Canalys Q3 2009 Statistics

canalys.gifCanalys have just released their Smartphone sales statistics for Q309. Smartphone shipments grew 4% year on year and continue to defy the poor World economic conditions. The data of most interest to mobile developers is the split by operating system:
In terms of technologies, over 80% of smart phones now ship with integrated GPS and more than 75% have Wi-Fi.

Despite all the hype over the iPhone, Symbian (i.e. mainly Nokia S60) have by far the greatest market share. Also remember that if you are developing an application you are targeting not just the devices sold in Q3 but also the installed base which has been predominantly Symbian for many years now. i.e. When considering the compound number of devices, the market is mainly Symbian.

I am surprised Apple iPhone growth has slowed, especially as it is shipping in more countries and via more carriers.

The newcomer is Android that is already making its presence felt. With all the new devices about to be launched, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think it might exceed Windows Mobile sales in Q4.

UPDATE: I don’t tend to take much notice of predictions for device sales but some people think Android shipments might reach 32 million in 2013.

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