Virtual Arena

The staggering prize money involved fishes out even the most adept gaming clans from in and around Delhi to come out of their dens and battle it out in the Virtual arena @ INNOVISION. The previous sponsors have been big players of the gaming industry, and have sponsored ultra cool prizes in cash as well as kind. 

The Virtual arena returns every year, with bigger and better gaming machines and the latest games topping the charts. The arena features XBOX Consoles as well as hi end gaming pcs with classic games like CS:CZ, NFS MW, AOE, QUAKE and the like. This time get ready for newer games like Need For Speed Pro Street, Counter Strike:Source, Quake Wars:Enemy Territory and Age of Empires 3: Warchiefs/Asian Dynasties

The Virtual Arena has evolved into a mega event which is on all days and more often than not, runs overtime...