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Web development ninja - PHP / MySQL & HTML / CSS / JavaScript (berkeley north / hills)

Date: 2010-11-30, 1:29PM PST

I'm a programmer at heart and thrive on web development. Give me a picture of what you want and I'll bring it life, or explain roughly and we'll develop iteratively together in an agile manner ;)

I'm unavailable Nov 13th-Dec 5th and Dec 18th-26th, but have room between and lots of room after. Would love to hear from you and I'll response soon as I return!

Seeking (Roughly as follows)
* 5-20 hours a week (Where I give 200% focus)
* $100-150/hr
** I work C2C so no need for payroll taxes, benefits, etc.
** Hourly rate depends on availability, project stability, etc
* 6-24 month agreement to work together
** Guaranteed 2 weeks notice when need to cancel
* Telecommuting with online/communication hours of 10am-1pm
** Meeting face to face initially is okay to get to know each other, but I prefer remote work in general as we move forward together
* 2 months off annually (again, no pay here needed since I work C2C)
* Cash only, I'm not looking for equity

* I prefer to work on public facing pages, so I have something to show for it when I'm done ;)
* Innovative web sites get me excited

Live version @
Printable version @

Anthony Ryan-Lorraine
2333 Rose st. Berkeley, CA 94708
(510) 665-5582

Accomplish great things technologically by taking my own initiative, and lead a balanced comfortable lifestyle while I do it.

Personality / methodology
Keeping it positive. Getting more done with less expense by working smart, hard, and fast.

Every problem has a solution, and I have a strong aptitude for quickly finding and picking the most appropriate. Usually there are many roads to take but various economic, time, or other forces help choose the 'best' path to take.

Technical skills
LAMP (w/AJAX) is my primary development platform and I can easily jump into others.
Programming languages:PHP 4/5 and Object Oriented design, JavaScript, bash shell scripting, Python, Ruby on Rails, Scheme/LISP, Action Script, C/C++ w/direct X9, Pascal, MIPS, Java, QBasic, TI86
Web technologies:MySQL, X/HTML, CSS, Apache, JSON, AJAX, REST, XML/DTD, RSS, JQuery, YUI, Prototype, CakePHP, PHPGD, Flash, Facebook API Web products customized: Wordpress, Moodle, vBulliten, phpBB, PHPSurveyor, SugarCRM
Operating systems:Windows XP/Vista, Linux Fedora/Redhat (Both GUI and shell), Mac OSX
Applications archetypes:  Spreadsheets (Excel/google/open office), Presentation (PowerPoint), Document creation (Word/Adobe/Google), Graphical (Photoshop/GIMP), IDES (Zend/Eclipse), Web (Strong Google searches, misc tools), Flowcharts (Visio), SEO & traffic Tools(google analytics/adwords/adsense, SEO Quake FF Plugin, Web CEO, keyword analysis), backup systems (RAID, jungledisk), SQL(SqlYog/PHPMyAdmin)
Miscellaneous:SVN/Subversion (Shell & Tortoise), Regular Expressions, grep, find, vi, emacs, qmail, cron, ssh, sudoers & general linux shell, Knoppix, wine, Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/Me/NT, Mac OS X, Unix(solaris), DOS & batch files, Computer hardware construction & troubleshooting, advanced CSS selectors, Microsoft Money, Parallels, Microsoft Virtual PC, Homesite, Dreamweaver, VNC, networking, PostgresSQL, Trac, Web shopping carts, Paypal transactions, MVC, Exceptions, ADOdb, templating engines (smarty, php, ...), Web Security (XSS, XSRF, SSL, Authentication, SQL injection, file permissions, SQL permissions), SSL, FQL, FBML, AHK (Auto Hot Key), BaseCamp API, CIM API, Credit card transactions, GIT

Web development samples (2010)
Raw school performance data massaged onto a Google map. Given direction from client for design, and took ownership technically from start to finish, utilizing an assosiate to help with design implementation. (2009)
Server side setup & programming implemented by me in CakePHP. Expanded data syncronization to other sites by myself and managed subcontractors via legacy ftp batch processes and RSS generation. (2007)
Looks up domain availability quickly. First time using YUI and utilised to bring up my JavaScript skills. Built widgets for iGoogle, netvibes, pageflakes, and iPhone by constructing a single framework. (2006)
Hobbyist website long tail SEO'd for fun which still brings in over 1000 visitors daily.

Other web developments / quick list - PHP Application using the youtube API to pull videos from a feed automatically - CakePHP community of united flight attendants including scheduling - Admin interfaces w/auto image generation. Shell scripted FTP transfer - Related to - Gallery admin power enhancements, quick JS tweaks to front UI - MySQL/PHP enchantments, bug fixes, & JavaScript/jQuery interfaces - Integrated purchasing on site via manual payment gateway integration - Amember shopping cart tweaks - HTML/CSS from scratch - Forwards urls - see who / where people are. Integrated google maps.

Work experience
Independent contracting, continued (2008-current)

Entrepreneurial adventure (2007-2008)
Primary project was a partnership on Communicating with users and implementing features to keep them happy, managing all aspects of the technology, marketing, business development and involved in sharing most responsibilities.

Lead Software Developer at Comcourse, Inc (2005-2006)
Planned all software development and led a small team of offshore developers. Our primary product was a customized version of Moodle, though my responsibilities also included customizing other open source products such as SugarCRM, web service implementation, determining requirements with clients and provide solutions, vendor coordination, marketing assistance, & internal business processes refinement.

Independent contracting (2001-2005)
Various web development projects for numerous clients primarily using PHP, MYSQL and HTML.

2 years of diverse undergrad courses & 1 year as a Computer Science major at UC Berkeley (2001-2004)

Life background
I've been playing with computers since my earliest memories. Working with computer software and hardware began in the 5th grade. As high school freshmen I programed in Pascal & C at Berkeley High. During college I got an interest in business and started on the path to where I am today with a desire to accomplish great things with technology.

Funny small programming things I've done
Besides a strong desire to accomplish I also enjoy programming random things
* JavaScript Pong
* Scramble word solver
* Fall of Nations Turn based web game HTML scrapper, analyzer, and interaction

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