Ignition { celsi & atmanauts, tala14/32, berlin@2004}

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One Response to “TimeMachine”

  1. Elliott says:

    the word “work” is still used in English the same as it ever was. “work” means a job, or doing something that requires alot of time and energy to achieve a goal.
    it is attitudes towards the idea of work that have changed since the advent of the “Sixties” . previously , work was something to take pride in. later it became something to get through the sooner the better. Soudtrack: the pop song “It’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows”. these days one hears attitude phrases such as “take it easy”, and ” don’t work too hard”.
    my analysis is that , although “work” became the culprit word……it was really a veiled statement not against work, but against mediocrity and meaningless in the modern world….and the slavery which trys to keep the mediocre matrix in place.
    ALSO, the attitude against “work” is an unconscious, futuristic understanding that society in the future can be a “leisure society”, due to automation, since we can let the machines do the work……so, instead of clinging to the past…..we can go out and play.
    my vision is “hi-tech(non-polluting) tribalism”.

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