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Waterfalls on Maui
Maui waterfalls are always popular with visitors, and there are many of them on Maui. Unfortunately, most of them are hard to reach and therefore don't make a good Maui wedding site. But you do have a few choices available.
Haiku Waterfall
This private Maui waterfall drops into a pond overlooking the ocean. For this site to work for you, it's probably a good idea that you are the adventurous types who don't mind walking five minutes down a garden path to reach the falls. You will also drive down a dirt road in a rural area to reach the property.


The Haiku area is on the north side of the island (about 25 minutes from the airport) and it is therefore a site much more likely to have rain. As you can see above, the site is right on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

A cottage is available in which the bride and groom may change. If you want a secluded wedding, this water fall site might be just right for you. For the best photographic lighting for the water fall, which is always in the shade, weddings should take place near mid-day.
The Maui Prince Waterfall
The Maui Prince has a beautiful man made water fall located inside their resort building. The hotel actually stretches all the way around the falls, so it will inevitably be in your pictures and video. The falls is also large and somewhat noisy so that it will definitely be heard in the background of your video camera unless you have a professional videographer like the company we use. Couples often stand on the grass further away from the falls but it can still be seen in the background between the couple both in your photography and videography.
When you rent this site, you can also use the rest of the grounds at the Maui Prince for photography. And of course, you can also have champagne for your wedding at the resort.
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