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From The Desk of Robert Puddy

Dear Marketer:

I want to tell you about two young men I met a little over a year ago. I met them at one of my Focus 4 Seminars.

In my travels, I have met a lot of rookie marketers. These two weren't any different than many I've met but the results one of the achieved were quite different.

These two guys couldn't have been more alike if they were twins. They were about the same age. They had virtually the same experience at Internet marketing. Both desperately wanted to succeed and work full time as marketers.

Over the course of the 3 days, I noticed that each one attended all of the speaker's presentations. After the day's events, I did see them each networking and meeting other marketers.

They Both Did Everything They Needed To Do To Succeed In This Business

As the event closed and we all went our separate ways, I told them all that I hoped to see them back next year and to hear a report of their progress.

What a difference a year can make. These two young men left with the same knowledge, motivation and desires. I was curious to see how close it would be if we ever met again.

One Year Later, One Was So Far Ahead of The Other...

It Wasn't Even A Race!

One marketer was living his dream. He was a full-time Internet marketer and he was ecstatic. He had quit his job months ago. He didn't need the money any more but more than that, it was just getting in the way of the life he wanted to live and now could.

He had built two websites and launched a series of products. These two websites were making him more than twice what he made at his old job. And, the best part is that he was only working about 20-30 hours a week.

The other marketer was more surprised than I was. He had done a lot of things right. He had made great progress throughout the year. This busy little beaver had managed to build and launch 4 websites selling high quality information products.

He had some success, no doubt but it was just not enough to get him where he wanted to be. He was working 40 hours a week at his job and 20-30 on his Internet businesses.

How Can One Guy Produce More & Make Less? What is the Difference?

The difference was that the successful guy worked hard to build a list with both sites and the less successful guy did not.

That's it! Everything else they did was close enough to not even matter.

When the successful marketer launched his second site, he already had a well-qualified list of prospects to promote to. And as he created companion products for each of his sites, he would mail his list and generate immediate sales.

Each customer was repeatedly sold and many bought again and again.

Each time the less successful marketer launched a site or developed a product, he started from scratch. That is one tough way to run a business. Let's look at some numbers assuming $47 products and equal copy and PPC expenses.

Marketer A:


Traffic Source Emails Collected/Yr Sales/Mo Gross Profit Monthly Net Profit @ 12 Months
Site 1 PPC 0 50 $2,350 $1,000
Site 2 PPC 0 50 $2,350 $1,000
Site 3 PPC 0 50 $2,350 $1,000
Total: $3,000

Not bad, actually, but we can do better. Marketer B will show you how by building a list and continuously promoting new products to it. He generates a HUGE income with very typical numbers.

Marketer B:


Traffic Source Emails Collected/Yr 20% opt-in Sales/Mo Gross Profit Monthly Net Profit @ 12 Months
Site 1 PPC 2,400 50 $2,350 $1,000


72 3% response $3,384 $3,384
Site 2 PPC 2,400 50 $2,350 $1,000


72 3% response $3,384 $3,384
Total: $8,768

Which Approach Would You Rather Take?

And don't forget, Marketer B's income is growing each month as his email list grows. If he doesn't change a thing, next year he will have 4,800 more opt-ins and $6,768 income each month, putting his total over $15,000 a month.

Marketer A will have to build 12 more sites just to catch him.

So, How Do You Build A Money-Making List Like That?

Simple. You have to run each visitor to your website through compelling squeeze page that bribes them to trade their email address for a valuable FREE gift.

If your squeeze page is professionally designed, written with compelling copy and offers a truly valuable incentive for signing up, it will rack up email addresses like crazy. And that is where Instant Squeeze Page Generator comes in.

A Step By Step Point and Click Wizard Makes It Easy

Instant Squeeze Page Generator takes the hard work of designing a professional squeeze page or Lead Capture page and makes it so easy a baby could do it. If you can point and click, you will be creating squeeze pages in minutes

Simply follow the on-screen directions as they walk you through building a squeeze page in minutes. And the final product will blow you away. You choose a layout from a selection of templates, proven to be high converting. And it keeps getting better...

Professional Graphics Are Yours For the Choosing!

Designing graphics that rock is time-consuming even if you have the talent, and let's face it, most of us don't. And today, if your site doesn't have laser-sharp bold graphics, it's not going to get their attention.

Instant Squeeze Page Generator just cured all your graphics headaches. You choose from dozens of logos, buttons, headers and attention grabbers and electrify your squeeze page. But something is still missing, isn't it?

Excellent work, I snapped up ISPG on the theory that it just seemed like the kind of tool anyone trying to build down lines in the exchanges ought to have... Mark Metson (AKA Knotwork)

To Catch A Lot of Opt-Ins, You Need Good, Fresh Bait...

Because of the vast proliferation of Spam, people guard their email addresses like Fort Knox. To get that opt-in, you are going to have to offer them something fresh, something that has high perceived value, and something they can get immediately.

If you miss any of those ingredients, your conversion rates will plummet.

So, you can take a few weeks and design a nice product to entice your visitors, or you can take the easy way out. Let Instant Squeeze Page Generator take care of it for you. That's right! You have access to smokin' hot products that you can offer your opt-ins for FREE!

Do you know how to setup digital delivery for your products? It doesn't even matter if you do or not because...

We'll Host the Products and Instantly Deliver Them For You!

If you've ever setup a secure digital delivery system, you know what a pain it can be. And each site you create, you have to do it all over again. Not any more!

Instant Squeeze Page Generator takes care of all the digital delivery details so you don't have to. Just choose the product you want and it takes care of the rest. As your opt-ins sign up, the product is delivered to their email address at the speed of light.

Robert, What's The Catch Because There Is No Way I Get All This For FREE?

Instant Squeeze Page Generator is 100% FREE! Honest, there is no catch. You get the entire package... everything I described above, for zip, zero, nada!

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  • High-Converting Templates - The templates have been designed and time-tested by professional marketers so you won't fumble around and make any rookie mistakes. The layouts are simply, what works today!

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There is no way you can lose on this one, is there? Actually, there is only one way. If you choose not to sign up... You lose time. You lose effort and most importantly you lose money.

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I just wanted to send Robert a public thank you. I have been farting around on the internet trying to make money for a couple of years now and until recently I have not done very well.

Everybody always says build your list, build your list, build your list! I was not sure how to make a lead capture page and it was driving me crazy. Just about the time that I was trying to build my own page on my .ws domain I found Roberts Instant Squeeze Page Generator.

I loved it and I had my first page up and collecting emails in about 30 minutes. It only took that long because it was my first time using it. Now, I can set one up in about 15 minutes.

Thanks a truckload Robert!

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