent – 20 years from now?

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, by listening to radio waves in space in the hope that we can pick up ET episodes of Days of our Lives, has an official prediction. Humans are predicted to make contact with an ET civilization within two decades! Woohoo.

You know the blurb: ” That’s 500 billion planets out there, and bear in mind there are 100 billion other galaxies. To think this [the Earth] is the only place where anything interesting is happening, you have got to be really audacious to take that point of view.” Seth Shostak, SETI senior astronomer.

I agree. What is stupid and audacious is the fact the SETI has encountered at least 9 unexplained signals coming from space, all of which are conveniently swept under the carpet. Why? It’s this darned cover up again. The 20 years scenario is how long the Cabal is willing to wait before it becomes irrelevant to them what we Goyim find out. That’s another scary story for another time. ‘Their’ motivations…

The fact is, for whatever reason, the ETs that have made contact with the controlling elite are complicit in the cover up and at best extremely selective in who they make contact with from the general population.  There are ‘protocols for contact’ apparently. These mostly involve demonstrated care for ones neighbor and planet. Apparently. I’ll talk more about that later.

For now, think happy thoughts and maybe you will be deemed worthy.

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Montana and flying Rectangles. Oooh

This is what really gets me. Articles like this, where large rectangles or cigars or disks or whatever are spotted. Maybe they are accompanied by some fuzzy, shaky video or still image. In this day and age, it is soooo easy to fake sightings of UFOs. Furthermore, people are increasingly given respect for claiming to have seen a UFO. I’ll get back to that.

Well, in this case, a giant ‘gum eraser’ shaped object that was definitely not a plane, and made no noise, glided over the mountains of
Troy, Montana. I guess the fact that the witnesses are two security officers gives this kind of sighting credibility.

If I was a $12 an hour security officer, I might be tempted to sell my story to the press too. maybe the truth of it would’t matter if notoriety was more important to you. I do believe in structured UFO craft. Heck, I believe many of them they are extraterrestrial vehicles. What I have a hard time with are reports that can be so easily faked. Why cant we have something dramatic and obvious? I cite my point on the so called ‘Great Silence’, whereby the alleged extraterrestrials are complicit with the secretive agenda of the Cabal in maintaining the cover-up. What’s with that. Come one ET. land on the white house lawn. Hack into all major TV networks and tell us. Or as I said, are you not doing this because there is no point? Are most of us doomed? Or may be you don’t exist.
I bet there is an ET web-bot trawling the net right now encountering this article. Please leave a comment. Said web-bot must be intelligent enough to leave a comment about this one way or another!

Come on ET. You know you want to. I come in peace. Or maybe all UFOs are man made, hoaxes or natural events of nature. Such a hugely interesting subject.

Ah yes, so why am I so cynical about sightings and testimony? Well its become cool to have been involved with this subject. Its exciting. People are tired of the mundane, predictable world and this subject excites their imagination. if they can make a claim to have worked at area 51, they get to do the UFO circuit and get on TV! maybe they can get to write  book. Of course there will be no record of their military credentials as the secret Cabal government will have had them wiped! See! Proof!!! You can’t find my records, so I MUST be telling the truth! Sorry Disclosure Project. How many of your 400+ witnesses are bored, lonely, retired and attention seeking liars?
Oh don’t get me started. Not to be misunderstood, I don’t know how one goes about verifying any of the details divulged by individuals, never mind their interpretations of what they THINK they saw while working in their alleged positions. I’d be very interested in posting about the selection process used by the Disclosure Project. Watch this space. I’ll get some info on that.

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