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What are you happy about?

September 30, 2009 - Follow me on Twitter

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I just found out about a great new initiative by Genuine Health and I couldn’t help but share it with all my readers!

I mean it’s no surprise that if you’re looking for good news these days, don’t even think of turning on the television, reading a newspaper or surfing news pages online.

The numerous stories of gloom and doom abound and more and more people are feeling the mental and emotional pressure of this new (and difficult) economy.

genuine_healthWhen I found out that Genuine Health (which is the manufacturer of some of my favourite supplements and protein products) had created a brilliant new concept to raise $20,000 to protect the oceans, I had to help spread the word.

I love the Omega3 products from Genuine Health and I admire their level of standards and their commitments at bringing health conscious people living in North American with some incredible products. Since the ocean plays such an important role in maintaining an eternal source of Omega3 (via the consumption of fatty fish and Omega3 supplements derived from fatty fish), I could not pass on this opportunity to be part of the group of people helping Genuine Health raise $20,000 to protect the oceans!

>>>How can you help save the world’s oceans?

* It’s not really all that complicated! You only need to head to Happy Place and share your “happy place”.

* When you share your “happy place”, you can win 1 of 20 Genuine Health prize packs (what an incredible opportunity for you to try Genuine Health products if you don’t know them yet since you are getting a prize pack valued at $200!).

* For every “happy place” posted, Genuine Health site will donate $0.50 to the David Suzuki Foundation in support of healthy, sustainable oceans and fisheries!!!

I’m so excited by this fund raiser, I can hardly contain myself!

So this is really easy, you need only to figure out a place in the world that makes you happy. It can be anywhere: your bathroom, your garden, a beach in the Cayman Island, the library, on the top of a mountain, Vienna, Paris, New York or just with people you love.

I really hope you’ll take one minute or two out of your busy day to participate in the fund raiser and I’m also going to ask for your help in forward the link to this post to other people you know to help spread the word.

>>> Check out my Happy Place (ANYWHERE in Italy … this is Cinque Terre in northern Italy)


>>> Read other people’s happy places!

When you land on the site, you’ll notice on the upper right corner (right under the search clouds box) a question “Who’s happy now?”, just click on that and you’ll see other people’s happy places! This is so much fun and it’s for a good cause!

>>>>If you re-tweet it, you’ll be helping out!

You’ll notice a grey and green button at the top of this post (near the title), if you click on it, you’ll be able to re-tweet this post to your followers and you’ll be able to participate in the movement to help save our oceans!

>>> Here’s the link again: Happy Place

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