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honest charlies
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Nov 13, 2009
Unless this reboot is on Showtime or HBO where "the jiggle factor" (that let's be honest, made the show popular in the 70's) could be employed to good effect it's just a waste of time. .... Charlies Angels, which I tried to watch once, was just silly. If it isn't reality shows, it's remakes. Would just cancel all cable if it weren't for just a few channels. There are no more good comedy shows on except for re runs....everyone has to be so many are totally out of ...
Aug 7, 2009
Just gotta say that everyone here@ Coker & Honest Charlies went beyond any ones dreams to help out. I had just recently replaced a blown head gasket when the same symptoms suddenly left me running on 2 rear cylinders again, ...
Nov 17, 2009
what is it with these "Charlies"? It's always the obvious future loser who seeks campaign finance reform. Come on Charlie... don't you have more important things to do that continue to abuse your elected office like your buddy Kriseman does , ... This country is going to hell mostly because of Republican Congressmen, yet you attack an honest man who has been frustrated in his attempts to clean up campaign finance and secret vote counts by Republican legislators. ...
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