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Summer membership dates: May 26th-August 9th, 2009. Dodge Fitness Center will be closed for recreation August 10-August 16th, and will reopen on August 17th.

Memberships and lockers may now be renewed for the Fall09, Spring10 and Summer10 terms, during Membership Office hours (below).  Overnight lockers must be renewed or emptied by Sunday, August 9th.


l If you are a registered student and your ID card doesn't provide access to Dodge Fitness Center, please, bring a copy of your tuition bill to the Membership Office, during office hours.
l Students who wish to use the gym during this period can pay Access Fee of $157 at the Membership Office.  This fee can be refunded if a student is billed University Facility fees for Summer term I or II.  To get a refund please, bring a copy of your summer 2009 Tuition Bill.
Students who graduated in May 2009 will have two membership options.  1) Purchase of student access until August 9th; 2) Purchase of membership for one year ($285 for Alumni of 2009).  Please, bring a copy of your diploma, or a copy of your transcript to verify the year of graduation.
l Dodge Fitness Center will remain open during the time of construction at Pupin Plaza.

Dodge Fitness Center

The Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center at Columbia University is the most comprehensive wellness facility on the Upper West Side. Whether your interests include fitness improvement, lifetime sports or wellness and recreation, the Dodge Fitness Center community has an offering that is right for you.

We offer everything from yoga and kickboxing to kayaking and squash instruction. And if you prefer a more personalized approach, we have a qualified staff of personal trainers that can tailor a program just for you. In addition, you can participate in an intramural league, such as flag football, or join one of 45 various club sports.

Children of all ages and interests can now enjoy a variety of sports camps and Cubs Camp programs offered throughout the entire year.

Take a tour of our Fitness and Recreation Facilities, which include an indoor running track, 25-yard pool, Scandinavian Sauna, multi-sport gymnasia, and a tri-level fitness center with the latest cardiovascular and strength training equipment.

Membership Information

      For most students on Morningside Heights campus, Access Membership is already included in their Tuition Bill in the form of a University Facility or Student Life Fee. Students of the following schools should have automatic access to the Dodge Fitness Center: Arts, CC, GS, Law, Business, SEAS, SIPA, Journalism, Architecture and Continuing Education (excluding ALP).  Registered Teachers College and Barnard students have Access Membership to Dodge Fitness Center. If you belong to one of these programs and your card does not have swipe access to the Dodge Fitness Center, please bring a copy of your tuition bill to the Membership Office. GSAS and Ph.D. students who are eligible for Student Access Membership will have this indicated on their Tuition Bill. 
    Students who do not have University Facility or Student Life Fees listed on their Tuition Bill can pay the Access Membership Fee at the Membership Office at the Dodge Fitness Center (Health Sciences, ALP and M&F).

Faculty & Employees
The basic membership for faculty, officers, staff, associates and scholars includes the usage of a temporary locker and towel service. 
The basic alumni membership includes a temporary locker and towel service.  Alumni membership begins on July 1st, 2009 and continues until June 30th, 2010.  Registration is continuous.  Recent graduates may purchase a one semester student access membership for the first term following graduation.  To purchase an alumni membership please verify the year of graduation.  We will accept a copy of your diploma or SSOL print-out which shows the year when you received your degree.
Columbia University affiliated neighbors include students, staff and faculty from Union Theological Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary, Manhattan School of Music, St. Luke’s Hospital (on Amsterdam), Bank Street College and St. John the Divine.  Basic membership includes a temporary locker and a towel service.
Members can rent temporary and overnight lockers upon availability.  Locker, prices and locker room information is available at the Membership Office, Membership Guide 2009-2010 and Frequently Asked Questions (see link below).  Lockers may be rented for one, two or three semesters (student summer memberships and lockers will be processed separately in May 2010). Overnight lockers must be renewed or emptied by the deadline.  Please, stop by the Membership Office to rent or renew your locker.
Guest Passes
All members may invite up to two guests.  Student's guest pass is $10; Other guest pass is $15.  Sponsors must accompany guests at all times.
Family Membership
Eligible family members include spouse and domestic partner and/or children ages 6-19.  In order for a family member to join, (1) primary member must have at least a basic membership (towel and locker service); (2) present proof of marriage or common residence (marriage certificate; joint accouts, etc.);  (3) present photo ID cards; (4) all Dodge Fitness Center members must have a valid CU ID card.
ID Cards
     All members of Dodge Fitness Center must use a current and activated Columbia University ID card to access the facility.  The Membership Office will issue a batch for alumni, family and affiliate neighbor members.  ID cards issued by the library or by another office on campus can be activated for access to Dodge Fitness Center.  There is a $5 fee for a new ID card.  ID card replacement cost is $20. 
     If your ID card is not activated at the Dodge Fitness Center, please contact the Membership Office.
Regular Membership Office Hours:
Monday & Thursday 9am-7:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9am-4:30pm
212-854-2546 or 212-854-2547
Facility/Schedule: 212-854-7149 or 212-854-3441
Personal Trainer: 212-854-4439
Voluntary Classes: 212-854-3439
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